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―Weaveworm's only "line" when he grew.[src]

Weaveworm is a worm monster created by Finster and served as Scorpina's pet. Weaveworm was Scorpina's pet and a dangerous adversary. He serve as one of two main antagonists, alongside Babe Ruthless, of the episode "A Star is Born".

Character History

Weaveworm was created by Finster. The Weaveworm could weave a stand of gooey web-like substance. Scorpina arrived with him to Earth and encountered the Rangers. Weaveworm shoot his web from his mouth and trapped Rangers in the cocoon, where they couldn't teleport and contact Zordon. The Putties then threw the cocoon into the sea, where heroes could die without air, but they freed themselves with their Blade Blasters. The Rangers then returned to Angel Grove in their Dinozords  where they fought giant Goldar, Scorpina and the monster Babe Ruthless whilst Weaveworm was in the palace. After defeating Babe, Goldar left and Scorpina returned to human size at which point she sent Weaveworm into battle. Weaveworm then enlarges so the Rangers formed the Megazord, but the monster put the Megazord in his cocoon. However, Tommy arrived to help his friends, having been at an audition for a karate advert, and summoned the Dragonzord. It took down the monster with a missile barrage and freed the Rangers, by cutting the cocoon in two with its tail. The Rangers then vaporized Weaveworm with the Mega Dragonzord's Z-Sphere in the flash of bright light. Tvicon.png TV STORY-A Star Is Born


Weaveworm was a sneaky, cunning and unpredictable monster. As he managed to trap Rangers twice by his web. He also does not talk, only speaks in whizzing and snarling.

Powers and Abilities


  • Web Weaving: Weaveworm, in both his larvae and monster forms, can spray pink webbing from his mouth that is powerful enough to encase the Rangers and later their Megazord inside of a cocoon.
    • Cocoon Creating: Weaveworm's webbing can instantly turn into the afore-mentioned cocoons.
  • Self Growth: Weaveworm grew instantly after unveiling his monster form.


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Behind the Scenes


  • Weaveworm was voiced by Richard Cansino although he provides only snarls, grunts, yells, and a single laugh.


  • He appears to be based on a silkworm.


  • His name is a portmanteau of Weave and Worm.


  • Before the Zord battle, the Dragonzord Battle Mode is disassembled, possibly for the formation of the Mega Dragonzord, much like Ultrazord was formed against Samurai Fan Man.
  • The reason that no fight footage of him small sized exists is because he and Babe Ruthless were otherwise unusable monsters. In Weaveworm's case, Dora Silkis spent all of his small size as the small larvae and much of his footage involved brainwashing Japanese children and Mei dueling Lamy/Scorpina unmorphed.
  • In Zyuranger, Dora Silkis was enlarged by Bandora's wand but that was cut from this episode since the plot required her to be out of commission.


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