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""Ho HA HA HA HA HA!""
―Weaveworm's only "line" when he grew.[src]

Weaveworm is a worm monster created by Finster. Weaveworm was Scorpina's pet and a deadly adversary. He serve as one of two main antagonists of the episode "A Star is Born".


Weaveworm was created by Finster. He could weave a stand of gooey web-like substance. Scorpina arrived with him to Earth and encountered the Rangers. Weaveworm shoot his web from his mouth and trapped Rangers in the cocoon, where they couldn't teleport and contact Zordon. The Putties then threw cocoon into the sea, where heroes could die without air, but they freed themselves with Power Blaster. Then rangers arrived to Angel Grove, where they fought enlarged Goldar, Scorpina and monster Babe Ruthless. After defeating Babe, Goldar left and Scorpina returned to human size and Weaveworm came to battle. Weaveworm was enlarged. The rangers formed Megazord, but monster put Megazord in his cocoon. However, Tommy arrived to help his friends. He summoned Dragonzord and freed the Rangers, by destroying the cocoon with it's tail. Then the Rangers destroyed Weaveworm by the Mega Dragonzord's Z-Sphere in the flash of bright light. A Star is Born


Weaveworm was sneaky, cunning and unpredictable monster. As he managed to trap Rangers twice by his web. He also doesn't talk, only speaks in whizzing.

Powers And Abilities

  • Web Weaving-Weavewoem, in both his larvae and monster forms, can spray pink webbing from his mouth that is powerful enough to encase the Rangers and later their Megazord inside of a cocoon. The only weakness see were all five Blade Blasters being fired at once and the Dragonzord's tail.
    • Cocoon Creating-Weaveworm's webbing can instantly turn into the store mentioned cocoons.
  • Self Growth-Weaveworm grew instantly after unveiling his monster form.

Behind The Scenes



  • Before the battle, Dragonzord Battle Mode was dissambled, perhaps in a delayed formation of MegaDragonzord, much like Ultrazord was formed against Samurai Fan Man.

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