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A worm monster created by Finster, Weaveworm was Scorpina's pet and a deadly adversary. He can weave a pink strand of a gooey weblike substance, trapping the rangers in it on one occasion, and the entire Megazord in a strand the second time around. The Megazord battle with Weaveworm seemed to be going nowhere until Weaveworm upped the ante with his cocoon attack. He was surprisingly good at hand to hand combat, the Megazord's punches not fazing him. However, when the Dragonzord comes to the rescue and frees the Megazord from its sealed containment, the tide is turned. The Rangers form the MegaDragonzord, and use the spinning Z-Sphere to obliterate Weaveworm in a flash of bright light. Before the zord battle, the Dragonzord Battle Mode is disassembled, perhaps in a delayed formation of the MegaDragonzord, much like when the Ultrazord was formed against Samurai Fan Man.

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