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"Oh, look they’re so beautiful!"
―Waspicable's first words.[src]

"I never wanted to hurt anyone. I just wanted to be good at something."
―Waspicable explaining his ideology.[src]

"I'm the one who made her cry."
―Waspicable's last words before he left and return the balloons to the little girl.[src]

Waspicable is a wasp-themed monster who served as one of the two main protagonists of the episode "The Wasp with a Heart", the other being Cassie.


A kind-hearted wasp monster who was bullied by Sting King, as well as Ecliptor, Waspicable desired to be evil and nasty to the core. To this end, he attacked Bulk, Skull, and Professor Phenomenus but Cassie interrupted the attack and they battled. He actually overpowered her and was ready to destroy Cass but as much as he tried, he couldn't act against his nature. In spite of this, the other Space Rangers arrived and T.J. and Andros took him down with some jump kicks, forcing him to flee before Cassie could explain what was going on.

He then went to a café and attacked people, despite apologizing for upsetting some cans at which point he left after becoming dejected. He was then confronted by Ecliptor, who forced him to attack the birthday party Cassie was currently at. He was then joined by Sting King and some Quantrons before the Rangers arrived. Sting King overpowered them but, when forced to destroy Cassie, Waspicable blasted a Quantron beside her instead and fought alongside them before fleeing once the Rangers went to take out Sting King.

As he was convinced by the Rangers to be good, he became dispirited at not fitting in as either a good or an evil monster. However and fortunately, Waspicable loved flowers and returned balloons to a little girl, which was the last the Rangers saw of him. Tvicon TV STORY-The Wasp with a Heart

A Waspicable lookalike was among the monsters in the Machine Empire's army.Tvicon TV STORY-Countdown to Destruction

A lookalike of Waspicable was later seen at the Onyx Tavern. Tvicon TV STORY-Heir to the Throne.


Waspicable is one of the few good-hearted, monsters of the Power Rangers franchise. While faced with the threat of Sting King, Waspicable tried on multiple occasions to be evil, imagining the results, but couldn't do it and later apologized soon after.

Powers and Abilities


  • Super Jumps: Waspicable, judging by the perspective shot when he attacked the café, can jump 20 feet in the air.
  • Eye Blasts: Waspicable's primary attack where he fires yellow energy out of his eyes after a peek-a-boo like gesture.
  • Teleportation: Waspicable can jump into the air and shrink into a yellow energy streak that flies off in order to go from location to location.
  • Wasp Transformation: As seen during the final scene of the episode, Waspicable can turn into an actual wasp to leave covertly.


  • Strength: Waspicable was able to flip Cassie over the top of him like she was nothing and send her flying with one headbutt.
  • Durability: Waspicable was jump kicked down by Cassie without injury and rays from her Satellite Stunner had no effect and did nothing more than mildly annoy him.
    • Resilience: Waspicable was able to get straight back up after being jump kicked down by Cassie and later T.J. and Andros despite them landing hits in the center of his chest.
  • Skilled Fighter: Waspicable was able to easily match Cassie in hand to hand combat and easily overpowered her.
  • Flight: Waspicable can fly with the wings on his back which was seen when he overpowered Cassie and remained unclear since it was a P.O.V. shot showing him coming at her and the shot of him hitting her doesn't make this any clearer.


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  • Fists: For almost the entire episode, Waspicable used only his bare fists to fight and is skilled with them.
  • Satellite Stunner: After taking down Cassie, he stole her personal weapon and was ready to harm her but his good nature prevented it.

Behind the Scenes


  • Waspicable was voiced by Ken Merckx with a very heavy echo effect added to make him sound more inhuman.


  • Waspicable is a recolored version of Grumble Bee with a buck tooth, different wings, and antennas added onto it.


  • Waspicables name is a portmanteau of "Wasp" and "Despicable".


  • Waspicable is the first monster-of-the-week to be a truly good individual.
  • Back in early 2003, shortly after the series changed hands from Saban Entertainment to Disney, some of the monster costumes, including Grumble Bee/Waspicable were auctioned off by ABC Auctions. It sold for $440.