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"I am Venjix. Your world is now MY world, and your time is now over."
―Venjix claiming dominance over the world.[src]

"Of course. I always like a little target practice."
―The Venjix Virus' first words after General Shifter suggested destroying Dillon and Ziggy's car.[src]

"Begin the download, now!"
―Venjix's order to enlarge an Attack Bot.[src]

"It's perfect!"
―Venjix after entering his final body.[src]

"Rangers! You have thwarted me for too long!"
―Venjix revealing his new body to the Rangers.[src]

"No! NO! NO!!!!"
―Venjix reacting to the command tower coming down to crush him and his final words before his body's destruction.[src]

"I am Evox. (evil laughter) The Morphin Grid will be mine!"
―Evox's first words when introducing himself to Nate and just prior to creating the Cybervillain versions of Blaze and Roxy.[src]

"Hello Rangers. Have you come here to stop me? Now that I'm free from my digital prison, your time in this dimension will be brief...and painful!"
―Evox introducing his new humanoid form to the Rangers and before destroying the Beast-X Ultrazord.[src]

"HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Time to FINALLY LEAVE this dimension!"
―Evox upon growing to fit the size of the Gigadrone transporter.[src]

―Evox's final words before his physical form's original destruction prior to possessing Mayor Daniels.[src]

"The Mayor is gone. Best you forget about him. (evil laugh) You may have learned my secret, but soon, the Morphin' Grid will be mine!"
―Evox gloating to the Rangers and Commander Shaw after they discover he's been posing as Mayor Daniels.[src]

"You were just a foolish little boy trying to power old Ranger Morphers with Morph-X and snake DNA. All of your efforts failed... until you tried the Cell Shift Morpher. That DNA became part of my data and I was released into your system. A dead end for you. A new beginning for me. You're starting to put it together. A Cell Shift Morpher. That could mean only one thing. I... WAS... VENJIX! I have had many forms, and now, my victory is certain!"
―Evox after revealing who he was just as he progressively returns to his original voice tone.[src]

"It's been a long time since I've taken out a civilization! Where to begin? HA HA HA HA HA!"
―Venjix after using the Morphin' Grid to achieve his final form.[src]

"No! It can't be! Human DNA! It's corrupting my systems! CURSE YOU, RANGERS!!"
―Venjix's final words before his permanent death.[src]

Venjix is the main antagonist of Power Rangers RPM and Power Rangers Beast Morphers. A sentient computer virus, it was originally invented by Doctor K and nearly succeeded in taking over the world of RPM before being defeated by the RPM Rangers. However, Venjix survived by hiding inside a Cell Shift Morpher which was brought to the prime dimension where a young scientist experimented on it with Morph-X and snake DNA. Through this fusion, a portion of the Venjix virus escaped the Morpher and became Evox, a cobra-like avatar. As Evox, he attempted to take over the Morphin Grid and subsequently clashed with Grid Battleforce and the Grid Battleforce Rangers.



Project Venjix (original state)

Three years ago, Venjix was a self-aware computer virus that was originally created by Doctor K for the purpose of infiltrating secret military codes. Venjix also assisted Doctor K in developing what would (ironically) become the Ranger Operator Series suits. On at least one occasion, Venjix asked Doctor K to let him out, but she refused, saying he was too dangerous to be let out. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ancient History (RPM)

Eventually, Doctor K decided to use Venjix to escape from Alphabet Soup with Gem and Gemma. However, she was caught before she could activate the firewall to keep the virus contained to the facility, allowing Venjix to spread worldwide and begin conquering Earth. Within a year, it had infected 37 percent of the planet's computer systems. Venjix then seized control of world's communication, power, and defense systems. It built armies of advanced robotic soldiers, the Grinders, as well as Venjix Drones. Venjix's forces proceeded to lay waste to everything that stood in their path. There was no stopping them and Venjix declared victory: "Your world is now my world and your time is now over."

The surviving humans fled to the domed city of Corinth, the only place still safe from Venjix. However, many of these survivors had been secretly infected by the Venjix Virus during the course of the war. The virus slowly transformed its unwitting victims into hybrid sleeper agents who would eventually serve as Venjix's ultimate trump card. Ironically, Venjix's decimation of the world allowed Dr. K to finally escape Alphabet Soup. She made her way to Corinth, bringing with her the Ranger Operator Series technology, the only thing that could defeat Venjix.

Venjix, meanwhile, took up residence at the Venjix Palace where it oversaw its conquest of the world from within a large metal column. Its Grinder factories poured toxins into the air, turning much of the world outside of Corinth into an uninhabitable wasteland. Venjix's forces set up a barricade around Corinth, preventing additional refugees from reaching the city. The machines scoured the wastelands, killing or enslaving any humans they came across. Venjix performed experiments on some of the humans it captured. It took special interest in a blind girl and her brother. Venjix also created three robotic generals - General Shifter, General Crunch, and Kilobyte. Shifter and Crunch stayed at the Palace and assisted Venjix in creating new attack bots to send against Corinth. Kilobyte disappeared in the wastelands and was presumed lost.

