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"Do not play games with me. I am Void Knight, and you are no match for my power!"
―Void Knight introducing himself for the first time to Solon.[src]

"Five Rangers? That's still not enough to stop me!"
―Void Knight after finding out about the new members of the Rangers.[src]

"Please forgive me. There's been another setback. I know you're impatient, we both are. But I promise it won't be long. Whatever the cost, we'll be together again soon, my love."
―Void Knight seeing his lover in a cryogenic pod.[src]

Void Knight is an armored alien warlord and the initial main antagonist of Power Rangers Dino Fury.

Character History


Void Knight seems to have had a past with Zayto since the Red Ranger recognized his suit of armor. However, his reaction (which amounted to merely deflecting his remark and choosing to simply fight instead) doesn't make it clear whether he is brainwashed, a successor to the one Zayto knows, or is willingly evil. Void Knight (or at least the armor) crashed on Earth many millions of years ago. It is also seen that he has a girlfriend, Santaura, who was rendered comatose and put in cryosleep. Void Knight seeks the energy of the Sporix so that he can use it to resurrect her.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Unexpected Guest


Void Knight was first seen teleporting into the center of Dinohenge where Amelia and Ollie were packing their excavation gear up to leave under Warden's order. They hid behind the Tyrannosaurus statue as the knight used a scanner to locate the base. He was amused when he discovered that the base he had been searching for was directly under the statues, as this was obvious in hindsight. He then blasted the ground wide open with his sword and descended the steps into the base. Void Knight stomped around the base, proclaiming that he was here for "that energy source" until a hidden door opened and revealed a Solonosaurus named Solon, who saw Void Knight and tried to awaken the Ranger named Zayto in his stasis tube just for the warrior to blast her and demand the energy source. Solon was less than happy when Void Knight called her old and introduced herself, but Solon reacted quickly enough to unleash Zayto in an instant. However, Void Knight used his lightning to destroy the console and demanded the energy source again at the point of a sword. When Solon just bumbled, he tried to execute her but Ollie grabbed a Chromafury Saber from a shelf and blocked it to the villain's immense surprise and was then netted up by Amelia's Spook Snare before getting electrocuted by it.

Void Knight after recruiting the Hengemen.

With Void Knight down, Solon threw them the power source (called a Dino Fury Key) which allowed them to control the guardians of the base called the Hengemen to fight Void Knight, but Void Knight got free and caught it midair, taking it for himself instead. He inserted it into his sword and "munched" the mouth on his saber which activated the Hengemen and brought them under his command. Recruiting them as his own foot soldiers, he had them fight the three and both Amelia and Ollie took a beating. Unfortunately for Void Knight, their relentless wish to fight on granted them the Dino Fury Morphers. Solon then gave Amelia and Ollie the pink and blue Dino Fury Keys and they became the modern Dino Fury Rangers who were able to fight off the Hengemen. However, he had managed to find the power source which turned out to be Sporix Beast eggs which surprised even him and he had two Hengemen haul them away.

Although he nearly made it out of the door, Zayto was finally awakened when Solon punched the console and did battle with the Hengemen and Void Knight, knocking down the latter and making him drop the scanner. Zayto recognized Void Knight's armor and asked him where he got it but Void Knight didn't care and battled them anyway. Despite being briefly overwhelmed, Zayto changed his Chromafury Saber into the Dino Dagger and threw it at Void Knight who deflected it but it instead caught the drawer of Sporix Eggs which got free and managed to escape the base in the resulting chaos. Having gotten what he came for, Void Knight decided that now was a good time to leave and escaped via the stairs, collapsing the tunnel roof to prevent the trio from following him out. But by the time he got out of the base, the Sporix Eggs escaped into the greater world, which would mean that he would have to go on a massive search for them. Luckily for Void Knight, one Sporix Egg remained and hatched into Shockhorn, who he recruited to find the rest of the Sporix Beast Eggs. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Destination Dinohenge

Building his Army

A brief time after Mucus hatched, Void Knight returned to Dinohenge along with Shockhorn as muscle in order to find the entrance to the Ranger's base so he can retrieve his energy scanner (which was taken by Ollie and his mother). Unfortunately, Solon had equipped the base with a force field. When he's informed about the presence of another Sporix Beast, Void Knight sends Shockhorn to find it while he threatens Dr. Akana into starting the scan so he can find more Sporix. After Shockhorn returned along with their new ally the Rangers appear and a fight soon ensued. The battle ended with Void Knight's scanner being destroyed and Shockhorn flying through the air. Void Knight tried to get revenge on her but was cut off by the Rangers and had to retreat since he was outnumbered, Mucus was a poor fighter, and Shockhorn was nowhere to be seen.

