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Veronica is a student at Angel Grove High School.


Veronica ran the Angel Girls Club. She selected members based on how much money the families had, the only exception being if their mother was a member, then they automatically got in. Veronica rejected Aisha's membership because her family did not make enough money. She allowed Kimberly membership because her mother had been a member. Veronica would later be kicked out of the club when other members found out what she was doing.

Veronica was Shawn's new girlfriend. They walked along the beach to find a spot for Shawn to train when they found Tanya. Veronica clung to Shawn's arm as he introduced her to Tanya. Tanya had been helping Adam train for the Kung Fu tournament and Adam joined the group. Shawn was boasting of his secret weapon and Tanya mention that Adam's secret weapon was honor. Veronica didn't think much of Adam's secret weapon as she rolled her eyes. Veronica and Shawn walked away. Later at the Kung Fu tournament, Veronica was telling Shawn how he was going to win the match. She thought his secret weapon (an invisibility medallion of King Mondo's that Shawn had found) would make him sure to win. Veronica was surprised when Shawn gave the medallion to her to hold for good luck. Veronica wanted Shawn to use the medallion, Shawn decided against it. Veronica watched Shawn compete against Adam. She turned her head away over every lost point and cheered for every point Shawn gained. She covered her face when Shawn lost the match to Adam and it's assumed they broke up afterwards.

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