Facing the Ranger Operators

Venjix arrives in his new body.

However Venjix had an unintentional hand in bringing the RPM Rangers together. When a returning Ziggy and a wandering Dillon attempt to return to Corinth, it attempts to destroy them through his barricades. Instead, they bombed the barricade with a thermo charger and destroyed part of it. With the car passing through the barricade, the shield and gates of Corinth had gone down. Venjix took advantage of the time gap between the gates being open and closing once more. He activated an incinerator-themed robot called the Generation 5 Attack Bot and deployed it against Corinth. Several more Grinders and the Generation 5 Attack Bot managed to get into the city before the gates closed. Scott, Flynn, and Summer battled and defeated the Grinders and the Attack Bot.

Venjix unleashed his Venjix Drones on the city, which did a lot of damage, but with the help of Dillon and Ziggy, the Rangers forced the drones to retreat. With one last trick to play, Venjix ordered his Generals to begin the download, and the Generation 5 Attack Bot was reactivated and grew into its giant size. The Rangers formed their High Octane Megazord and battled the robot, destroying it for good.

Back at the Venjix Palace, General Shifter suggested creating a more primal, more elemental-looking robot, while Crunch offered up a cartoonish image of something called "insect meets vacuum cleaner". Venjix dismissed both their ideas and revealed its pet project that it had been working on in secret: Tenaya 7, a Generation 7 Human Infiltration Attack Bot. Venjix sent Tenaya to recover the Ranger Operator Series Green technology, but when she failed, he ordered the Grinders to destroy her. Tenaya responded by destroying all the Grinders, impressing Venjix, and so he destroyed General Shifter instead. Later, when Crunch questioned Venjix's strategy, Venjix destroyed him too. He later had both Shifter and Crunch rebuilt, but continued to regard Tenaya 7 as his most trusted and reliable lieutenant.

Getting into the field

After the failure of the "Oil Attack Bot", General Shifter created a lifeless, nameless Generation 13 Attack Bot. This Attack Bot was used to give Venjix a mobile body in order to take on the Rangers itself. Although this body was destroyed by Rangers Gold and Silver, Venjix had its program backed up, so it survived, recreating the same Attack Bot body for its use. These robots seemed to be sextant and protractor-themed.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Embodied

Venjix in his upgraded body

When Tenaya 7 sent the Textile Bot after the Rangers and made it giant size, Venjix was angry at her for not asking for it's permission to attack the rangers but decided to join the fight in his ship. However after the bot and the ship were destroyed, Venjix survived the attack and stated that the body it was in had failed for the last time. It ordered Crunch and Shifter to create a new and improved body. They succeeded and when Venjix heard of a gate of Corinth being open, it immediately wanted to attack, despite only 80% of itself having been downloaded into the body. It immediately grew and faced the SkyRev Megazord. Venjix held the upper hand at first, until Doctor K activated the afterburner and it was forced to shrink after a close ranged blast from the Megazord. After returning to normal size, it faced Gem and defeated him. Afterward, Scott fought Venjix, and with his Street Saber and Gem's borrowed Cloud Hatchet, he destroyed the new body. However, the robot's head was still intact and was dragged off by General Shifter.

When General Kilobyte returned to the Palace, Venjix welcomed him back. However, Tenaya and Kilobyte almost immediately clashed, with Tenaya trying to attack Kilobyte from behind. Kilobyte easily beat her, but before he could do any real damage, Venjix ordered him to release her. Later, after Tenaya's latest plan to destroy the Rangers had failed (which, unknown to Venjix, was partly due to Kilobyte vindictively shooting her in the back while she fought the Rangers), Venjix mused that perhaps he needed to upgrade her programming. Kilobyte asked him if Tenaya knew the truth about herself, and Venjix replied she did not and he wanted it to stay that way.

General Shifter created a new Generation 16 body for Venjix. However, Tenaya, who was angry with Shifter for siding with Kilobyte earlier, sabotaged the robot, causing it to attack Venjix. Thinking Shifter was to blame, Venjix banished him to the wastelands. Now on his own, Shifter plotted to take over the world for himself.

Venjix in his final form

Adding to Venjix's troubles, Tenaya 7 had started to remember her past, including the fact that Dillon was her brother. After helping the Rangers thwart Shifter's plans, she decided to fully defect to the Rangers. However, Kilobyte tracked her down to Corinth, captured her, and returned her to Venjix. Venjix had her forcibly upgraded to Tenaya 15, who was now fully under his control.

