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Void Trap is the twenty-first and final episode of the first season of Power Rangers Dino Fury.[1] It is the second part of Season 1's 2-part endgame. The episode features the debuts of the Cosmic Raptor Zords and T-Rex Cosmic Megazord, the final appearances of Boomtower and Reaghoul, the Ranger's true identities revealed to Dr. Akana, and Void Knight's apparent demise.


The Rangers need Dr. Akana's help to stop Void Knight’s evil scheme – but Ollie disagrees with Zayto’s plan, afraid it will put his mother in danger.


The Rangers gather in the underground base of Dinohenge, discussing what would Void Knight do with Dr. Akana's machine. Nevertheless, Izzy states that Void Knight can't use it since Dr. Akana still got its capacitor. Ollie suggests that they prevent Void Knight from getting the capacitor, but Aiyon suggested otherwise but make it unusable for Void Knight. This confused Javi for a bit, but Amelia realized they could sabotage the capacitor. Zayto, seeing that Amelia's plan could work, decided to go with it. Ollie immediately disagrees with the plan, saying that it could endanger his mom and that Void Knight is unpredictable. Zayto knows of this risk, but Solon told Ollie that they need to think of what's at stake. This convinced Ollie to agree with it.

Meanwhile, in Area 62, Reaghoul revives Boomtower for the second time, while Void Knight prepares Dr. Akana's machine. However, the armored villain realized that it's missing the capacitor. This prompts him to send Mucus, Slyther, Reaghoul, and Boomtower to hunt the scientist and take the capacitor. After his generals left, Void Knight enters his secret room one more time and informs the comatose Santaura that his plans will finally succeed.

A morphed Ollie and Izzy would later lead Dr. Akana inside their underground base, which amazes her. She then meets with the other Rangers and Solon, who introduced herself to the scientist. Dr. Akana decided to get into business with the Rangers, stating that she knows Void Knight had stolen her stuff. Amelia confirms it and said that he is after the capacitor. Dr. Akana asked if they need to keep it safe, but Zayto says that they need it to foil whatever Void Knight is planning. Knowing that this is not her first time dealing with Void Knight's crew, Dr. Akana joins the Rangers on their mission.

In the city plaza, Zayto and the others are observing Dr. Akana from a distance, giving her instructions to lure Void Knight's crew by saying something about the capacitor. This works as Boomtower and Reaghoul appear before her. Void Knight then appears behind her and took the capacitor, before telling his generals to deal with her. Reaghoul then threw sleepy cuffs at Dr. Akana before sending her, Slyther, and Mucus into a vortex called the Dark Dimension. This causes Ollie to panic. Reaghoul immediately follows them into the vortex. Ollie blames Zayto for the sudden turn of events, to which the latter promised that he'll get his mom back. The Rafkonian then morph and has Solon send the T-Rex Champion Zord and the twin Raptor Zords, forming T-Rex Cosmic Megazord. Zayto opens a Cosmic Gateway to the Dark Dimension to go after Dr. Akana, while the rest of the Rangers fight against Boomtower.

Within the vortex, Zayto looks around for Dr. Akana, but instead is immediately faced by Reaghoul whom he fights. Back on Earth, the five Rangers take on Boomtower with their Boost Keys and Battle Armor. However, it is not enough as the robot used his Boom Blast on the Rangers. On the other hand, Zayto manages to easily handle Reaghoul using the new Megazord formation. The four of the five Rangers that decided to fight Boomtower use their Fury Strikes to help Amelia, who combines them and uses the attack to defeat the general. The explosion caused by his destruction sends the Rangers flying. Immediately after, Void Knight and some Hengemen teleported down and captured four of the down Rangers (except Ollie, who slips away) using sleepy cuffs before leaving with them. Meanwhile, Zayto uses the Cosmic Gateway Strike to destroy Reaghoul for good. The Rafkonian then sees Dr. Akana and teleported her back into the Megazord, leaving Mucus and Slyther trapped in the vortex.

Back at Dinohenge, Void Knight prepares to execute his plan as he transports the pod containing Santaura into the center of the monument, with four captive Rangers hooked up to it. Ollie, who teleported down, immediately bears witness to this event. The armored villain then puts the capacitor into the machine, causing the Morphin Grid to appear in the sky. Just then, Zayto teleported down with Dr. Akana and observes what Void Knight's doing. He asked the scientist if that is her stolen machine, which Dr. Akana confirms but noticed that Void Knight had made a few modifications to it. The villain then activates the machine, causing the energy conductor to begin sapping the energy of the captured Rangers and flowing into Santaura's pod. Zayto states that the amount of energy is too much and Dr. Akana realized that it will kill them. Ollie says that they can't remove the capacitor as it will destroy the Rangers, so Zayto suggested they instead break the circuits which will cause the machine to shut down. He then tells Ollie to do it, while he distracts Void Knight.

