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Wataru Asami (浅見 渡 Asami Wataru) is Tatsuya's father who is the leader of the Asami Group, one of the biggest business corporations in Japan.


Wataru is a cold-hearted individual who was only concerned with business matters and tried to control Tatsuya's life believing that Tatsuya was only meant to follow in his footsteps. Wataru also set the City Guardians up as a means of protecting the city from the Londerz Family and found out that his son was TimeRed when his mask was broken. Wataru eventually agreed to allow Naoto Takizawa to become the City Guardians' leader after he gained control of the V-Rex and tried to recruit the other Timerangers into the City Guardians but was turned down. Eventually Wataru was hospitalized during Gien's attack on the City Guardian headquarters when he was caught in the crossfire from Hell's Gate Prisoner Harbel's attack while trying to escape. In the finale he decides to allow for Tatsuya to live his own life, until Tatsuya is ready to join the Asami Group.




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