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"I am Vexacus, and I work for no one."
―Vexacus introducing himself to Shane.[src]

"Now that's what I call power!"
―After being grown by The Scroll of Empowerment.[src]

"Goodbye Thunder Rangers!"
―Vexacus' final words after being slashed by the Thunder Megazord and slicing it to ensure it would be destroyed with him.[src]

Vexacus was a shark-themed bounty hunter who was a rival to and "sworn enemy" of Lothor. He eventually became head general of Lothor's army. He wielded a sword and a fan blade in battle, and could summon a giant "land shark".


Vexacus first appeared in the two-part episode Shane's Karma, when he comes to Earth hunting an alien - a Karmanian - who can give her powers to someone when she dies. He fails in his attempt to capture these powers, and his ship is shot down by Shane. Vexacus survives, (possibly saved by Lothor or he teleported himself to Lothor's ship), and becomes Lothor's head general, and he often clashes with Zurgane. He and his partner Shimazu later plotted to defeat Lothor and Zurgane and take over their forces.

In the final part of the two-part episode General Deception, after Zurgane's Hyper Zurganezord is destroyed, Vexacus wipes him out in one hit.

He later does the same to Motodrone in the episode A Gem of a Day when the other general threatens to reveal his plans. In the episode Down and Dirty, he plans to eliminate Shimazu, but is beaten to it by Marah and Kapri.

In the two-part series finale episode Storm Before the Calm, Vexacus was backstabbed and enlarged by Marah and Kapri, who had arranged for his destruction at the hands of the Rangers after overhearing his plans. As a giant, he easily defeated the Thunderstorm Megazord and destroyed the Mammothzord with his Land Shark Attack, but was fatally injured by the Thunder Megazord. However, he slashed at the Thunder Megazord in an attempt to take the Thunder Rangers down with him. The subsequent explosion destroyed both him and the Megazord, though the Thunder Rangers escaped in time.

He was one of the enemies released from the Abyss of Evil when it opened, but was quickly defeated by Shane in his Tri-Battlizer (like the other generals in Lothor's army, it is unknown if he is destroyed or he survived).

Alternate Vexacus

An alternate universe has Vexacus as a hero. He is among those who help Mayor Lothor fight the Evil Ninja Rangers.Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Wild Wipeout


Vexacus acts very much like a typical bounty hunter and assassin, in which he is an irredeemable, ruthless, sadistic, arrogant, and cold-hearted being that will destroy anyone in his path. He is also certifiably sociopathic, remorseless, and unsympathetic, and has no such empathy for anyone, not even his own allies. He is calculating, cunning, and will work for no one (except for himself). He is also dangerously intelligent and deceptive, especially when compared to the comical Lothor, and is able to manipulate anyone into helping him achieve his goals. He is also ambitious and merciless, so he never forgets a grudge nor is willing to change his ways. Despite this, he is always calm, patient, stoic, and composed, and is never one to lose his temper or even raise his voice even if provoked, though that does not necessarily mean he does not get angered or that his patience is without limits, as with the case with him tolerating Lothor and his nieces' comedic presences. As well as that, he can have a sense of humor, joking around and laughing with his comrades, and is very snide and sarcastic when it comes to recognizing their incompetence. Caring nothing more than power and greed at best and consumed by hatred and revenge at worst, he is one of the most depraved of the Power Rangers villains, and rightfully so. He is the one villain in Ninja Storm who is without any redeeming or even honorable qualities, making him all the more menacing despite his few comedic qualities in the show.

Powers and Abilities

Despite his bounty hunter approach, Vexacus is one of the most powerful villains in Power Rangers Ninja Storm (surpassed only by Lothor himself). He possesses many abilities that surpass the Ninja Rangers' strength and abilities. He seems to be the second most powerful villain of them all.


  • Travel Ball: Vexacus can travel to any place at will in a dark purple and blue ball.
  • Teleportation: Vexacus can teleport to any location at will.
  • Energy Laser: Vexacus can fire a purple, light blue, and yellow colored energy laser from both his hands or fingertips. It is strong enough to take Shane out of his Ranger form in one hit.
    • Heat Laser: Vexacus can also fire a heat ray-like energy laser from his hands. In the episode "A Gem of a Day", it is powerful enough to take out Motodrone.
  • Lightning Beams: Vexacus can fire blue lightning beams from his hands. In the episode "General Deception-Part II", a single blast was able to shatter Zurgane's sword.
  • Robotics Expert: Vexacus is an expert in building robotic monsters, such as Condortron.
  • Finger Energy Ropes: From his fingertips, Vexacus can fire multiple blue energy ropes that can tie up his victims and send them high in the air all the while bashing them on each other.
  • Land Shark Attack: Vexacus' strongest attack where he summons a large shark from underground which he can ride on that will rush at the enemy. It is strong enough to take down the Thunder Rangers and destroy the Mammothzord in one hit.


