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Warrior Mask (武者仮面 Musha Kamen) is the second of the five original Black Cross Masked Monsters, after Gold Mask, and before Bronze Mask, Jade Mask and Poison Gas Mask.

Character History

Warrior Mask was one of the original five of the Black Cross Army and was instrumental in the Black Cross Führer's attempt to take destroy all of the EAGLE bases in Japan. Warrior Mask attacked the Touhoku branch, killing everyone with Akira Shinmei the only survivor of the attack. Although this was a huge victory for the BCA, this catastrophe led to the lone survivors becoming the Gorenger, a special squadron dedicated to the destruction of the Black Cross Army. Ep. 1: The Crimson Sun! The Invincible Gorengers

Later, Warrior Mask later stole a new weapon that could transform objects into sand. His ultimate plot was to take this weapon into space and fire it changing Earth into a lifeless planet. In order to build a satellite that could utilize this weapon, Warrior Mask took Doctor Kudo, the lead scientist on the project, hostage. In order to force Kudo to do their bidding, Warrior Mask had his minions kidnap the doctor's son, Koichi Kudo. During their battles against Warrior Mask, Akira Shinmei was driven to avenge the death of his colleagues at the Touhoku branch, but was reminded by Tsuyoshi Kaijo that their primary goal was rescuing Kudo and his son.

In the final battle, the Gorengers saved Kudo and is son and destroyed Warrior Mask's portable sand ray. When the team attempted to use the , Warrior Mask cowardly teleported away. When he attempted to leave Earth's orbit in the sand ray satellite, Akira used his to fire an explosive tipped arrow which blew up the satellite, destroying Warrior Mask as well.Ep. 2: The Blue Earth! The Deforestation Plan of Death


Warrior Mask is a ruthless and brutal warrior who has no hesitation in taking human life. Exceptionally cruel, he is willing to use kidnap and torture to coerce others to do his bidding.

Powers and Abilities


  • Teleportation: Warrior Mask usually uses this ability to evade life-threatening attacks.
  • Holographic Projection: Warrior Mask can also project a holographic image of himself, an ability he uses to taunt his foes.


  • Samurai Weapons: Warrior Mask is equipped with a yumi bow that can fire arrows and a katana.
    Samurai Mask

    Warrior Mask.

  • Samurai Armor: In addition, he is dressed from head to toe in samurai armor, complete with a chest plate, facemask and helmet.

Behind the Scenes



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