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"And now you are mine to command! You will destroy the Pink Ranger!"
―Verto's first words after turning Kimberly's mother into another Fish Monster.[src]

"Indeed Goldar...It might be her last. And yours as well! You think I'd help you build a Zord without my own way to take control of it? My trident allows me to control Typhonis!"
―Verto when betraying Goldar by taking control of Typhonis and trying to drown them. The line itself is in refference to Goldar just telling Kimberly that not killing him be her final mistake.[src]

"I only desire to serve Queen Rita and Lor-"
―Verto responding to Goldar saying that it was in the two's best interest for him to kill him and his final words before his death.[src]

Verto was the true main antagonist of that short lived comic series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink. He wields a trident and has the ability to turn humans into Fish Monsters (including Kimberly's mother).


Verto is a general recruited by Goldar in an attempt to construct a fish army to launch an invasion to eliminate the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and take over the world. Verto and Goldar constructed Typhonis, which was planned to destroy the Dinozords. Verto was first seen when the newly re-empowered Kimberly (having found his mountain cave hideout after Serge said the Fish Monsters went to a nearby mountain) witnessed him prepare to transform yet another person into a Fish Monster, this one being Kimberly's mother. She was then forced to retreat by an army of Fish Monsters, leaving Verto and Goldar triumphant. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink Issue 1

Later that night, Verto ambushed and kidnapped Serge as part of a trap to kidnap Kimberly, Zack, and Trini. He was later present for the unveiling of Typhonis. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink Issue 2

Under further orders from Goldar, he converted yet another citizen into a mindless Fish Monster but later ordered his Fish Monsters to attack the newly arrived Power Rangers (who were actually holograms) only for them to smash the cage and save Serge, Kimberly, Trini, Zack and Serge's sister Britt. Later, after Goldar announced that he planned to get rid of Verto for being a miserable failure, Verto's true colors shone as he questioned Goldar's loyalty to Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa. Whilst Goldar powered up Typhonis, Verto led the attack on Zack and Trini but soon left. He then used his trident to control Typhonis and decided to bring Goldar and Kimberly to the bottom of the ocean and drown them both and did so. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink Issue 3

After dumping the duo and Typhonis in the ocean, Verto was planning to take over the world and converted an escaping human only for Zack and Trini to re-appear and ordered his fish freaks to attack. Even later, he spotted the Firebird Thunderzord flying past his base (whilst Kimberly and Goldar argued about whether to work together or against one another) so he reactivated Typhonis and took down the Zord with his trident. Zack tried to get him but he grabbed and strangled him but Kimberly and Goldar attacked him, the latter flying him into the sky and planning to destroy him so he wouldn't tell Rita and Zedd about his scheme here. However, Verto bit him on the arm hard enough to make Goldar drop him, enabling to escape into the ocean. Much later, he returned in Typhonis and attacked St. Moneau with the intent of destroying the newly formed All-New Power Rangers and conquering Earth. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink Issue 4

Verto quickly grabbed Golar in his Zord's fist and quickly took down the Firebird when it attempted an attack on the cockpit. He planned to crush him in it's fist but the Rangers appeared on thier Shark Cycles and blasted the fist, forcing it to drop Goldar. Whilst Kimberly and Goldar infiltrated Typhonis, he fought Zack and Trini (Britt and Serge having left to fight Fish Monsters in the square) and managed to knock Zack off his Shark Cycle, destroying it, but Trini saved him. However, Goldar and Kimberly appeared in his cockpit and Goldar tried to kill him. Although Kimberly stopped him, her mother restrained Verto anyway until they retuurned to Terra firma at which point he was forced to turn Kimberly's mother back. He then turned all of the citizens back and planned to return to Rita and Zedd as a lieutenant but Goldar impaled him with his sword, killing him instantly, as revenge for the nightmare he had just been put through. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink Issue 5


Verto is seemingly extremely loyal to Rita and Zedd. However, he is also a deeply sadistic and psychopathic super-villain who has an extreme ego. He is also very manipulative since he got Goldar to believe him and convinced him to build Typhonis at his base.

Powers and abilities

  • Strength: Verto was able to pick up and strangle Zack with one arm.
  • Fish Monster Transformation: Verto can fire a large blue energy wave from his hands that turns ordinary humans into his massive fish monsters.
    • Reversion: Verto can also turn Fish Creatures back to normal by placing his right palm on their face.
  • Underwater Breathing: Verto can breathe underwater which is both implied by him being a fish monster and him falling into the ocean and surviving after Goldar dropped him.
  • Mind Control: Verto is able to control his entire army of mindless zombie-like fish monsters through unknown means.


  • Trident: Verto's main weapon is a giant golden trident which has razor sharp tips.
    • Zord Control: Verto could control Typhonis by swinging his trident around accordingly.


  • If he counts as a main villain, Verto is the only main antagonist in the franchise's history to completely lack a projectile attack (aside from throwing his trident).
  • Although he is never refereed to as such, Verto acts as a personal archenemy to Kimberly, acting as the main enemy of her personal Power Rangers team and putting her mother in serious danger.
  • Verto never actually fought the real Power Rangers team, only their "B-Team" of sorts. The reason given is that they were "off planet fighting Lord Zedd" and completely unavailable.
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