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WW Waritcho (ワリワリワリッチョ WariWari Waritcho, 20)

Character History

Bowzock's best excavator. Fits the theme of a bird. He was sent to find the legendary vehicles Pegasus Thunder and Dragon Cruiser, and did so after being sent out for excavating by Ritchihiker. while looking he acidentally releace them and they flea to earth. He captures Pegasus but it is saved by the rangers and dragon cruiser. He was eventually killed by the combined blasts of the legendary vehicles.


WW is the Bowzock's best excavator and very proud of that fact. But despite that he can easily get discouraged like wanting to stop his search not long after starting. He's also not that observant proved by him sitting on the ancient seal he was looking for without noticing.

Modus and Arsenal

He is Bowzock's best excavator. He was sent to find Pegasus Thunder and Dragon Cruiser by Ritchihiker to use as weapons to kill the Carrangers. He used a magic net and sack to capture Pegasus Thunder. In battle, he wielded a pickaxe. He also has a jetpack that lets him fly through space and special binoculars that let him scan the interior of asteroids. He could shoot lasers from his eyes.



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Behind the Scenes

  • His motif is an Archaeopteryx.

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