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Welcome to the Jungle is the two-part season premiere of Power Rangers Jungle Fury of the Power Rangers series.


Part 1

Casey Rhodes, Lily Chilman and Theo Martin are selected to be their academy's martial arts masters in training, when upon the death of their master and release of the evil demonic entity Dai Shi they are assigned a new master, and a new role. Meanwhile former selected academy apprentice Jarrod comes under the control of Dai Shi.

Part 2

Casey, Lily and Theo adjust to their new roles as Power Rangers under the strange tutelage of pizzeria proprietor RJ, Camille and the selected Ren Shi leader cause a dam flood at Ocean's Bluff.


Part 1

Red alert.jpg WARNING: This 1st part contains scenes of murder and character death. Viewer discretion is advised!

The Pai Zhuq Academy is a martial arts school, located in the mountains. In the courtyard, six teenagers meditate on a stone floor in front of what appears to be a temple. Lily Chilman and Theo Martin are two of the six finalists chosen to be candidates as the guardians to keep an evil beast spirit known as Dai Shi in his casket.

Master Mao appears and tests the warriors to find the three chosen ones. Lily and Theo unleash their animals spirits, a cheetah and a jaguar, respectively. Jarrod fights fiercely and unleashes a lion spirit. Master Mao chooses Jarrod, Lily, and Theo for their great successes against their opponents.

After the test, Jarrod bullies a young boy for a towel. Casey, a new recruit, stands up for the young boy and hands a towel to Jarrod, telling him "here's a towel" instead. Jarrod then turns his attention to Casey, who unleashes a tiger mirage, shadowed across his face, to attack Jarrod. Master Mao witnesses the event and, as it is eventually revealed, replaces Jarrod with Casey.

Theo questions why Casey was chosen instead of Jarrod, as Casey is just a mere "cub": a new recruit. Master Mao does not answer as he leads the newly chosen students to the Forbidden Room, where he reveals the story of the Dai Shi. The Order of the Claw was organized to prevent the Dai Shi's return.

Casey claims that he has only been in Pai Zhuq for a week and has no training experience. Jarrod barges in, very angry due to his dismissal by the master, but Master Mao tells him that he had a reason to choose Casey over Jarrod. Jarrod then impulsively challenges the Master. After a brief fight, Jarrod is easily defeated by Master Mao, but he then unleashes the Black Lion spirit and knocks the chest that the Master is holding in his arms away. The chest falls on the ground and opens, causing a dark, glowing black-and-gold spirit to escape the chest and threaten Master Mao. The spirit is Dai Shi, who turns his attention to Master Mao.

The students prepare for the fight. Mao is easily defeated by Dai Shi running through him, and he drops to the ground, dying. He says his final goodbyes to the students, and sends them to find their new home and master in Ocean Bluff. Jarrod runs into the forest, where he is found by the Dai Shi spirit.

The students make their way to a pizza parlor. After a false start with an elderly man who they assume to be their master, they meet RJ, the owner of the parlor. Meanwhile, at the Temple of the Dai Shi, Jarrod, summons the Rinshi, the foot soldiers of Dai Shi, and uses a mantis ornament to upgrade one to be his warrior. Camille, his loyal warrior and subordinate emerges from the wall she has been in for 10,000 years, greets Jarrod as her master - Dai Shi has possessed Jarrod!

After a meal of pizza, RJ offers the teenagers a job while they wait for their master, but they run to the street when they hear a disturbance in the city - the Rinshi are attacking! Casey feels uneasy getting ready for the fight, but Theo encourages him to join and fight the Rinshi. The monster leading the attack, Mantor, reveals himself and charges at the students. RJ joins the fight and reveals that he is the master they were looking for, using his Pai Zhuq prowess to force Mantor to retreat. From the temple, Dai Shi orders Camille to join the fight.

Back at the pizza parlor, RJ introduces the teens to Fran, then welcomes the teens to his place in the loft above the store, where he reveals their new clothes and their Solar Morphers. Then the teens head into the battle with the new gear. Theo and Lily morph into action. Casey tries to morph, but for some reason, he is unable. The new Yellow and Blue Rangers work together to fight the Rinshi, while Casey is still attempting to unleash the beast. While he is trying Fran is attacked by the Rinshi!

Part 2

With Fran in danger, Casey is able to morph into the Red Ranger! He defeats the Rinshi and joins Lily and Theo in the fight. Mantor has gathered enough fear, and grows into sky scraper sized monster. Master Mao's spirit appears and helps the Rangers by defeating Mantor, again forcing him into retreat. Camille want to destroy Mantor for his failure, but Dai Shi gives Mantor one last chance. Mantor tells Camille his plan. He plans to destroy the dam of Ocean Bluff and flood the city.

Casey, Theo, and Lily report back to RJ about the giant monster, but he says he won't train them in the "gowing ginormous technique" until they are ready. Instead, RJ trains the teens with their new weapons - tonfa for Theo, a bo for Lily and nunchucks for Casey. Still being a novice, Casey struggles with the training and Theo learns a lesson in teamwork by falling on his butt.

In the forrest, Camille infuses Mantor with more power. After Theo scoffs at Casey's failed attempts to use the nunchucks, Lily reminds Theo about his training. Theo trains Casey, who quickly improves, however they are quickly called into action - the dam has been attacked! They head into the city and meet Camille and the rinshi, as well as a once again giant Mantor.

The rangers morph into action and fight the Rinshi with their new weapons. With Camille forced to retreat, RJ trains the Rangers to summon their beast spirit modes to take on Mantor. The beasts unite into the Jungle Pride Megazord. Camille regurgitates the Fly Flit, who commentates the mega-fight. The Megazord defeats Mantor. Camille swallows the fly again in irritation.

Casey returns Theo's earlier kindness by giving him a lesson in pizza making. Lily and RJ discuss Dai Shi and the battles that are yet to come...


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  • This episode's name is a reference to the Guns N' Roses song, Welcome to the Jungle.
  • A flashback of Casey defeating Mantor in Part 2 would appear when Casey returned in the Super Megaforce episode Spirit of the Tiger, when he revealed that he was the Jungle Fury Red Ranger to Super Mega Rangers Jake and Emma.
  • The two-part episode premiered as an hour-long special. In all subsequent episodes and on home release and streaming, it was presented as two separate episodes.

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