Void Knight and Mucus arrive at Area 62.

After Shockhorn grew giant and was defeated by T-Rex Champion Zord, the Knight retrieved the Sporix Beast who had been reduced to his unhatched form once again (due to the Sporix becoming stronger after being defeated in their giant form). Void Knight, along with Mucus later arrived at Area 62, an old abandoned facility that they could use as their base where he puts Shockhorn's unhatched form in a machine, but soon realized that the machine required way more Sporix in order to be at full power. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Sporix Unleashed

Following Vypeera's defeat when she was reverted to her Sporix egg form, Void Knight comes to collect her to give his machine more power, but is too late as Zayto, Ollie and Amelia take the egg back first before teleporting away. Enraged, Void Knight swore that the next time they crossed paths, the heroes wouldn't be able to reclaim the next Sporix egg. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Lost Signal

Later he found himself busy building his newest creation. When Mucus returned with a new Sporix Beast called Draknarok, Void Knight introduced his new creation and sent the team to look for the Nephrite Orb in order to make Boomtower stronger, claiming that he wants no mistakes made. He was later seen looking as his team fails to get the Orb and the Rangers beat him in capturing Draknarok's egg form, while also finding out that the Rangers have two new members, although he states that it still won't be enough. Tvicon.png TV STORY-New Recruits

While working in his secret room, an impatient Boomtower stole one of the Sporix Cells they obtained and placed it inside his chest to gain more power. However, Void Knight eventually found out and angrily teleported to where Boomtower and Mucus were fighting the Rangers, dragging the two back to Area 62 and leaving a squad of Hengemen to deal with the Rangers. Despite being mad at Boomtower, he seemed to have let his general keep the Sporix Cell, possibly after hearing how powerful he became because of it. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Stego Search

Growing Impatient

Void Knight, Mucus and Wolfgang see the destruction of Doomsnake by the Rangers and the Dino Fury Megazord Blade Formation. Void Knight orders Wolfgang to mark his territory, and the latter lets out a mighty howl, strong enough to disassemble entirely the Megazord. After seeing this, Void Knight orders Mucus to collect Doomsnake’s Sporix Cell. She did it and having overheard the conversation between the Rangers and Mick about the Nexus Prism, teleports back to relay the news to Void Knight. Void Knight sends Wolfgang to capture Mick and find the Nexus Prism but the Rangers succeed to save him. At Area 62, Wolfgang apologizes to Void Knight for failing to capture Mick, but the latter angrily asks how they will be able to find the Ninja Nexus Prism now. Boomtower volunteers to find it, claiming that he could destroy the Rangers thanks to his Sporix Cell, but Void Knight warns him not to bother coming back if he fails again.

Void Knight talks to his comatose lover.

Boomtower agrees to these terms under the condition he gets to bring Wolfgang with him. After Boomtower was destroyed, Mucus tells Void Knight about the robot’s death and gives him Wolfgang’s Sporix Cell but Void Knight, not saddened by the death of his second in command, is not happy because thanks to his creation’s idiocy, they only have a powered up Sporix Cell and not the Ninja Nexus Prism. To further Void Knight’s frustration, the Cell only powers up the machine by a margin, getting impatient that this is taking too long for him to handle. Void Knight retreats to his secret room, which is revealed to house a comatose woman inside a cryogenic chamber - his girlfriend, Santaura. Void Knight promises her he will bring her back. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Unexpected Guest

