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Walter Emanuel Jones is an American actor who is well known for played Zack Taylor, in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. He was born in Detroit, Michigan and is now living in Los Angeles, California.



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  • Walter Jones graduated from Chula Vista High School.
  • Before he was cast as Zack, he lost the middle finger on his left hand. Somehow the camera almost managed to hide this. However near the end of "Island Of Illusions, Pt. 1", you can see the missing finger. His missing finger can also be seen in his morphing sequence, where the other Rangers show 5 fingers on the top of their Morpher. If you also look closely in "The Wanna-Be Ranger", Primator tricks Trini and Kimberly that the others are having trouble in the park as Zack. Zack actually stays behind and drinks Trini's banana shake, and his hand with the missing finger is seen.
  • Has a confirmed MySpace page.
  • He can dance, sing, and act.
  • He teaches Salsa dancing.
  • He was chosen to be a dancer in the 1992 Olympic closing ceremonies.
  • Before the show started production, he auditioned for the part of Billy. However, he thought he would be more recognizable as the the Black Ranger, so the part was rewritten as Zack.[Citation needed] If this is true, it somewhat ironic, as the casting of Walter as the Black Ranger was later deemed racially insensitive.
  • Hosted the Power Rangers Lost Episode with good friend and fellow Power Rangers co-star Austin St. John.
  • He was also the first actor who was a Ranger to do voice work in a subsequent Ranger season. First in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy as the monster, Nightmare and second in the 10th anniversary Wild Force episode, Forever Red, as the Machine Empire general named Gerrok.

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