This article is about a/an comic story in Power Rangers Mystic Force.

Web of Terror is a comic story based on Power Rangers SPD, which was printed as part of the 25th issue of Egmont's UK Power Rangers Magazine.[1]



Koragg finds the location of Rootcore and wants to get the Xenotome. He sends out a giant spider that captures Udonna and Clare in its web, the Rangers go to help leaving Rootcore empty. As they get there the spider attacks three of the Rangers while the Red and Green Rangers free Udonna and Clare, the Pink Ranger then uses her Magi Staff to create a wind current that blows the web over the spider capturing it. Udonna senses that the Xenotome is in trouble so the Red Ranger uses a spell code to turn his Mystic Racer into the Mystic Speeder and races back to Rootcore. Just as he arrives he sees Koragg returning to the Underworld with the Xenotome, but before he can disappear the Red Ranger kicks the Xenotome out of Koragg's hand sending him back with nothing.[2]




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