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Warstar Spaceship

The Warstar Insectoid Warship is the operation and transportation base for the Insectoids, as well as their main battle vessel, being armed with strong lasers for offense and armored with heavy shielding for defense. It is owned by their leader, Admiral Malkor, and is noteworthy for being the most powerful ship in the galaxy, far surpassing any craft from Warstar's rival and competitor, the Armada.


The Warstar Ship is first seen as the Insectoids first arrive on Earth. From there, the insect invasion on the planet is watched over and plans are devised to battle humanity.

After his Insectoid subjects, Scaraba, Yuffo, Virox, Dragonflay, Beezara, Dizchord and Creepox, are all defeated by the Mega RangersMalkor uses it as a vantage point as he monitors the Toxic Mutants as well as a safe haven to metamorphosize as Vrak assembles his robotic army to orchestrate his overdue betrayal.

As he exits his cocoon, his final plan is for Vrak to land his ship at the city, annihilating it and putting an end to the resistance of the Rangers. However, his plan backfires and Malkor is instead blasted into his warship, causing him and Vrak to be incinerated as they are engulfed by the flames of the ensuing burst.

Vrak's lifeless body is later taken away by Metal Alice after she searches for survivors in the smouldering wreckage of the once almighty ship.

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