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"It’s Morphin Time! HyperForce! Black! Ready! Power Up!"
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Vesper Leigh Vasquez is HyperForce Black.[1]

Character History

Vesper was a cadet at Time Force Academy who was watching a history lecture done by Professor Jen Scotts. Unlike her classmates, Vesper wasn't very interested in the lecture about the history of Time Force and told Professor Scotts that she preferred to "live in the now" as with time travel available she could visit the past or the future whenever she wanted. She spent her time tinkering with a tablet-like device while Professor Scotts was speaking and then was forced to hand over the device when she would not share with the class what it was. Jen tried to remove it from her and after a struggle to keep it away from Jen, Vesper falls down and accidentally activated it, revealing it was some kind of advanced portable holographic projector. It was designed to view the time stream 10 to 20 seconds into the future and shows a horrific vision of all of them being killed in an explosion by an unknown white beam of energy. Jen gets Vesper and her classmates to the center of the classroom, morphs and activates an energy shield to protect them from danger. The energy blast is deflected and the students are safe, with Jen instructing Vesper and her classmates to go out into the hall and escorts them outside. Marv suggests that Vesper use her device to project the future again to find out who is behind this attack on the Academy, but she says it can only do it once with its current power source.

Later after nearly getting killed by the traitorous Dean of the school, Mr. Hines, Vesper apologizes to Jen about ignoring her lectures and promises to try to be at her very best to help her school.

During the Hyper Force team's accidental trip into the RPM universe in 2009, it is revealed that Vesper is an android as she goes berserk and nearly kills Eddie due to being infected with the Venjix virus by Kilobyte and placed under his control.

Receiving Zordon's call through the Morphin Grid, the six HyperForce Rangers were among those who rallied to his pocket dimension for the final stand against Lord Drakkon. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 29


A beautiful but tough woman, Vesper is the tech expert of the group. She was created to think and feel like a human, but her android nature does grant her a few quirks that set her apart from her teammates, such as a distinct lack of discretion. She'll often attempt to be completely honest with whomever she's speaking to, even when keeping the truth concealed is a necessity. For instance, Vesper frequently and shamelessly attempts to tell the populace of the past that she and her companions arrived from the year 3016. Despite her flaws, she is very loyal to her team, and won't hesistate to be agressive when she needs to fight with and protect them.

RPG Bio: Mysterious, Aggressive, Brilliant Technician

HyperForce Black

Black Ranger



Appearances: Hyper Force Episodes 1-12, 14-25   

Behind the Scenes



Vesper is portrayed by Cristina Vee.


  • Vesper is one of the first original female Black Rangers in Power Rangers, coincidentally debuting concurrently with Jamie of the comic series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios).
    • Vesper is the first female Black Ranger because the Power Rangers HyperForce live stream on Twitch aired the day before the comic where Jamie made her first appearance in.
  • Vesper is the first official Ranger in both Power Rangers and Super Sentai to have a Cerberus motif.
  • A running gag in the series is Vesper will try to karate chop something to make it work.
  • Vesper is the second android to be a Power Ranger, the first is Mack Hartford.
    • Vesper is the first female android to become a Power Ranger.
  • Ciara Hanna was originally going to play Vesper, but had to turn the offer down since she was filming in Kentucky when HyperForce started.[2]
  • Vesper is the second Ranger to don another Ranger's Battlizer, and the first to do so while not also donning their Ranger suit.



Eddie and Vesper have feelings for one another. Vesper gifted Eddie a blue wrench and they call each other "Ranger Buds", and also have a little song they sing about it.  Eddie nearly confessed his love before fainting due to excessive damage she dealt to him (while under the influence of the Venjix Virus, which she felt guilty about afterwards). After an ordeal involving Vesper's "siblings", She decided that for the time at least, she can't have a relationship, and kissed Eddie.

Chloe and Vesper quickly become friends shortly after their journey together begins. They tend to confide in each other when they need to vent their fears and frustrations. Chloe often assists Vesper when repairs and adjustments need to be made to the time ship.





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