The Rafkonian confronts Void Knight, transforming his Chromafury Saber into a Dino Dagger. However, Void Knight evades Zayto's attack and throws sleepy cuffs on him, causing him to fall asleep. The armored villain then hooks Zayto into the pod to add more energy into it. Ollie then realized it's now up to him. Dr. Akana offers to help, but Ollie declined, saying it's too dangerous. The scientist reprimanded him, stating that if they don't stop the machine, it will destroy the Rangers completely. Ollie then realized that the Dinohenge statues are connected to the Morphin Grid and destroying it can possibly shut down the machine. Dr. Akana decided to go distract Void Knight while Ollie waits for the signal. Just as Void Knight is about to succeed, Dr. Akana attacks the villain. This annoys Void Knight as he goes to destroy the scientist. However, Dr. Akana notices Zayto's Dino Dagger and immediately throws it into the pod. This damaged the machine as Void Knight panics and goes to fix it, but he failed to notice Dr. Akana calling Ollie, who uses Sprint Dino Key to destroy both the Dinohenge statues and the sleepy cuffs. This works as the machine stops working and halts the pod from being powered, but it caused the Rangers' connection to the Morphin Grid to be severed. The severance of their link caused the Rangers to forcibly de-morph, including Ollie. Dr. Akana immediately learns that her son and his friends are the Power Rangers. Void Knight angrily asks the Rangers what they have done, to which Dr. Akana lashes out at the villain, threatening to destroy him and everything he cared about. Ollie then told his mom to go to safety, while he and the others face Void Knight using only their weapons. Enraged, Void Knight summons the Hengemen to take on the Rangers as he would fight Amelia in the process.

Even though the Rangers managed to hold their own against their enemies, Javi knows they can't keep this up. Zayto realized that Void Knight must be stopped. Izzy immediately went for Santaura's pod and damaged it enough using her Chromafury Saber. Recognising her action, Void Knight teleported behind Izzy and knocks her down before he tries to hastily fix the damage. Izzy then told Aiyon to destroy the capacitor. The Rafkonian immediately aims his Mosa Blaster at the capacitor and blasts it with a powerful Mosa Blast, causing a huge explosion that engulfed both Santaura's pod and Void Knight himself, which supposedly destroyed both. The Rangers managed to barely escape the explosion before Zayto took Void Knight's discarded Void Saber and promptly throws it away, announcing their victory over the armored villain.

The Rangers celebrate as Ollie reunites with his mom, who states that she is proud of him. Dr. Akana then realized that the Rangers are Ollie and his friends all along. The Rangers, in turn, thanked Dr. Akana for her help. Solon teleports down to congratulate the Rangers on their victory and have a chat with Dr. Akana. Ollie then apologises to the others, saying that they were right to trust his mom. He also apologised for questioning Zayto's judgement and causing them to lose their connection to the Grid, to which the Rafkonian assures that he did the right thing. Izzy wonders if they are still Rangers, with Javi saying that there are still more Sporix Beasts out there. Aiyon comforts them with a saying from Rafkon (which states "Once a knight, always a knight."). The others state that none of them will give up on peace.

Suddenly, the Morphin Grid reappears on the sky as the Green Morphin Master emerged from a portal. The mystical being states that the Rangers' mission is not over yet as she repairs the destroyed Dinohenge statues. Zayto attempts to ask her about Rafkon and his people, but the Green Morphin Master did not answer as she disappeared. Just then, the Rangers' weapons emit a surge of energy which flows to their communicators, restoring their Morphers and connection to the Morphin Grid. Zayto and the others then state, "Once a Ranger, always a Ranger!" before Solon received an emergency about a Sporix Beast in town. Deciding to get back to work, they morphed into Power Rangers again.

Void Knight's damaged helmet lying on the floor

Meanwhile, within Area 62, it is revealed that Santaura's pod had survived the explosion. However, Void Knight is nowhere to be found with exception of his broken helmet. This left the fate of the armored villain unclear.


Dino Fury Keys


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  • Total Sporix Beasts Collected:
    • Void Knight: 10
    • Dino Fury Rangers: 10
  • Dr. Lani Akana is the first civilian to discover the identity of the Dino Fury Rangers and meet Solon. She also became a visitor of their base.
  • This is the first Season 1 finale since End Game from Power Rangers Megaforce in which the Rangers know the fight is not over yet. All seasons in between had the Rangers falsely believing their work is done.
  • The Dino Fury Rangers temporarily lose their connection with the Morphin Grid and their powers as well.
  • The Rangers manage to defeat the season's episode finale major antagonist after losing the connection to the Morphin Grid and their powers is similar to Power Rangers Ninja Storm final episode Storm Before the Calm. However, unlike Ninja Storm Rangers, who got their powers and Morphin Grid connection in the episode of the next Power Rangers entry title, they are restored by Green Morphin Master in the same final episode.
  • After this episode, the Dino Fury Rangers think that Void Knight did not survive the explosion of his machine.
    • However, he teleported the machine to Area 62. The final scene shows that Santaura survived, while his fate at this moment is unknown.
  • Mucus and Slyther have been trapped in the Dark Dimension, but they managed to escape off-screen between this and the next episode.
  • The Dino Fury Rangers use the catchphrase "Once a Ranger, Always a Ranger", which is mostly known from the franchise's 15th Anniversary Special - Once a Ranger from Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.
  • This episode does not present any new Sporix Beast. However, at the end of episode Solon received a Hotline call that an unnamed Sporix has hatched in Pine Ridge.
  • As of this episode, the Sporix Army is weakened. Wreckmate, Reaghoul and Boomtower are destroyed and Void Knight's fate is currently left unclear, leaving Mucus and Slyther as the only surviving villains in Season 1.
  • This marks the fifth time Dinohenge has been invaded by enemy forces.
  • This is second time Ollie has avoided being captured by the Sleepy Cuffs.
  • While on the phone, Dr. Akana pretends to speak to "Beatrice", referencing Pop-Pop's girlfriend from episode 19.
  • Dr. Akana is the sixth parent to discover their child's secret identity as a Power Ranger following Captain William Mitchell, Mr. Collins, Anton Mercer, Adam Daniels, and Muriel Reeves.
  • It's the 241st and the next-to-last episode of the Power Rangers, that had a TV premiere on Nickelodeon.

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