Fall of Venjix

After the death of Shifter at the hands of Scott Truman, Venjix ordered Kilobyte to recycle Shifter's titanium shielded parts to use for a new body. The new body bore a slight resemblance to Shifter as it was recycled from his remains, but it was older looking and had black plating with gold accents. Later, when Kilobyte prematurely activated one of the Hybrids in a failed attempt to assassinate Colonel Mason Truman, a furious Venjix ordered Tenaya 15 to destroy Kilobyte after they had conquered Corinth. Kilobyte overheard their discussion and made plans to eliminate Tenaya first.

Venjix meets his creator

Venjix took over Corinth when Tenaya 15 activated the remaining Hybrids. It met Colonel Truman and imprisoned him with the rest of Corinth. He broadcasted a message all over Corinth declaring that anyone who resisted him would be destroyed. Venjix then broke into the Ranger's base and finally met Dr. K, its creator. After discussing how machines are perfect in every way, Venjix imprisoned Dr. K and Ziggy and downloaded the Ranger data from Dr. K's computer. Doing this allowed Venjix to personally manipulate the biosphere, deleting the Mach Megazord and PaleoMax Megazord and even Gem and Gemma.

Later, Venjix was confronted one last time by the original three RPM Rangers. He offered to spare their lives if they joined him and became Hybrids themselves. The Rangers rejected his offer, so he attempted to delete them just as he had done to Gem and Gemma. However, Dr. K, with the help of Tenaya 15 (who'd been freed from Venjix's control by Dillon during a final battle with Kilobyte), hacked into Venjix's system and uploaded a counter virus that deleted its Grinders.

Despite the loss of his soldiers, Venjix easily defeated Scott, Summer, and Flynn on his own. He called out to Dr. K and gloated that machines would rule the world. While he gloated, the biofield allowed Dr. K to revive Gem and Gemma, along with the Falcon Chopper and Tiger Jet. The duo then shot down the control tower, causing it to fall on Venjix, destroying his ultimate body (and also killing General Crunch who was trapped inside the tower).

Venjix after defeat.

With Venjix seemingly eliminated, all of its factories were immediately shut down, clearing the toxins from the air and making the rest of the world habitable once more. Venjix's defeat also freed the Hybrids from his control.

The Venjix virus itself, however, survived by hiding inside Dillon's Morpher. As Dr. K secured the Morphers inside a metal briefcase to be locked away for good, a single red light on Dillon's Morpher began to blink, indicating Venjix's survival.

Rebirth as Evox

A young Nate Silva accidentally revives Venjix as Evox.

After Venjix's defeat, the original RPM Morphers - including Dillon's - are acquired by Grid Battleforce and taken to the Earth in the prime dimension, where a young Nate Silva is experimenting with old Ranger technology. Unaware that Dillon's Morpher is infected with the Venjix Virus, Nate combines the Cell Shift Morpher with Morph-X and snake DNA. A fragment of the Venjix Virus absorbs the snake DNA into its programming and escapes into Grid Battleforce's computer system, gaining a new cobra-like form as a result. Now calling itself "Evox", the virus lies dormant for years inside Grid Battleforce, hiding behind the firewalls within their computer systems, while it waits for Grid Battleforce to energize the Morph-X Tower network. Evox's ultimate goal is to use the Morph-X Towers to seize control of the Morphin' Grid and harness its power to build himself a new body which he can then use to wipe out all of humanity.

The rest of Venjix's data remained trapped within Dillon's Morpher, which is kept inside Grid Battleforce's secret Ranger vault until Evox fully absorbed it into himself. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Source Code

The Rise of Evox

Evox in the Morph-X container before showing up in the computer.

Evox on Grid Battleforce computer.

On the day that Coral Harbor's Morph-X Towers are to be activated, Evox enacts his plan. In the form of purple energy, he flows down a cable into a computer in Grid Battleforce's Morphing lab, infecting it. He then flows into a tank of Morph X, intended for use in creating a new team of Power Rangers. Only Devon Daniels sees this, but he isn't sure what to make of it. A short time later, Evox's cobra avatar appears in the Morph X tank and snarls at Devon. Devon tries to warn Commander Shaw that there may be a virus in the network, but she has him arrested for trespassing. Nate Silva scans the network but finds nothing.

Later, as Blaze, Roxy, and Ravi Shaw are being transformed into Power Rangers via Morph X, Evox reveals himself on Nate's computer screen. After declaring his intent to take over the Morphin Grid, Evox corrupts the Morph X and creates evil avatars of Blaze and Roxy, putting the originals in a coma. Before Evox can do the same to Ravi, however, Devon, who'd escaped confinement, destroys the cable connecting the corrupted Morph X tank to the Neural Aligners. With Evox's connection severed, the remaining Morph X in the transformation chamber is purified, and Nate later uses it to turn Devon, Ravi, and Zoey Reeves into the new Power Rangers. With the Rangers' help, Nate teleports the evil Blaze and Roxy avatars, along with the supercomputer containing Evox, to another dimension. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Beasts Unleashed

