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"Aaw! Nuts!"
―Vulpes when something bad happens.[src]

"Aaw, nuts! Come on!"
―Vulpes' last words before his first death.[src]

"You're definitely gonna lose it; you haven't seen anything yet!"
―Vulpes when becoming a Mega-Monster.[src]

"Aah! Hey now! Come on!"
―Vulpes' last words before his second death.[src]

Vulpes is a Tengu/Fox/Spy themed Nighlok. Vulpes was master of magic and served Octoroo. He serves as the main antagonist of the episode "Unexpected Arrival".


Enchanted Eye

Vulpes is one of Nighloks. Vulpes served Octoroo. In the thirteenth episode, Octoroo sent Vulpes to spie on Jayden and find out of the symbol of power to seal Master Xandred with his mirror and "enchanted eye". Vulpes had to find out if Jayden possessed spells to seal Nighloks. Vulpes possessed a lot of mirror spells. Vulpes summoned activation of Power Rangers detector on promenade. Vulpes didn't appear there. He only left there a piece of dark magic, which stuckedcto Jayden. Jayden started to feel the presence of monster and Vulpes could watch Red Ranger throught his magic mirror. However Jayden tricked villain. Jayden arrived at the shore of Saint Lake and summoned mist. Vulpes's magic didn't work under the water and his mirror was silent. Vulpes returned to Octoroo, and they noticed it. Then Vulpes arrived at human world and went to shore of the lake. Then Rangers arrived and broke Vulpes's mirror, but he still was highly powerful and defeated heroes by reflecting their attacks at them. However then Antonio arrived and morphed into Golden Ranger. Vulpes summoned Moogers, but Antonio defeated them. Then Antonio battled Vulpes. Vulpes summoned bats, but Jayden morphed and helped Antonio, by destroying bats and knocking Vulpes. Then Antonio battled and destroyed Vulpes with his Barracuda Bite Attack. Vulpes returned as Mega Monster and became invisible and easily attacked Battlewing Megazord, but Antonio summoned Octozord, which used its ink cloud and made Vulpes visible. Battlewing Megazord then destroyed Vulpes.Unexpected Arrival

In "Room for One More", it was revealed that Vulpes was good friends to Steeleto. Room for One More


Vulpes was cunning, arrogant and manipulative Nighlok, who won't stop at his mission, given him by Octoroo, to find out Jayden's symbol of power. He was also arrogant and confident as he underestimated Antonio and it caused his defeat. But he is also loyal to Octoroo. He was also mentioned to be good friends to Steeleto.

Powers And Abilities

  • Spying: Vulpes is able to use his mirror to spy on people and can also make them hallucinate, think that things are there when they aren’t.
  • Enchanted Eye: He has an enchanted eye which can go and observe people and scare them.
  • Mirror: He has a mirror to spy on people.
  • Mirror Spells: Vulpes can create a lot of mirror spells.
  • Fox reflection steel: He can open a portal to reflect back the Rangers sword attacks and copy their sword attacks.
  • Fox Cyclone: He was able to summon a grand cyclone around him.
  • Vulpes Vail: Vulpes is able to be invisible until he gets hit.  
  • Fox Fire: He is able to expulse a blue fire that follows the opponent.
  • Fox Flare: He is able to expulse a flare from is eyes.
  • Bats Summoning: Vulpes can summon a swarm of bats.
  • Strength: Vulpes possess big deal of strength, enough to battle Antonio, though he was later outmatched.
  • Skilled Fighter: Vulpes is also skilled fighter and was able to stand against Antonio for some time.


  • Sword: Vulpes wields a sword in battle.

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