Icon-goseiger.pngThis article is about a/an Robot hybrid in Power Rangers Megaforce.

Full Body Profile of a Rotox Water model.

The Water Rotox Army are a trio of foot soldiers created by Metal Alice as a final Assault on the Mega Rangers. They contain elements from both Rotox and Rotox DX.


The Rotox Water Army were sent to attack the Mega Rangers before Metal Alice, The Messenger and Cyborg Vrak attacked the city. Although they are powerful, they do not posses as much strength as Rotox and his upgrade DX form and were quickly destroyed by the Rangers.


Unlike the previous Rotox models, the Water Rotoxs do not speak. But they are voiced by the same voice actor as Rotox and Rotox DX.

Powers and Abilities

  • Armor: Like the previous Rotox Models, the Water Rotoxs have strong armor.
  • Water Immunity: The Water Rotox Army are able to walk through water without becoming rusty.
  • Water Submerging: True to their names, the Water Rotoxs can submerge in the water.
  • Chest Lasers: The Water Rotox Army can fire orange energy lasers from their chest.


  • Left Arm Gatling Gun: The Water Rotox Army have Gatling guns for their left arm although they never used it in combat.
  • Right Twin Pincer Claw: The Water Rotoxs have twin pincer-like claws on their right arm similar to Rotox DX which can be used for offense and defense.

Behind the Scenes


  • Although they don't talk, they are voiced by Mark Wright, much like Rotox previously.


  • While having the Gatling gun for their left arm to fire the Nether Beam like Rotox, they never used it.

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