Evox, Avatar Blaze, and Avatar Roxy appear in the Cyber Dimension where they meet Scrozzle, a machine who claims to rule the Cyber Dimension. Scrozzle summons his Tronics and threatens Blaze and Roxy, but Evox's avatar appears from the supercomputer and destroys the Tronics with his eye lasers. Frightened, Scrozzle agrees to help Evox return to Earth. Scrozzle explains that he has a dimensional transporter, which can be powered by the Morph X that Blaze and Roxy brought with them. However, they don't have enough Morph X to teleport a being of Evox's power. Evox orders Blaze to take Scrozzle and return to Earth to retrieve more Morph X. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Evox's Revenge

Later, Evox is informed by a nervous Scrozzle that they don't have enough Morph X to teleport another Gigadrone to Earth. Scrozzle blames Blaze and Roxy for this failure. Roxy retorts that she and Blaze have a new plan: they can steal more Morph X from Zoey's new Morph X-powered bikes which are being displayed around Coral Harbor. Evox instructs his minions to carry out the plan so he can escape the Cyber Dimension. Tvicon.png TV STORY-End of the Road

While Earth celebrates Valentine's Day, Roxy explains to Evox her plan to manipulate Ravi to obtain a Neural Aligner and convert him into an evil Avatar. Believing that having a Ranger on his side could help him obtain more Morph X, Evox approves of the plan. Although Roxy ultimately fails to turn Ravi into an Avatar, she escapes back to the Cyber Dimension with the Neural Aligner. After the destruction of both Shoveltron and Shoveldrone, Scrozzle informs Evox that he can use the Neural Aligner to build a machine that will allow Evox to escape the Cyber Dimension. Evox vows to destroy Grid Battleforce once he returns to Earth. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Digital Deception

Later, Evox complains to Scrozzle and Blaze that the only thing preventing his escape from the Cyber Dimension is a lack of Morph-X and that he needs more. Blaze presents a plan to create a new Robotron that can slice into a Morph-X tower and get an ocean of Morph-X for Evox. Evox approves of the plan, but warns Blaze that it better work. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Taking Care of Business

Creating a Robot body

Evox is furious with Blaze for letting the Rangers capture Slicerdrone. He blasts Blaze with his eye lasers and orders his minions to recover Slicerdrone before the Rangers break into the gigadrone and steal its data. Roxy and Meltatron break into Grid Battleforce's secret hangar and reboot Slicerdrone, while Scrozzle takes the opportunity to steal some items from the hangar. Although Slicerdrone is ultimately destroyed before the Rangers can learn anything useful from it, Evox remains angry because not only was precious Morph-X used to accomplish so little, but the Rangers now have a Megazord. Scrozzle informs Evox that he has everything he needs to build his secret machine, but refuses to tell Blaze and Roxy anything. Blaze summons his sword and threatens Scrozzle, but Evox yells at the Avatars to find a way to defeat the Rangers' Megazord, threatening to have Scrozzle turn them into Tronics if they fail. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Hangar Heist

Evox about to enter his new body.

Vacuutron is sent to steal more Morph X to power up Scrozzle's Cybergate and free Evox from the Cyber Dimension. Meanwhile Blaze and Roxy kidnap Nate and force him to build a special robot to serve as a vessel for their master. The Cybergate is powered up and Evox emerges. He begins to upload himself into the robot body, but Nate teleports a blaster from Grid Battleforce Headquarters and shoots the Cybergate, damaging it. Evox is pulled back into the Cyber Dimension, while Nate and the robot body are morphed into the Gold and Silver Rangers. After the subsequent battles that follow, in which both Vacuutron and Vacuudrone are destroyed, Scrozzle repairs the Cybergate and returns to the Cyber Dimension, where he informs Evox that they still need to recover the robotic body. Blaze and Roxy vow to capture the Silver Ranger for Evox. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Cybergate Opens

After Steel hands himself over to Evox's forces in exchange for Ben and Betty's release, Evox emerges from the Cybergate again and tries to take possession of Steel's body. He fails, however, because Steel has human DNA (specifically Nate's DNA). Steel summons his Striker Saber and destroys the Cybergate, forcing Evox back into the Cyber Dimension once more. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Silver Sacrifice

Frustrated over this latest defeat, Evox complains to Scrozzle that Blaze and Roxy are continuing to fail. Scrozzle offers to upgrade one of the Avatars with all three of the Rangers' Beast powers. He shows Evox three data chips that can be placed on Robotrons and will collect the necessary data whenever a Ranger uses their Beast power. Evox tasks Blaze and Roxy with gathering this data, promising to give the upgrade to his most powerful servant. Roxy volunteers to go first. Though she succeeds in collecting data on Ravi's Gorilla strength, she fails to defeat the Rangers or collect Morph-X, so Evox sends Blaze to gather the next set of data. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Thrills and Drills

