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Vexicon is the first powerful mutant released by Frax from the X-Vault. He is the top-themed main antagonist of the episode "Future Unknown".


Vexicon, like all other mutants, was created as the result of science accidents. He hated Ransik and viewed himself as the most powerful mutant. Before the events of the season he was captured by Time Force and due to being a extremely dangerous mutant, he was placed into the dreaded X-Vault. When Frax found the X-Vault, he first released Vexicon. Frax sent Vexicon to destroy Silver Hills and kill the rangers.

Vexicon was a extremely powerful enemy. He used a sword that could reflect the blasts of the Rangers's cannons. He also could transform the sword into a laser cutter. He also had a cannon, which could shoot with powerful miniature grenades. He easily defeated the rangers and then continued his rampage before being defeated by the Rangers using Katie's plan. Rangers shoot Vexicon with their blasters from different sides, defeating hthe mutant and prompting him to enlarge himself. In the giant size, Vexicon was even more powerful, even defeating both the Time Force Megazord Mode Red and Time Shadow at once. However, the Rangers, at the advice of Circuit, The Rangers combined the two Megazords into the Shadow Force Megazord and finally freezed Vexicon. Future Unknown

Mutant Seal Patch Location: Lower Abdomen.


Vexicon is possibly one of the most violent and cruel mutants. He is sadistic, ruthless, devoid of empathy, relentless, villainous, and misanthropic. Unlike other mutants, he despises Ransik and has a vastly inflated superiority complex. He is arrogant, stubborn sociopathic and mean, enjoys causing havoc and doesn't appreciate human life at all. But he lucks mind and it caused his defeat. As he was finally tricked and defeated by rangers.

Powers And Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength: Vexicon has superhuman strength, enough to overpower all five Rangers at once.
  • Fire Breath: Vexicon can spew out a stream of fire from his mouth to burn his opponents.
  • Durability: Vexicon has thick skin that allows him to take multiple attacks.
  • Enlarging: Like all other mutants, Vexicon can enlarge himself using his DNA patch.


  • Sword: Vexicon used a powerful sword that could deflect blasts from the Ranger's Vector Weapons.
    • Rifle: Vexicon's sword also functions as a rifle.
    • Vexicon Sword

      Laser cutter: Vexicon can turn his sword into a laser cutter that can fire green lasers.
  • Chest Cannon: Vexicon has a powerful cannon hidden in his chest that can fire red energy shots.
  • Bombs: Vexicon has multiple small but deadly bombs.

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