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"Life... ...is not sweet!"
―Final words before Death[src]

The Wataameloid (ワタアメロイド, Wataameroido) is a Metaloid that Enter created with the "entwine" Metavirus used on a cotton candy machine as a way to regain some standing with Messiah. Using the cotton candy sticks in each of his hands, Wataameloid can absorb any Enetron from any machine, even from the Ichigan Busters' shots. However, Blue Buster uses his Sougan Blade to absorb the blast from Yellow Buster's Ichigan Buster to successfully land a death blow on Wataameloid.



An alternate version of Wataameloid existed as part of the Machine Empire Mechalius, the evil force which threatened Earth in place of Vaglass in the alternate reality of the Dobutsu Sentai Go-Busters. He appeared in episode 15, The Green Wind Blows In, fighting the Go-Busters and disabling them with his sticky cotton candy. The Go-Busters were in a pinch until Atsushi Domyoji appeared, declaring himself to be the sixth member of the Go-Busters and transforming into Green Hippopotamus. 


  • Identification Number: M-72
  • Install Metavirus: KARAMETORU
  • Production Motif: Cotton candy machine
  • Height: 204 cm. (6 feet, 8.31 inches) *Weight: 267 kg. (534 lbs.)

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