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"Power Rangers yes. I'm Versix and these are the Gruesome Grunts, a mob of intergalactic criminals."
―Versix introducing himself and the Grunts upon appearing before the Ninja Steel Rangers.[src]
""I'll be back to haunt you!""
―Versix before his initial defeat.[src]
"Time for me to make a bigger problem for you. Make my body groooooow! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!Ah ha ha ha ha ha!"
―Versix when growing.[src]
"I didn’t even get any candy this Halloween!"
―Versix's final words before his destruction.[src]

Versix was the leader of the Gruesome Grunts that appeared in the Halloween Intergalactic Court and was the primary villain of the Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel Halloween Special episode "Monster Mix-Up".


Versix first appears with the other Gruesome Grunts and switches their bodies with the Rangers’. When Brody and Sarah escaped, he chases after them but they capture him. Mick then poses as him and tells the Halloween Intergalactic Court that he switched the rangers with the Gruesome Grunts, blowing their cover and getting them destroyed. The real Versix manages to escape but is stopped by the Rangers, where they battle. He fought off the Rangers and survives all attempts to defeat him, including the Lion Fire Flame Strike and the Lion Fire Double Super Strike with the Superstar Blade, He then enlarges himself so the Rangers summon the Ninja Steel Ultrazord. He deflected the Ninja Ultra Strike and stamped the ground hard enough to tear it apart. The Rangers realised that he would break up any Megazord they formed so they called upon the Rumble Tusk, Astro, and Sub Surfer auxillary Zords. He tried to fight back but was overwhelmed by the combined might of the Zords and was destroyed by the Super Zord Slashes Final Attack (performed by the components of the Ninja Steel and Bull Rider Megazords). In his final seconds, he cursed not having gone trick or treating and then detonated.


Versix is quite proud and braggy, stating that he will become even more famous than Madame Odius. He also appears to have contempt for the Galaxy Warriors tv game show and Madame Odius in general to the point of wanting to outdue the witch, by destroying the Ninja Steel Rangers in such a way to make his gang of outlaws infamous throughout the cosmos. Versix is also shown to be begging for his life when about to struck down, coming off as a bit of a coward. Like Odius herself, he is a good schemer.

Powers and abilities

  • Strength: Versix is one of the stronger monsters, since he is the leader of the intergalactic criminals known as the Gruesome Grunts, being able to survive all attempts to destroy him while small and even break up the Ultrazord simply by stamping.
  • Durabiliy: As the leader of the Galactic Grunts, Versix was thrown into the centre of one of Levi's tornados and energy slashed by four Rangers without injury. However, his most impressive display was when he survived the Lion Fire Flame Strike and Lion Fire Double Super Strike although they did severely weaken him. When he was made giant, he was blasted by the Sub Surfer, Astro, and Rumble Tusk auxillary Zords (Sub Surfer's torepedos, Astro's lasers, and Rumble Tusks' Gust Attack) and barely react.
  • Expert Hand-To-Hand Combatant: Versix was excellent when it came to hand to hand combat. He easily fought off Brody and Levi with ease and also fought off the Robo Red and Robo Rider Zords with just as much ease.
  • Shaking: Versix can stick his staff in the ground and stamp his feet really fast to make the ground shake, even managing to dismantle the Ultrazord.


  • Staff: Versix has a staff as a combat weapon. He could use this to block Brody's Star Blade and the Rockstorm Guitar amongst other powers.
    • Energy Deflection: Versix was able to deflect blasts from the Nina Blasters and even deflected the Ninja Ultrazord's Ninja Ultra Strike.
    • Body Switching: Versix was able to switch the souls of his Grunts with others (such as the Ninja Rangers).
    • Versix Beam: Versix;s signature attack where he fires a light green colored energy beam from his staff. This caused a gigantic explosion and took down two Rangers.
    • Body Switching: Versix can switch the bodies of people by using his staff.
    • Enlargement: Versix was able to spin his staff to generate purple energy over himself in order to grow giant.

Behind the Scenes



  • He along with Lord Drillion, Blammo, Voltipede, and Megamauler were part of a special group in Ninninger called the Advanced Yokai.
  • His method of growing himself is a call back to Rita Repulsa's method, right down to the phrase, "Make my (noun) grow!"
  • Versix's sentai counterpart did not have his own faction in Ninninger. But in Super Ninja Steel, he is the boss of his own faction.
  • He is the fourth body switching Neo-Saban Era monster of the week since Switchbeast, TrancefererProfessor Strickler and Body Switcher .
  • Like Heximas, he is an independent main villain of a certain holiday special. IE; Halloween instead of Christmas.
    • In a ironic twist, Versix's Sentai counterpart was a Christmas monster while he was used in a Halloween episode.

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