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Waking Nightmares is the twentieth and penultimate episode of Power Rangers Dino Fury.[1] It is the first part of Season 1's two-part endgame, which features the revival and second destruction of Boomtower and the debuts of the Cosmic Dino Key, Shadow Battle Armor, Light Raptor Zord, Shadow Raptor Zord, and the Mosa Shadow Megazord.[2] This episode also features the full debut of the Shadow and Light Dino Keys after their brief appearances in the previous episode.


Seeking new Zords, Zayto is trapped on a distant planet and Aiyon makes a risky trip to save him; together they must confront the nightmares of their past before the Zords can be found.


At night in Dinohenge, Aiyon is seen to be fast asleep in his quarters. However, he experienced a nightmare detailing the events of the Ancient Dino Fury Rangers' final stand, starting from their last discussion to create a new Ultrazord using the energy of Morphin Grid until the point where both he and Zayto ejected out from the exploding Ultrazord. This woke the Rafkonian up and he goes to get some water. He then meets up with the awakened Zayto, who asked his friend what happened. Aiyon told him that he's having a nightmare about their old teammates, to which Zayto revealed he's been having the same one for some time. Aiyon wonders if they had made a different call back then, their teammates would still survive. Zayto instead tells Aiyon to get some sleep to prepare for tomorrow's dig.

Meanwhile, in Area 62, Mucus sneaks up to Void Knight's machine, curious about what it does. She then pulls the lever, causing the machine to play music and turns the whole situation into a funny musical (with the Hengemen joining in). However, this turned out to be a dream, to which she was awakened by Slyther, who warned her about Void Knight's arrival. Mucus panickedly took off her hand from the machine, after which she asked the armored villain about activating the machine. Annoyed by the question, Void Knight angrily answered that they need to collect more Sporix and shoves Mucus as he goes into his secret room.

On the next day, the Rangers witnessed Dr. Akana unearthing the two new Dino Keys, which she then gives to them. Zayto and Aiyon then told the others about the two keys. One is the Light Dino Key, which can break magical curses while the other is Shadow Dino Key, which activates Shadow Battle Armor and can create black holes. Both keys combined will form the Cosmic Dino Key, which can create portals. The Rangers then thank Dr. Akana for helping them. The scientist, in turn, asks the Rangers if she can conduct experiment on the monuments, which Zayto allows as he tells her to call them anytime before she left. Javi is excited about the keys' Battle Modes, to which Aiyon added that it will give them some edge if they can find the Zords linked to it.

Within the base, the Rangers and Solon use the Light and Shadow Dino Keys to locate the location of their respective Zords. They managed to locate the Zords after a few recalibration, which pinpoints their location on a distant planet called Nibyro. Javi asked how the Zords got there. Zayto guessed that during the Great Sporix Battle, the Zords must've been launched into the orbit and ended up on Nibyro. Aiyon then decided to combine the two keys into the Cosmic Dino Key, which he loaded into Mosa Blaster to open a cosmic gateway to Nibyro. However, the portal seems to be unstable. As Aiyon is about to get through the portal, Zayto instead went ahead of him and entered Nibyro on his own. As he looks around, a strange light suddenly scanned Zayto. He briefly wondered what the light was, but it was cut short when the Rafkon Rangers suddenly appear before his very eyes. This excites Zayto, but to his shock, they went hostile and immediately attacked him. Before the other Rangers can go to help, the portal closes. Aiyon tries to open another one, but it is not strong enough due to the affiliated Zords being far away from the key. The Rangers realized that means Zayto is trapped. Izzy asked Aiyon why did the Rafkon Rangers attack Zayto and how they are still alive, but the Rafkonian is unsure if those are even his old teammates. Nevertheless, they need to find a way to help Zayto. Suddenly, they received an emergency, but it is revealed to be Dr. Akana sending a voice message to the Ranger Hotline, saying that she is conducting an experiment and believed the Rangers might want to see it.

The Rangers (except Zayto) rendezvous with Dr. Akana on the Dinohenge monument. She shows them the energy conductor, stating that when she first scanned the statues, she surmised that they are linked to an energy field and learned that it's connected to the Power Rangers. Dr. Akana then activates her machine, causing the Morphin Grid to appear on the sky above Dinohenge. The Rangers observed the Grid with Dr. Akana. Aiyon, realizing that it could charge the Cosmic Dino Key, immediately put his hand on Mosasaurus statue to tap into the Grid. This caused a surge of Morphin Grid energy to flow through Aiyon, which charges the key and give it enough power to open a cosmic gateway. Void Knight, observing the event with Mucus and Slyther, learned that they can use the Morphin Grid energy to power his machine. The three villains then teleported away. Just then, the capacitor of Dr. Akana's machine overloaded. She immediately left to repair it in her lab. Aiyon, deciding to test out the key, put the Cosmic Dino Key into his Mosa Morpher again and open another cosmic gateway. This time, it opened a much stable portal. The Rafkonian immediately enter the portal to rescue Zayto.

