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An Org Spirit acquiring a wedding dress, Wedding Dress Org was stealing brides and turning them into wedding mannequins as his base with the aid of Saori Shimada in return of giving her youth. This infuriated Soutarou, who knocked the Org out from his hideout as the others arrived and Duke Orgs offer aid. Wedding-Dress is destroyed by Hyakujuuken with his weapon taken by GaoBlack. TsueTsue enlarges Wedding-Dress Org, who battles GaoKing and is destroyed by GaoKing Sword & Shield's Evil Crasher with his victims restored.

Wedding Dress briefly revived as a phantom illusion in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai, but was destroyed by GaoRed's Gao Mane Buster.


His Power Rangers Version Is A Female


  • Wedding Dress Org were designed by character designer Yoshiro Harada.

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