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Wanikaerugin (ワニカエルギン Wanikaerugin) (32) is the Combined Galactic Warrior of the Silver Imperil Army Zone, combining attributes of the crocodile-like Wanigin (ワニギン, Wanigin) and the frog-like Kaerugin (カエルギン, Kaerugin).

Character History

Wanikaerugin is a Combined Galactic Warrior used by Chevalier in a plot where he uses its time abilities to confuse Fiveman. However its most important power, the ability to literally freeze time for whomever he chooses, becomes instrumental in a plot where it freezes all of time for everyone except Chevalier, who uses the frozen moment to fatally attack FiveRed, ultimately killing him from the damage taken in the battle. With Fiveman's leader dead, they move forwards to use its acid rain powers to melt the Earth until Gaku's younger sister Kazumi decides to become a slave to Chevalier and Wanikaerugin to do whatever they desire; mainly warming herself up to the Combined Galactic Warrior. After the monster has an argument with Chevalier that leads to the Zone commander cutting it off from its favorite food of diamonds, Kazumi seduces Wanikaerugin to turn back time far enough back to Gaku's birthday party prior to the attack that kills him, making it believe that there was a diamond in a birthday present she could give him to eat. The Combined Galactic Warrior falls for the ploy, complete with the present turning out to be a gag gift, leading to Fiveman attacking its eye and defeating it with a Brother Attack. Chevalier uses Gorlin #27 to make it fight as a giant, where it is dealt with swiftly by Star Five.



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  • The frog-side of Wanikaerugin possesses powerful time-manipulating abilities within its swirling eye, including the ability to freeze time as well as the ability to reverse time back as far as it desires. The crocodile-side has massive strength, a tail-like arm that it uses as a bludgeon and whip and huge jaws with sharp teeth to bite; it also can emit a dangerous acid rain that it spits out from its maw.

Behind the Scenes


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