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"Show them what Demon power can do."
―Vypra ordering her foot-soldiers to fight the Power Rangers in battle and her final words before her ultimate demise.[src]

Vypra was one of the three demons working to revive Queen Bansheera, whom they served. She was the only Demon with a humanoid appearance who wore serpentine armor and was adept in demonic magic.


Vypra was considered a motherly figure to the young Impus but after he matured into Olympius she began to look down on him as an immature leader and resented his position of power.

She led several attacks on the Rangers, occasionally using her Vyprari dune buggy. Her favored weapon was a thin saber that could unleash energy disks. She almost never suffered injuries in her battles against the Rangers but she is not immortal. Her reaction to Carter's threat to shoot her implies that she can be mortally wounded and killed.

After Olympius lost favor with his mother, he discovered that Bansheera was considering promoting Loki and Vypra to second in command. He plotted to eliminate them by having Vilevine bury them alive. Loki and Vypra retaliated by resurrecting Diabolico from the dead to deal with him.

Fed up with her failures, Queen Bansheera told Vypra outright that she would take her life energy as punishment. Fearing for her life, Vypra attempted to flee when Bansheera's power lifted her off the ground. Kicking and screaming, Vypra tried in vain to escape her fate before she was absorbed into Bansheera's body, allowing the Queen to complete her transformation into her final form. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Wrath of the Queen

In the following and penultimate episode "Rise of the Super Demons", Vypra was mentioned when Diabolico lamented over the loss of Loki.



One year later, during the events of Time Force, Vypra returned from the dead with an army of undead soldiers. She was seen digging herself out from a nondescript grave although no explanation was given as to how she got there or how she managed to resurrect herself after she was absorbed into Bansheera's being. She formed an alliance with the mutant Ransik to obtain an artifact called the Solar Amulet.

With the sun aligned perfectly with the stars, she used the Solar Amulet's dark magic from the Shadow World to revive the Super Demon Quarganon in Silver Hills. However, after a brief battle, she was destroyed once and for all by Wesley Collins using a blast from his Red Battle Warrior Battlizer's saber while Quarganon was destroyed by Carter using the Trans-Armor Cycle. With Vypra gone for good this time, the threat posed by Queen Bansheera and her Demons was extiquished forever. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Time for Lightspeed


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Powers and Abilities


  • Fire Breath: She can breathe out a wisp of purple fire from her mouth.
    • Hypnosis: Vypra can hypnotize anyone with her fire breath. She did this to Chad's rival Brian.
  • Telepathy: When infiltrating the Aquabase, she is shown to be able to freely communicate with Olympius by focusing her mind on to him.
  • Energy Fire: Vypra's most powerful attack where she charges up her hand with blue fire and unleashes a massive wave of it which is powerful enough to take down four Rangers with one hit. However she only did this once during the second battle over the earthquake spikes.
  • Teleportation: Vypra can teleport in and out of battle in swirls of blue energy that resemble snakes.


  • Strength: Whilst not as strong as Diabolico or Queen Bansheera, Vypra is powerful enough to easily hold her own against all five Rangers although Ryan was more than a match for her.
  • Expert Fighter: Vypra proved to be a match for Carter during their first encounter and could fight all five Rangers with ease.
  • Agility: Vypra was easily able to dodge many kicks from Carter and even one of her own energy blasts which Carter kicked back at her.
  • Batling Summoning: Vypra can summon bat-like warriors called Batlings to aid her in battle
  • Demon Warrior Summoning: When Vypra returned, she summoned zombie-like warriors called Demon Warriors from the grave.
  • Expert Driver: Vypra was very good at driving her Vyprari.


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  • Sword: Vypra caries a small thin sword to use in combat. The weapon is similar to a rapier but is too short and thin to be one. It is the equivalent to the Rangers' Rescue Blasters in Baton Mode.

    Vypra's Sword

    • Sword Blasts: Vypra can charge up her sword with blue energy and fire devastating energy blasts of the same color from its tip at her enemies. After fleeing from her first battle with Carter, it caused an underground car park ceiling to collapse and started a fire.
      • Energy Boomerang: Vypra's sword blasts are also similar to boomerangs which can be seen when Carter kicked one back at her when he stopped her from executing the people in the underground car park.
    • Energy Empowerment: Vypra can slash at her opponents with purple energy gathered from her sword.
    • Growth Card Summoning: With her sword, she was able to summon a Growth Card to revive Aquafiend as a giant.
  • Vyprari: Vypra's personal vehicle which has large blasters mounted on top of it that can fire yellow and blue energy blasts. This vehicle is fast enough to easily outrun the Rescue Rover and teleport while leaving a trail of neon purple flames. It was initially destroyed by the Lightspeed Cycles and although it was eventually repaired by the time Arachnor emerged, it was destroyed by Carter's new Trans-Armor Cycle.
  • Earthquake Spikes: In the third episode, "Trial by Fire" Vypra went into the city with some Batlings to stick spikes that could cause an earthquake powerful enough to level Mariner Bay. These were gathered up by the Rangers and obliterated by the Rescue Blasters.

Behind the Scenes



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  • Vypra is the only main villain in the franchise to be destroyed by the Trans-Armor Cycle.
    • Whilst Olympius was taken down by it and the Mega Battles, that was not the end of him as he became a Super Demon.
  • While Vypra's name and appearance is a reference to a viper, it may also refer to a wyvern since she is also able to breathe fire (unlike her Sentai counterpart, Denus.)
  • Unlike her Sentai counterpart, Vypra never created any aquatic monster. Only one aquatic monster: Aquafiend was already alive and summoned by Diabolico.
    • This is probably because in Lightspeed Rescue, demons are weak against water so Aquafiend had a special advantage.
  • Her Vypari dune buggy is a repaint/remodel of Zhane's Galactic Rover.
  • Due to Jennifer L. Yen's infamy as an emotionless actress, many fans speculate the primary reason that she was cast was her physical resemblance to her counterpart Evil Spirit Princess Denus.


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