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"Finances! Taxes! Obligations! Restrictions! For all you people so nobly try to stand up to the pressure of...But when I give you the ultimate pressure...your faces will be warped in agony! (予算よさん税金ぜいきんり!校則こうそく…。このおれ最強さいきょうめつけでそのかおみにくくゆがませてやる! Yosan! Zeikin! Shimekiri! Kōsoku…. Kono ore ga saikyō no shimetsuke de sono kao wo minikuku yugamasete yaru!)"
―Vise Jamen's first words when overlooking civilians in a plaza.[src]

"Twistytwistytwistytwisty! (リーキ リキリキリキリキ リキリキッ…! Rīki riki-riki-riki-riki riki-riki'…!)"
―Vise Jamen's signature phrase when turning the crank on the side of his head.[src]

"Don't you butt in Kiramagers! Any closer and look what I'll do... (邪魔じゃまするなキラメイジャー!ちかづけばこうだぞ。 Jama suru na Kirameijā! Chikazuke ba kō da zo.)"
―Vise Jamen to the Kiramagers before torturing his victims.[src]

"Twisted in the end...! ( リキリキリキ…!, Riki-riki-riki…!)"
―The Vise Jamen's final words before his death.[src]

Vise Jamen (マンリキ邪面 Manriki Jamen) is a vise-based red body Jamenshi of the Dark Empire Yodonheim whose dark energy was used to release Vise Shellga.


The Vise Jamen was sent to Earth by Carantula to use his Sturdy Vise ability to cripple the people of Tokyo and create mass suffering through the incredible pain they would feel as a result. He was first seen overlooking a square full of people and, after a pretentious speech about how people's self-obsession would be the end of them, used his Sturdy Vise ability to put vises on all of their heads. He then knocked them all out with his crank ability but the Kiramagers arrived and transformed so he summoned Bechats to aid him. Although they were quickly dispensed with the Kiramai Shots and Kiramai Swords, Vise Jamen tortured his earlier victims to make them stop but Tametomo stopped him with his Kiramai Shot and Sena used her super speed to turn the crank anti-clockwise, releasing the victims. However, he shook off Sena and knocked her down with a scepter before stopping shots from Sayo and Juru and knocking them flat as well. He then took on Shiguru but was overwhelmed until he tricked the Kiramager into looking away at which point he unleashed his Sturdy Vise to cripple him. He then tightened the vise to become agonizing before escaping with a twirl of his cape.

He later returned in "Sector M87", crippling more people in the process until Sena arrived, jump kicked him down, and twisted his head anti-clockwise and allowed his victims to escape. Bechats then arrived and beat up Shiguru (who was unable to Henshin with the vise on his head) only for Sayo to destroy them. Vise Jamen then took advantage of the others bickering over whether Shiguru was an asset or a detriment by attacking Shiguru and overwhelmed him until he overheard Mashin Jetter telling Tametomo about his confidence in his partner. They decided to team-up against the Jamen and used the Kiramai Buster's Dazzling Rush Stream to take him down before Sena mounted him and twisted his crank, turning Shiguru back to normal. The Henshined Kiramagers and Vise Jamen had a tug of war over his scepter but Vise Shellga arrived soon after and helped his Jamenshi counterpart by lifting him into the air, throwing off the Kiramagers latched onto his scepter. However, they summoned their Mashin and Mashin Fire pulled him free, with Juru and Vise Jamen being thrown free. This broke off Vise Jamen's crank, allowing Juru to free Shiguru and render Vise Jamen's signature ability completely useless. He transformed and entered a personal duel with the Jamen, overwhelming him before finishing him off with his Kiramai Sword's Blue Bright Slash.


Vise Jamen is obsessed with vises and squeezing things. He is also quite boastful since he acted like his power surpassed all human ability to overcome his vises.

Powers and Abilities

  • Sturdy Vise: Vise Jamen's signature ability, wherein he generates large purple energy vises before him and make it latch onto his victims' heads. Turning the crank on his head clockwise tightens the vises' grip, and deforms the wearers' skulls. A counterclockwise turn of his crank loosens their grip, and causes them to fall off.
  • Bechats Summoning: He can summon an army of Bechats at will.
  • Durability: He was barely fazed by Tametomo's Kiramai Shot, and later survived the Dazzling Rush Stream no worse for wear.
  • Teleportation: He can teleport himself to Yodonheim at will.


  • Scepter: Vise Jamen can detach the handle from his crank and use it as a scepter in battle.
    • Energy Empowerment: Vise Jamen can charge up his scepter with violet energy to slash hard enough to take down a single Kiramager with every energy slash.
    • Energy Deflection: His scepter can deflect energy blasts.


  • Height: 184 cm
  • Weight: 167 kg
  • Jamen: Vise



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