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Welcome to Time Force Academy is the first episode of a tabletop RPG show Power Rangers HyperForce.


Five individuals from the year 3016 are selected to travel back in time and arrest a mysterious enemy who has corrupted seemingly all of Time Force.


During a lecture from Professor Jen Scotts, the Time Force Academy is suddenly attacked by numerous Time Force officers who have seemingly betrayed the Time Force. Jen Scotts works to distract the attackers from her students while the students – Marv, Vesper, Chloe, Eddie, along with Time Force officer Jack – struggle between keeping themselves safe and trying to track down Professor Scotts to assist her against the attackers.

They discover that the Time Force officers who have betrayed Time Force are part of “The Alliance”, who state that their numbers are infinite and evil is their goal. A large, mysterious shadowed figure appears to be the leader of The Alliance and battles against the Pink Time Force Ranger. The cadets attempt to save Professor Scotts but are unable to stop the shadowed figure from getting in a time ship and traveling through time.

Professor Scotts indicates that she can’t get a hold of the rest of her team and that the cadets, along with Jack, need to follow the shadowed figure while she stays in the present to try and figure out what happened. As the cadets reluctantly leave the Pink Time Force Ranger behind, they activate a robotic assistant – Alpha 55 – who informs them that the shadowed figure went in to the year 1994 to a city called Angel Grove. Alpha 55 assists the cadets in opening a case that Professor Scotts gave them and inside are new, prototype morphers[1].



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