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The Vivizords are giant footsoldiers formed for a large amount of Vivix . That monsters fight against the Megazords of the Power Rangers Dino Charge.

Character History

Vivizords are cow-like giant footsoldiersthat are made when lots of Vivix jump together. They can fire a green beam from their mouths and can throw punches. They usually appear in twos and hold the Rangers Megazords arms so they can’t move to let the monster/villain attack the rangers.

They usually come with a set of Giant Spikeballs.

They were first seen forming when Iceage ordered them to do so. The T Rex Zord was summoned to fight them whilst Tyler fought the remaining Vivix. The Vivizords were no match for Rexy and were destroyed.


  • Super Strength: As Zord-like monsters, the Vivizords are obviously very strong.
  • Durability: Adding to their Zord-like nature, they are also very resistant to damage. One took a powerful bite from Rexy and barely reacted. The same one took a full force smack from its tail and only stumbled back.
  • Mouth Beam: They can fire powerful green energy beams from their mouths to attack the Rangers.


  • Fists: They have fists to punch the Megazords.
  • Strong Arms: They have strong arms that they use to hold the Megazord to let the monster attack them.


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