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Vulturus is a vulture/dragon-like monster created by Thrax for use in his evil alliance and is the secondary antagonist of the special two-part team up episode "Once a Ranger".


This white vulture/dragon-like monster was summon by Thrax, supposedly, according to Thrax, he is invincible, or was thought to be. He is grown and sent to attack the past and future Rangers in both the Drivemax Ultazord and the Flashpoint Megazord, it had the upper hand thanks to its shear power, only to be destroyed/sliced by Mack using the sword Excelsior.

Later he was somehow found weakened but in one piece by the villains. Flurious managed to restore his strength and upgrade him with a Gyro into a more human-like form. The revived Vulturus fought in Thrax's final battle against the eleven rangers where he was destroyed once and for all by the Mercury Ranger's Drive Detector. Once A Ranger


Vulturus is a violent beast that will attack anyone in his path. But he is also loyal to Thrax.

Powers And Abilities


  • Strength: Vulturus is one of the stonger monsters, powerful enought to overpower both the Drivemax Ultrazord and Flashpoint Megazord, as well as being able to destroy part of the Drillzord.
  • Durability: Vulturus has thick skin that is strong enough to withstand the Drivemax Ultrazord's strongest attack and not even get scratch.


  • Claws: While lacking weapons, this Vulturus posses clawed hands for combat.

Vulturus Maximus

  • Strength: Vulturus posses far greater strength then before.
  • Chest Laser Blast: Vulturus can fire a large blue laser blast from his chest.

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