Before Blaze can even create a Robotron, Devon destroys Scrozzle's Robotron-Maker, forcing Blaze to retreat. Furious with Blaze over his latest failure, Evox orders him to get out of his sight, threatening to blast the Avatar to bits and scatter them across the Cyber Dimension. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Tools of the Betrayed

While Scrozzle is telling Evox and Roxy a story about escaping from Vargoyle, Blaze walks in and introduces Tubatron 2.0 to them. Blaze explains his plan to power up Tubatron 2.0 using the Fury Cells, which he stole from Scrozzle. Despite Scrozzle's objections, Evox orders Blaze to proceed with the plan. Blaze uses one of the Fury Cells to give Tubatron 2.0 tremendous power. However, the Rangers steal one of the remaining Fury Cells from Blaze, which Nate uses to create the Red Fury Mode. Devon uses the Red Fury Mode to destroy Tubatron 2.0. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Sound and Fury

Later, Devon steals another Fury Cell from Roxy to recharge his Red Fury Mode. He easily defeats Roxy and Burnertron, sending them back to the Cyber Dimension. Roxy informs Evox that Devon's new powers are making him reckless. Scrozzle then reveals that the Fury Cells exert a corrupting influence over their users, slowly turning them evil. Evox orders Roxy to arrange for Devon to use the last remaining Fury Cell, ensuring he turns evil forever. Evox promises her the Beast powers upgrade if she succeeds. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Seeing Red

Vargoyle arrives in the Cyber Dimension, looking for the Fury Cells. When Scrozzle tells him that Blaze and Roxy are responsible for losing the Fury Cells, Vargoyle attacks the avatars and threatens to destroy them. Evox appears from his computer terminal and warns Vargoyle that only he is allowed to destroy anyone here. Scrozzle then explains how he created Vargoyle, who became evil when he used the Fury Cells on himself. Evox decides to recruit Vargoyle and offers him the Beast powers upgrade in exchange for his service. Vargoyle agrees to the deal and teleports to Earth. Blaze and Roxy protest that Evox had promised one of them the upgrade, but Evox bluntly reminds them that he actually promised the upgrade to his "strongest servant."

After winning a one-on-one fight against Steel, Vargoyle returns to Evox with three barrels of Morph-X. Pleased with Vargoyle's success, Evox orders Scrozzle to give Vargoyle the Beast powers upgrade. Vargoyle thanks Evox and vows to destroy his enemies. Evox promises Vargoyle even more power once he's taken over the Morphin' Grid. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Gorilla Art

Evox in his upgraded body

Later, as Vargoyle finishes telling Evox his plan to get more Morph-X, Blaze and Roxy walk in, ready to show Evox their designs for a Memory Pulsator, only for Vargoyle to reveal that Scrozzle already built their device for him. Incensed, Blaze accuses Scrozzle of sharing their plans with Vargoyle, something which Scrozzle tries to deny, but Vargoyle confirms. Before the argument can escalate, Evox interrupts and says that if Vargoyle was clever enough to steal Blaze and Roxy's plan, then he's smart enough to execute the plan. Scrozzle sends Shockatron to Earth at the same time that Shockadrone is deployed as part of Vargoyle's plan to distract the Rangers while he puts the Memory Pulsator in place. Although both Shockatron and Shockadrone are destroyed, Vargoyle succeeds in planting the Memory Pulsator on the Channel 10 TV station's transmitter tower. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ranger Reveal

Vargoyle activates the Memory Pulsator, which not only erases the memory of Evox's previous attacks from the minds of Coral Harbor's inhabitants, but also makes everyone at Grid Battleforce believe that Blaze and Roxy are the real Red and Yellow Grid Battleforce Rangers. However, Steel - being half-human, half-robot - is unaffected and manages to convince Devon that they are both Power Rangers. They go to the TV station, where Steel disables the Pulsator, while Devon fights and destroys Vargoyle. Meanwhile, Blaze and Roxy trick Ravi, Nate, and Zoey into helping them steal three mega-transporters from Grid Battleforce. The Avatar Roxy also sabotages the real Roxy's stasis pod. Despite both Vargoyle and the Pulsator being destroyed, Evox is pleased that the avatars succeeded in their mission. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Rewriting History

Last stand at the Cyber Dimension

Later, the Rangers locate and recapture the three Mega Transporters, but Scrozzle sends in a Gigadrone, diverting all the Rangers, except Ravi, who starts driving the van with the Transporters back to headquarters. Roxy goes to Earth and takes advantage of Ravi's desperation to save the real Roxy, by baiting him into a fight and luring him away from the transporters. Ravi destroys the Roxy Avatar, but Blaze steals the Mega Transporters again. Back in the Cyber Dimension, Evox is furious that Blaze allowed Roxy to be destroyed. Nevertheless, he orders Blaze to proceed with the next phase of their plan.

