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"You've learned nothing."
―Villamax's final words before his death[src]

Villamax was a noble warrior who was first seen on the planet Onyx with his sidekick Kegler. Villamax aids Trakeena, when she was cruelly attacked by unscrupulous patrons of the Onyx bar, and agrees to train her as a warrior. When Scorpius was mortally wounded by the Rangers, Villamax returns to the Scorpion Stinger with Trakeena and began serving as one of her generals.


Villamax' honorable qualities, like that of the unbrainwashed Ecliptor of Power Rangers in Space, often clash with the ruthless evil of Deviot (in one notable instance, Villamax demands Leo's surrender in exchange for the other Rangers and the Magna Defender, shocking Deviot when he keeps his word). Villamax is particularly disapproving when, after merging with Deviot, a merciless Trakeena starts using suicide bombers and attacking civilians in the pursuit of victory at any cost. After saving a young girl during Trakeena's assault on Terra Venture and receiving a flower in gratitude, Villamax realizes how dishonorable Trakeena's methods have become, and ultimately tries to stop her indiscriminate chaos. He attempts to reason with her, but she blasts him with the laser gauntlets she got from Deviot and attacks him repeatedly with her sword. Villamax refuses to fight back and she eventually strikes a fatal blow before crushing his flower. She taunts him that he taught her too well, but his final words are, "You've learned nothing," before dissolving into energy.


Villamax's Sword

  • Sword: Villamax uses a sword in combat.


  • Villamax has a very different personality than his Sentai counterpart, Sambash. Sambash was a gun-totting biker with no sense of honor, while Villamax has a "lone-wolf" personality, and has his morals.
  • In Seijuu Sentai Gingaman, Villamax's Sentai counterpart is the one who had a conflict with Magna Defender, not Treacheron.
  • While Villamax only used a sword, his Super Sentai counterpart also used a pistol as his weapon. This change was likely due to the controversy of showing realistic-looking guns in children's shows in the U.S. because of the gun control issues. As a result, no Sentai footage of him was used. He was replaced by Furio, who had a similar role.
  • Villamax is compared to Ecliptor from Power Rangers in Space due to having slightly similar character motivations, minus being brainwashed as how It happened to Ecliptor.
  • Villamax's sense of honor is more important to him than notions of good and evil. Despite wanting to help Trakeena ascend to power, he ultimately turns on her when she starts targeting innocent lives. Even then, he retains brotherly/fatherly feelings for her, refusing to fight back while trying to reason with her, which results in his death.
  • In his debut episode, he was seen to have a motorcycle, just like his Sentai counterpart, however it was never seen again.

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