He, Mucus, and Roostafa managed to get a few Sporix Eggs but when Mucus returned empty handed, he wasn’t disappointed since he was able to find a good haul of Sporix. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Cut Off Void Knight and Mucus created a new robot, Slyther. Impressed by Slyther's shapeshifting abilities, Void Knight ordered her to pretend to be a Rafkonian in order to fool Zayto. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Phoning Home

Mucus and Slyther later seemingly captured all the Ranger's Sporix in a chest and they gave them to him in a surprise event, but when Void Knight went to grab the Sporix they disappeared as it was a fake chest created by the Rangers. This revelation made Void Knight think his generals played a prank on him which made him go berserk on them, brutally beating both Slyther and Mucus. After his outrage Void Knight goes back to his secret room, takes his helmet off and apologizes to the comatose Santaura for their recent setbacks. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Matchmaker


Void Knight is a bullheaded and bad tempered psychopath who likes to basically torture anyone who disobeys his orders as seen with Solon. He can also be easily annoyed as seen during his interactions with Mucus. Void Knight also proved to be extremely intelligent on more than one occasion as he is usually able to easily adapt to particular situation and use any available resources to his advantage. It puts him in stark contrast from his rather absent-minded minions.

Void Knight appears to care very little about his minions since he seemed to be barely fazed when Mucus reported to him that Boomtower was destroyed. However, he seems to have a tender side, as seen when he promised his comatose lover that he'll soon revive her.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Unexpected Guest

Powers and Abilities


  • Strength: Void Knight was strong enough to catch a kick from Zayto in the crux of his arm and hold him in place there temporarily.
  • Longevity: Void Knight has existed for hundreds of years.
  • Teleportation: Void Knight can teleport himself to any location at will in a massive purple energy streak.
  • Quick Reflexes: Void Knight was fast enough to catch the Hengemen Key in mid-air.
  • Hengemen Summoning: Void Knight is able to summon Hengemen without having to use the Hengemen Key.


  • Skilled Swordsman: Void Knight is very skillful with his sword, being able to gain an upper hand during his first fight with Zayto and putting a good shift episode later.
  • Skilled Genius: Void Knight appears to be one of the intelligent characters in the Power Rangers franchise, being able to create and repair robots and other gadgets and devices.


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Void Knight

Void Knight


  • Void Saber: Void Knight wields a large saber for combat.
    • Lightning Bolt: Void Knight can release a purple lightning bolt from the tip of his saber that was strong enough to tear open the ground between the Dinohenge statues.
    • Animation: By inserting the Hengemen Key into the guard of his saber, Void Knight released a dark purple energy wave from the tip of his blade that brought the Hengemen to life and under his control.
    • Deflection: Void Knight was able to deflect Zayto's Dino Dagger with the swing of his saber.
    • Energy Empowerment: Void Knight can charge up his saber with light purple energy to swing it at full force. This was strong enough to collapse the roof of the Rangers' base with one hit.
  • Shield: Void Knight uses an unnamed shield as a means of defense.

Void Knight's energy scanner

  • Energy Scanner: Void Knight used a scanner to detect powerful energy sources and find the Rangers' base. It was destroyed when he was fighting the Rangers alongside Shockhorn.
  • Hengemen Key: Allows Void Knight to control the Hengemen at will.
  • Void Knight's Sporix Machine

    Sporix Machine: Void Knight keeps a jukebox-shaped machine in his base in hopes of restoring his lover Santaura but it requires a sufficient amount of Sporix to reach full power.
  • Communication Disruptor: Void Knight used a special device which he attached to a balloon that can block all communication and teleportation when it takes to the sky.
  • Bag: Void Knight had a small brown bag to store all the Sporix he collected with Mucus and Roostafa.

Sporix Beasts

Appearances: Dino Fury Episodes 1-11

Behind the Scenes


Void Knight's Official Artwork


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  • Void Knight has a number of distinctions from other main antagonists:
    • He's the first one who successfully invaded the Rangers base in the first episode.
    • His motivation is to save his lover, not conquer the universe.
    • He started completely alone, but got minions later.
    • He fought against the Rangers well before the end of the series.
  • Just like Sledge, Void Knight was threatened by a villain from the past.
    • With the difference that Sledge provoked Goldar, while Void Knight was attacked by Lord Zedd without provocation.


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