  • Ultra Strength: Vexacus is highly strong in terms of strength, being able to match Lothor. In the episode "A Gem of a Day", he is powerful enough to take down all six Ninja Storm Rangers in battle and throw Blake at Hunter with just one arm.
  • Durability: Vexacus shrugged off blasts from the Thunder Blaster and easily proved to be immune to the Thunderstorm Ultrazord's finishing attack.
  • Skilled Fighter: Vexacus is also a skilled fighter. In the episode "A Gem of a Day", he is powerful enough to best all six Ninja Storm Rangers in battle and even when in the Ninja Shadow Battle, Vexacus was more than a match for them.
  • Skilled Pilot: Vexacus is also a skilled pilot as shown when he piloted his ship.
  • Extraordinary Leaper: Vexacus can leap at an incredible distance, sometimes leaving a purple trail when doing so.


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  • Shark Sword: Vexacus is armed with a large shark-themed sword for combat which he keeps on a scabbard strapped to his back.
    • Energy Bolts: Vexacus can channel light blue energy into his sword to fire energy bolts of the same color from it powerful enough to knock down Shane.
    • Energy Slashes: Vexacus can charge up his sword with blue energy to unleash several powerful energy slashes of the same color strong enough to take down the Thunderstorm Megazord with just a few hits.
    • Lightning Empowerment: Vexacus can charge up his sword with light green lightning for an increase in power.
    • Lightning Bolt: From his sword, Vexacus can fire a light green lightning bolt at his enemies.
    • Energy Deflection: Vexacus can spin his sword fast enough to deflect the Thunderstorm Megazord's Lion Laser attack with none of it hitting him.
  • Shark Fan Blade: Vexacus is also armed with a shark-themed fan blade which aids him in combat.
  • Vexacus' Ship: In the two-part episode Shane's Karma, Vexacus pilots a ship that's shaped like a shark, which can fly, turn invisible, and fire dark energy balls and green, purple, light blue, and yellow colored energy lasers. It was subsequently destroyed in Shane's Karma, Part II by Shane with his Battlizer.
  • Zurgane's Sword Fragment: When killing Zurgane in the episode "General Deception", Vexacus grabbed up and slashed the General with his own shattered sword fragment.

Behind the Scenes



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  • His name is a pun on vexatious, which means causing or tending to annoy someone.


  • Vexacus speaks in a gruff British accent. Being a cyborg, his voice is also metallic/demonic.
  • Vexacus in the only villain in Power Rangers Ninja Storm to be based on an aquatic animal, the rest of the villains are based off of land animals, although frogs (which Choobo is based on) and snakes (which Kapri is based on) can swim, they are classified as land animals.
  • Alongside Queen Bansheera, Venjix Virus, Kamdor, Serrator, Octomus the Master, and Master Org but nowhere as ruthless as all of them (which makes sense as Power Rangers Ninja Storm is one of the more light-hearted shows in the Power Rangers franchise), Vexacus is one of the most evil, dark, dangerous and certainly vicious villains in the Power Rangers franchise, as he destroys two villains on-screen and actually plans to upstage Lothor as leader.
  • Unlike his Sentai Counterpart, Seventh Spear, Sandaaru, who was loyal to his master, Tau Zant, until he ends up betraying and killing him later on, Vexacus and his eventual master Lothor had a rivalry in the past, leading to Vexacus plotting against Lothor, intending to later betray and then either kill or overthrow him. He is the third villain with this distinction, with the first being Darkonda, the second being Deviot, the fourth being Shimazu, the fifth being Imperious, the sixth being Serrator, and the seventh being Madame Odius.
    • Also, unlike Sandaaru, he was never an official member of Lothor's army since the beginning, while Sandaaru was (which is why he had the Jakanja's centipede emblem, which was also used as Lothor's emblem).
    • Though ironically, Seventh Spear, Sandaaru is technically more ruthless and sadistic than Vexacus due to being concerned with becoming a god. Needless to say, Vexacus is still menacing nonetheless.
  • Vexacus can be seen as a member of the audience of Galaxy Warriors in Power Rangers Ninja Steel.


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