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Wandering Swordsman Queen Killer (放浪剣士クイーンキラー Hōrōkenshi Kuiinkiraa) (22) is a bee-like wandering swordswoman who comes to Earth and assists the Silver Imperial Army Zone upon the request of Galactic Empress Meadow.

Character History

Queen Killer is brought in by Meadow in hopes of dealing with Fiveman, though her own means of working on her own rubbed off badly with the other members of the Zone invasion fleet. When she first fights Fiveman, she easily defeats them; particularly crushing Kazumi and throwing her in a river where she is ultimately found and treated by a man working on a mysterious "Shiny Stone" that has the potential of bringing life to destroyed landscapes and plant-life. When Queen Killer tracks her and Fiveman down, she uses her abilities once again to crush them, but the scientist uses the Shiny Stone on them to revive them and heal their wounds, proving the power of teamwork over the power of working alone. After FivePink defeats the swords-woman with a Combination Attack with her Cutie Circle, Billion decides to use Gorlin #18 on her against her protests, destroying her and leaving behind only a giant genetic copy loyal to Zone. Fiveman quickly use FiveRobo, with Kazumi destroying the swords-woman copy with the Super-Dimensional Sword.


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  • Its main ability is its swordsmanship, using a rapier-like weapon to fight with and the ability to fire stingers from its mouth; it can also drain life from plant life and flowers sucking them dry.

Behind the Scenes


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