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Volta (ボルタ Boruta) is an alien from planet Toora, aligned with the Great Star League Gozma

Character History

Volta is an bird-like alien from planet Toora (トーラ星 Toora-sei). Considered to be the "big star" of the Gozma Empire, he makes a performance of all of his battles where he uses a guitar that hides a gun in it's head that is strong enough to rip through the Changeman's suits. He also wears a special pair of sunglasses that both hide his ugly eyes as well as gives him the ability to slow down the appearance of anyone he sees through them, allowing him to avoid all attacks against him. He is an instant favorite of Shiima, but has problems dealing with Gator.

Volta is sent to Earth by Queen Ahames as part of her scheme to show the weakness of General Giluke and to rewin Bazoo's favor. On Earth, he easily disposes of the Changeman at first and is able to hold off even Giluke in battle. However, the Changeman turn things around, first by Tsurugi stealing his camera to show off the good of their homeworld, then by destroying his sunglasses both showing his ugliness and preventing him from avoiding their attacks, making him prey to their Power Bazooka.

After Gyodai rebuilds him, Volta loses his bombastic personality and turns into a mindless monster, while also revealing an ability to breathe fire when his eyes switch position. The Changeman hold him off with Change Robo before destroying him completely with the Dengeki-Ken.


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

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