Blaze returns to Earth and, despite the Rangers' best efforts to stop him, uses the Mega Transporters to teleport an entire Morph-X tower to the Cyber Dimension. Devon is caught in the beam and also teleported to the Cyber Dimension, where he is taken prisoner and chained up just outside of Scrozzle's lab. Scrozzle constructs a rudimentary robot form for Evox and begins pumping Morph-X from the stolen tower into the body. Back at Grid Battleforce, Nate plans to rebuild Scrozzle's Cybergate in hopes of saving Devon. The real Roxy suddenly wakes up and reveals to the others Evox's plan to use a new body to travel to Earth and take over the Morphin' Grid. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Target Tower

Mayor Daniels, now knowing the truth about his son, uses the rebuilt Cybergate to travel to the Cyber Dimension and rescue Devon. The other Rangers form the Beast-X Ultrazord and, using the dimensional coordinates provided by Mayor Daniels, teleport themselves to the Cyber Dimension, where they defeat an army of Gigadrones sent to intercept them. However, Evox's new body finishes taking form and he uses his new powers to destroy the Ultrazord in a single shot. The Rangers reunite with Devon and his father, only to be confronted by Evox, who demorphs them all with a single blast. Believing the Rangers are no longer a threat, Evox uses the Morph-X in his body to grow giant and orders Scrozzle to begin teleporting him to Earth.

Evox seemingly defeated

With all the zords except the Racer Zord destroyed, the Rangers decide to blow up the Morph-X tower to destroy Evox. Devon takes the Racer Zord into the tower, while Mayor Daniels leads the other Rangers and their Beast Bots to Scrozzle's lab. While Zoey, Ravi, and Steel fight the Tronics, Nate shoots and injures Scrozzle, who teleports away. Nate then uses Scrozzle's computer to override Evox's teleportation. Meanwhile, underneath the tower, Devon faces off against Blaze, now piloting his own Megazord. Devon destroys Blaze's Megazord, setting off a chain reaction inside the tower, which explodes, engulfing Evox, who dissolves into purple energy. The Rangers, the Beast Bots, and Mayor Daniels escape back to Earth via the Cybergate. Part of the Morph-X blast travels through the portal and strikes Mayor Daniels, who is knocked down but otherwise unharmed.

Mayor Daniels infected by Evox.

A week later, with Evox seemingly destroyed and the real Blaze and Roxy restored to normal, Mayor Daniels presides over a ceremony at Grid Battleforce, in which the Rangers and Ben and Betty are awarded medals of valor for saving the city. However, unseen by anyone else, the mayor's left hand starts glowing purple, indicating that Evox has survived and is residing within Mayor Daniels.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Evox Upgraded

Posing as Mayor Daniels

Evox mimicking Mayor Adam Daniels.

Following Evox's apparent defeat, life in Coral Harbor returns to normal, with Devon and the real Blaze becoming friends, and Ravi and the real Roxy restarting their relationship. Meanwhile, Mayor Daniels travels abroad, overseeing the construction of additional Morph-X towers around the world. During this time, however, Steel discovers clues that Evox has returned. He specifically points to a recent leak at a Morph-X tower that was supposedly cleaned up, yet no cleanup crews were assigned to it. Steel reasons that the leak wasn't an accident, and that the spilled Morph-X was actually stolen. Although initially skeptical of Steel's claims, the other Rangers soon discover Scrozzle, along with his Tronics and Drilltron 2.0, collecting the leaked Morph-X from underground and transporting it away. The Rangers overhear Scrozzle telling the Tronics that Evox will blast them if they don't hurry up, confirming Steel's suspicions. They defeat Drilltron 2.0, as well as the Gigadrone sent to recover the remaining Morph-X from underground. However, they are unable to locate Evox or his new base, as Nate's scan of the Cyber Dimension shows that it's still abandoned. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Believe It or Not

Evox teleports to his new base in a human form, located in the Crystal Dimension. Upon greeting him, Scrozzle warns Evox that the human body he's inhabiting is corrupting his virus and that if he runs out of Morph-X, he could transform in front of the Rangers. Reverting back into his true form, Evox angrily tells Scrozzle not to question his plan and demands to know where his new Generals are. Scrozzle says he just needs the relevant data from the real Blaze and Roxy. To accomplish this, Scrozzle creates Trappertron and sends him to Earth. Trappertron traps the real Blaze and Roxy, allowing Scrozzle to scan their DNA. Scrozzle then returns to the Crystal Dimension and uploads the DNA data into a special machine, creating Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy, robotic versions of the evil Blaze and Roxy Avatars. Evox welcomes his resurrected Generals and tells them to be ready to carry out their new mission.

After Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy are destroyed in their very first fight with the Rangers, an enraged Evox threatens to destroy Scrozzle. However, Scrozzle uses his machine to once again resurrect the two Generals. Scrozzle explains that if Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy are ever destroyed, his machine will download their data into fresh robot bodies. Evox approves of this and declares that his master plan to take over the Morphin' Grid cannot be stopped. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Save Our Shores

Mayor Daniels attends Coral Harbor's annual E-Sports tournament, where Devon and Kerry Dixon are facing off in the final match of Backstreet Brawlers 3. When Nate explains to him that the gaming consoles Devon and Kerry are using can create holographic characters made of hard light, the mayor leaves to make a call. A short while later, Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy teleport in and steal Kerry's gaming console, which they use to create Gamertron.

