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Water Bug Monger (タガメモンガー Tagame Mongā, 24) is the water bug-theme Monger of Machine Empire Black Magma

Character History

Water Bug Monger is used around the area of Lake Hamana in order to search for an ancient treasure originally of Hideyoshi Toyotomi that stolen by ninjas and sunk into the lake for safe keeping. When Takayuki Hiba investigates the area around the lake, it attacks, but the new VulEagle repels it. After he becomes captured by Amazon Killer's forces, it fights against VulShark and VulPanther until Takayuki once again becomes free and fights against it. The trio defeat it with the Vulcan Ball, then with Sun Vulcan Robo after activating its Expansion Program.


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His main abilities is to use his abilities as a water bug to attack including swimming and changing into a giant water bug and swimming through the water. He can also teleport, emit energy surges, has a double sided forked staff, and can fire rainbow energy rays from his eyes.

Behind the Scenes


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