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Wameikle (ワメイクル, Wameikuru, 41): Wameikle is a member of a species of amphibian from the Stormy World (ストーミーワールド, Sutōmī Wārudo), a Braneworld that is in a constant cycle of endless wind storms. Ending up in the Human World due to the Gaiark's influence, a Wameikle egg is found by Hiroto, with the hatched creature seeing him as a parent. However, the Ugatz are sent after Wameikle to force grow it into a berserker adult and utilize its kind's high-pitch sonic crying to tear down the dimensional barrier that separates the Human World from the Stormy World. Its name is from the Japanese word for "to cry" (喚く, wameku).


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  • Height: 60 ~ 210 cm
  • Weight: 6 ~ 130 kg

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