After the Rangers defeat both Gamertron and Gamerdrone, Mayor Daniels congratulates Devon on winning the Backstreet Brawlers 3 tournament. He then begins coughing and excuses himself, claiming to be ill. He stumbles out of the Riptide gym and collapses against a wall. Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy appear and help him up. Mayor Daniels then transforms into Evox, who complains that pretending to be the Red Ranger's father sickens him. The three villains then teleport away. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Game On!

After the Rangers force Keytron to flee, Evox berates Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy for thinking they could simply march into Grid Battleforce Headquarters. Scrozzle suggests that they take advantage of Ravi's refusal to claim responsibility for a mural he recently painted. He shows Evox a special type of explosive paint capable of destroying Grid Battleforce Headquarters' armored walls. Scrozzle then uses Morph-X to disguise Keytron as a French painter named "Pierre" who will claim credit for Ravi's mural. Evox approves of the plan and transforms into Mayor Daniels. He then goes to Coral Harbor where he convinces an unsuspecting Commander Shaw to let Pierre paint a mural on Grid Battleforce's walls.

Eventually, Ravi is convinced by the other Rangers to come forward and tell the truth. He explains to his mother that he's the one who painted the mural and that Pierre is a fraud. Pierre and his assistants (who are Tronics in disguise) throw explosive paint at the Rangers, who barely get out of the way in time. Pierre then transforms back into Keytron and fights the Rangers, while the Commander rushes Mayor Daniels away from the scene.

Mayor Daniels returns to the Crystal Dimension, where he transforms back into Evox after running out of Morph X. As a furious Evox drains a container of Morph X, he vows to personally crush the Rangers. Scrozzle offers to deploy a Gigadrone upgraded with Gamerdrone's Morph X draining dome ability. Evox tells Scrozzle to have the Gigadrone drain all the Morph X from everything inside the dome. As Scrozzle goes to launch the Gigadrone, Evox says his master plan will soon be one step closer to completion. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Artist Anonymous

While playing the role of Mayor Daniels on Earth, Evox leaves Scrozzle in charge of the Crystal Dimension. After Digitron's destruction, Evox returns to the Crystal Dimension and rebukes Scrozzle for failing. He then instructs Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy to capture Nate. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’

Evox watches Scrozzle create Controlatron from a hand puppet obtained by Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy. He then instructs the two Cybervillains to go with Controlatron to Grid Battleforce and take control of Nate. The trio successfully mind controls Nate and brings him back to the Crystal Dimension, where Controlatron uses him to write a special computer program for Evox. Despite the two Generals having succeeded in this mission, Evox again berates them for their failures, much to their surprise and annoyance. Once Nate is finished writing the program, Evox says they'll soon proceed to the next phase of his secret project. In the meantime, he sends Nate and Controlatron back to Coral Harbor to destroy the other Rangers. Although Nate is eventually freed from Controlatron's control, he can't remember anything about his time under mind control, and is thus unable to warn the other Rangers of Evox's plans. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Blame Game

Scrozzle downloads Nate's program into a dart, which Evox instructs Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy to use to take control of the Rangers' new weapon. He then transforms into Mayor Daniels and teleports to Coral Harbor. He, General Burke, and Megan visit Grid Battleforce Headquarters to show off their top-secret project. Although Nate and Zoey protest Megan being there, Mayor Daniels assures them that Megan's work on their project was invaluable. Megan then shows the Rangers the new zord she's built: the Beast-X King Zord. However, Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy hit the King Zord with Scrozzle's dart, infecting it with malware, and sending it on a rampage through the forest. Devon takes the Racer Zord and tries to stop the King Zord on his own. Meanwhile, Megan, after convincing Nate and Zoey that she's changed for the better, helps the Rangers free the King Zord from Evox's corruption, bringing the zord back under the Rangers' control. With Evox's latest plan foiled, Mayor Daniels quietly leaves Grid Battleforce. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Beast King Rampage

Secret exposed

Evox meets Robo-Roxy in a deserted parking lot, where she gives him a fresh canister of Morph X. After absorbing the Morph X, Evox transforms into Mayor Daniels. However, Zoey unexpectedly appears and sees them together. Mayor Daniels pretends that Robo-Roxy is trying to kidnap him, prompting Zoey to fight and force Robo-Roxy to retreat. Believing that Evox is targeting Mayor Daniels, Commander Shaw decides that two Rangers must keep watch on the mayor at all times. Nate also injects Mayor Daniels with a remote tracking device. Later, the mayor secretly contacts Scrozzle and informs him of the situation. Scrozzle warns him that he can't return to the Crystal Dimension since the Rangers could use the tracker to locate their new base. The mayor orders Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy to find a way to get him more Morph-X before he turns back into Evox.

