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"Emergency. Please Respond. Must contact Dimitria."
―Visceron's first words[src]

"You have a twin sister."

Visceron is an alien warrior and a friend of Dimitria from the planet Inquiris. He was sent to Earth to tell Dimitria an important news but he got captured by Divatox, who had him brainwashed and turned into a monster. Visceron serves as a major character and a temporary antagonist of the episode "Transmission Impossible".


Visceron was an alien warrior and a friend of Dimitria from the planet Inquiris. He was sent on Earth to tell Dimitria an important news. He called the Power Rangers via the music columns and asked to allow him talk to Dimitria. However, Porto caught the signal and told Divatox about it. Divatox ordered Porto to find the source of the signal. Then she ordered Rygog to prepare the Destruction Beam. Porto told Divatox that Visceron's ship used the frequency of the KAGV Radio Studio, so Divatox ordered Elgar to use a detonator and destroy the studio.

Visceron contacted Dimitria in the Command Center via the computer console, and told her that he has an important news and needed to talk to her and their talk could be overheard. Then he stopped the connection. Divatox overheard their talk and ordered Rygog to capture Visceron and bring him to her to tell her the information. Rygog ordered Porto to aim the Capture Beam at the sector 197. Porto used the ray, which hit Visceron's ship, crushing it and then Divatox's soldiers captured Visceron and brought him to her submarine. Divatox told Visceron to tell her an information for Dimitria and offered him to join her, saying that she is disappointed by her henchmen. Visceron, due to his noble nature, refused. So Divatox had him thrown into the sea cave.

Then Divatox sent Porto and Elgar to him and Porto used his special transformation spray to turn Visceron ino a strange red eyed creature wearing a green cloak. Elgar told Visceron to wash tableware for Divatox. Visceron's intelligence was heavily reduced, making him dumb and goofy. Visceron was happy and said that he would start cleaning without dishes. He then went to the Submarine and cleaned the tableware, washed the lingerie, vacuumed the dust, and dusted the furniture. When the Rangers found a detonator on the studio, Divatox sent Visceron to protect it. Visceron arrived with Porto, who told him to protect the detonator at all cost. Visceron, with his limited intellect, again didn't understand Porto and told him, calling him Portic and that he had to protect the detonator by the cost of his wife. Visceron said that he wasn't married. Porto hardly explained that it's life, not wife, and Visceron had to protect the detonator at all cost. Porto was annoyed by Visceron's ignorance, even declaring that even Elgar is Einstein beside the brainwashed Visceron. Porto left and Visceron was thrilled, seeking for the danger.

The Rangers caught the signal and arrived at the station, where they fought Visceron. They didn't recognize him in his mutated form. Visceron was a strong fighter and could fire energy blasts from his larger eye. However the detonator was on with far too little time, so it blew up in his hand and returned him to his normal form. He was heavily injured by the blast so the Rangers took him to the Command Center, where he nearly died. The Rangers thought he perished, but Dimitria proved the power of friendship and used her power to heal Visceron, who was happy and revealed that the register of birth in Dimitria's family was fake. He revealed that she had a twin sister. Dimitria was surprised, but still thanked her friend. Then Visceron left and returned to Inquiris. It is uncertain who was the twin sister of Dimitria, but it is likely Divatox. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Transmission Impossible


Visceron was an unquestionably noble, honest, and kind individual. He was good friends with Dimitria and was determined to tell an important news to her. However he was captured by Divatox and brainwashed. In his brainwashed form, he was dumb, stupid, and funny and enjoyed cleaning tableware. But after being freed by the Rangers, he returned to his old self.

Powers and Abilities


  • Superhuman Strength: Visceron possesses tremendous physical strength, due to his mechanical implants.
  • Eye Blast: In his brainwashed form, Visceron could fire an energy blast from his larger eye.


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Behind the Scenes



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  • In early 2003, shortly after the series changed hands from Saban Entertainment to Disney, some of the monster costumes, including Visceron, were auctioned off by ABC Auctions. It sold for $306.


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