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Vision Monger (ムゲンモンガー Mugen Mongā, 8) is an illusion/vision themed Monger of the Machine Empire Black Magma.

Character History

Vision Monger was created to work alongside the Zero Girls in the abduction of Misa Arashiyama, using her as bait to force her father, Commander Arashiyama of Sun Vulcan, to give up Jaguar Vulcan in one hour or have his daughter die. As the commander hardballs on their demand, they change it to an even exchange of his life for hers, with the intent that both Arashiyama be ultimately killed by them. After Commander Arashiyama saves both of them with a handball equipped with a magnet to absorb the Zero Girls bullets, Vision Monger attacks with Sun Vulcan there to defend them. It uses multiple illusion abilities which Sun Vulcan defeat one by one before attacking with a sky attack and then destroying it with the Vulcan Ball. After the Expansion Program activates, it is ultimately destroyed by Sun Vulcan Robo.


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His main ability is to use illusive abilities to make visions come to life, including attacks with cherry blossoms, summoning fire, telepathically throwing massive rocks from the sky, and creating high winds. He can also turn invisible and has a fan staff.

Behind the Scenes


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Concept Art

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