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"Stop!! I must have you beauty!"
―Wedding Dress Org´s words to her victim.[src]

Wedding Dress Org kidnaps brides and turns them into mannequins. She injures Danny's crush Kendall. She is destroyed by the Wild Force Megazord Sword and Shield Mode's Pachyderm Crusher attack.

Power and Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength: Wedding Dress Org has strength to kidnap the brides.
  • Teleportation: She can teleportation to escape of the Wild Force Rangers.
  • Wedding Head Blast-Wedding Dress Org can fire purple energy from the spike atop her head. This shook up the Wild Force Megazord a lot.
  • Eye Blasts-Wedding Dress Org can fire purple beams from her eyes. This was used as a follow-up to the head blast but the damage it could do is unclear because the Wild Force Megazord Sword and Shield Mode used it's shield to block the attack.


  • Stick: Wedding Dress Org´s stick with the form of a heart can transforms the brides into mannequins


  • Despite obviously being female, Wedding Dress Org was repeatedly referred to as he. This is because her Gaoranger counterpart, oddly, is male but crossdressing as female. Similarly, a lot of past seasons' monsters have had gender confusion, such as Robocupid, Somnibot, Delisha Ennivel and even Octoplant among others.

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