Back in Area 62, Void Knight enters his secret room and informs the comatose Santaura about the Morphin Grid, saying its energy is all they needed and they can forget about the Sporix. He then puts his helmet back on and regroups with his generals as Slyther frees Reaghoul. Using his Void Saber, Void Knight breaks Reaghoul free of the Sleepy Cuffs and proposed him a deal for freedom, which the sorcerer happily accepts. Void Knight then asks Reaghoul to revive Boomtower and the sorcerer immediately does so. Void Knight offers the robotic general a chance at revenge on the Rangers and shows him his upgraded cannonballs. Boomtower then asks for a Sporix to help him reach his maximum potential, but Void Knight doesn't have any to spare, then Mucus tells Slyther that he has one he's not using, so Mucus instead directs him to Slyther. He then took Slyther's Sporix by force and charged himself with it before preparing to deal with the Rangers.

In planet Nibyro, Aiyon searches for Zayto and found him fighting against the Rafkon Rangers. Zayto, cornered by the Rafkon Rangers, finds himself confused over the sentences said by his opponents. Aiyon immediately joins the fight to assist Zayto, who informs his friend that they have been saying the same sentences over and over. After some time, Aiyon realized that the sentences come from his nightmare and finally figured out that they are the two Rafkonians' nightmares given form.

Back on Earth, Mucus and Boomtower are waiting for the Rangers to show up. As if on cue, the Rangers teleport down and searches the area for Sporix Beasts. Mucus and Boomtower then appear before the Rangers, shocking them with the robotic general's revival. Boomtower throws two cannonballs at them, but to their surprise, there's nothing in them. Amelia mocked the robot and the four morphed. However, when they trigger a post-morph explosion, they got hit by an extra explosion out of nowhere. Mucus then asks Boomtower to throw two more of the seemingly empty cannonballs. Javi, fed up with the trick, tries to invoke the Stego Fury Strike. But before he can activate the attack, another explosion hits them. Ollie then calls Solon to contact Zayto and Aiyon, saying that they need help.

Meanwhile, Zayto and Aiyon are still fighting against their nightmares. They are currently trying to figure out what the nightmares wanted. Aiyon then remembers that they are more than just bad memories, but are good ones too. Discovering a way to beat them, Aiyon de-morphs, followed by Zayto. He then cites the first part of the vow of Knights of Rafkon that they did right before their final battle. This method works as the nightmares cite the rest of the vow. Aiyon and Zayto then join their hands together, with the nightmares following suit. This caused the nightmares to reform into an orb, calling itself the Nibyro Guardian, who congratulates the two for passing his test and proving their nobility. Suddenly, Zayto received a call from Solon, who urges him to help the other Rangers. He then asked Aiyon to get the Zords, while he go help the others. Understanding the mission, Aiyon opened a portal to Earth for Zayto to return before he followed the Nibyro Guardian to the Zords' location.

Zayto immediately arrives to assist his friends. He then activates the Hyper Dino Key and fights against Boomtower with the others. Boomtower then throws more cannonballs, which the Rangers easily cut through. Javi immediately noticed that there are gas leaking from the split cannonballs. Mucus then summons the Hengemen against the Rangers, but just as they defeated them, another explosion hits. Izzy immediately figured out that the gas is the cause of the random explosions. Zayto then gives the team a reminder to be careful of not triggering another explosion. In Nibyro, Aiyon follows the Nibyro Guardian to a location and discovered the twin Raptor Zords. He thanked the guardian, who wished him good luck before disappearing. Aiyon then opens a Cosmic Gateway to send the Zords and himself back to Earth.

Returning to Earth, Aiyon arrived to check on the others. He then reveals the Shadow Dino Key, to which Zayto warned him not to cause any sparks that can trigger explosions. Aiyon assures that this attack won't cause sparks as he activated the Shadow Battle Armor. He then shoots a blast from his Morpher, which created a black hole that devoured Boomtower's cannonballs. Ticked off, the general grows giant, which prompts Aiyon to call for the Mosa Razor Zord and Shadow Raptor Zord. He then combines the two Zords, forming the Mosa Shadow Megazord. The others followed suit and form the Dino Fury Megazord Warrior Formation. The two Megazords then take on Boomtower, before Aiyon defeats the robot using the Shadow Mega Blast attack. The Rangers celebrate, but it was cut short when Solon calls and told them to return to Dinohenge. Arriving at the monument, Solon informs that Dr. Akana's equipment was stolen by Void Knight. Ollie and Izzy asked what he's going to do with it. Zayto, however, tells the team that they need to find them before it's too late.


Dino Fury Keys


The Rafkon Green Ranger suit without a skirt.

  • In some scenes, the skirt part of the Dino Fury Green Ranger I's suit is missing, while in others a CGI skirt is present. This is due to the production using the unmodified suit usually used for Izzy.


  • Total Sporix Beasts Collected:
    • Void Knight: 10
    • Dino Fury Rangers: 10
  • This episode marks the return of Reaghoul and Boomtower, who has been resurrected by the former.
  • Despite possessing ten Sporix, Void Knight's machine is not at full power to revive his lover, prompting him to abandon his quest to collect Sporix and instead use the power of the Morphin Grid after spying on the Rangers as of this episode.

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