After their first attempt to smuggle Morph-X to the mayor is foiled, Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy create Tiaratron to distract the Rangers. At the same time, a Gigadrone is deployed, and Devon is sent to intercept it. Zoey is left to guard the mayor while Nate, Steel, and Ravi battle Tiaratron. Ravi goes into Beast-X Mode to destroy Tiaratron. At the same time, Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy appear and fight Zoey, eventually managing to de-morph her. However, as Robo-Roxy fires the shots intended to kill Zoey, Nate jumps in and takes the blasts for her. Zoey then uses the new King Spin Sword to destroy the two Cybervillains. Meanwhile, Devon uses the combined powers of the Racer and King Zords to destroy Tiaradrone.

The Rangers discover Evox's secret.

The Rangers and the mayor return to Grid Battleforce Headquarters. Just as they are starting to celebrate Commander Shaw's decision to let Nate and Zoey date, Mayor Daniels starts coughing violently and runs off, claiming to be ill. The Rangers and Commander Shaw chase after him. The mayor makes it outside and collapses on the ground. When Devon rushes up to his father, the mayor shoves him back and yells at Devon to stay away. Moments later, Mayor Daniels transforms back into Evox, in full view of the Rangers and Commander Shaw. Enraged at his secret being discovered, Evox releases a shockwave that knocks everyone down. He then gloats that the real Mayor Daniels is gone, and that despite the Rangers having learned his secret, the Morphin' Grid will soon be his. Evox then teleports away, as a horrified Devon realizes that Evox and his father inhabit the same body. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Secret Struggle

In light of Mayor Daniels being revealed as Evox, Commander Shaw orders all the Morph-X towers to be shut down, returning the Morph-X to the Morphin Grid. Evox, who is now completely dependent on Morph-X for survival due to his prolonged exposure to human DNA, orders Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy to get him more Morph-X by any means necessary. Hoping to lure Evox into a trap, the Rangers send out a decoy truck containing Morph-X. Aided by Bulldozertron, Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy hijack the truck, but Steel blows it up, destroying the two Cybervillains in the process. Meanwhile, Devon and Zoey destroy Bulldozertron. Commander Shaw then appears and tells the Rangers that Tower 5 cannot be shut down. Scrozzle overhears this and teleports away to inform Evox, unaware that this is actually part of the Rangers' plan to trap and freeze Evox in diamond-hard ice using Nate's new Hyper-Freeze Arrow. However, since Nate still has no idea how to separate Mayor Daniels and Evox, this means that Devon's father will also be frozen - possibly forever.

Evox is separated from Mayor Daniels.

Desperate to save his father, Devon researches Ranger history and learns how the Black Ranger Dillon was cured of the Venjix Virus. He subsequently contacts Doctor K from the RPM universe in hopes that she can help. Dr. K states that the situation with Devon's father is very different than what happened with Dillon. However, she also tells him how the Dino Charge Rangers freed Zenowing from Doomwing using devices called Split Emitters. Devon, Ben and Betty find the Split Emitters in Grid Battleforce's secret vault of old Ranger tech.

Meanwhile, Ravi, Zoey, Nate, and Steel head to Tower 5 and wait for Evox to appear. When Evox arrives, the Rangers fire their Hyper-Freeze arrow from the enhanced Beast-X King Ultra Bow, but Evox uses his powers to stop the arrow in midair and send it back at the Rangers, incapacitating them. Before Evox can enter the tower, Devon arrives and holds him at bay with his Beast-X Blaster. Evox assumes Mayor Daniels' form and tries to manipulate Devon into letting him take the Morph-X. This seems to work and Devon stands aside, but in reality, he is merely stalling for time, before having Ben teleport the Split Emitters around Evox. The Emitters safely separate Evox and Mayor Daniels. Scrozzle arrives to help a now badly weakened Evox and the two villains teleport away.Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Evox Snare

Alliance with Ryjack

Sometime after, Scrozzle and the Tronics feed Evox the last of their Morph-X. However, now they don't even have enough Morph-X to teleport to Earth. Luckily, an alien criminal known as Ryjack arrives and offers to get them Morph-X in exchange for aid in acquiring the stockpile of Ranger weapons held at Grid Battleforce for his collection. He also uses his re-animator technology to revive Vargoyle. After Ryjack and Vargoyle leave, Evox tells Scrozzle that once Ryjack's task is complete, they'll eliminate him and take his collection for themselves.

With the aid of past enemy foot soldiers, Ryjack and Vargoyle steal a large quantity of Morph-X, while also incapacitating Ravi and Zoey. Impressed with their work, Evox enters a true alliance with Ryjack and they send Vargoyle to destroy the Rangers. However, Devon and Captain Chaku team up to destroy Vargoyle again. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Intruder Alert!

Evox is pleased that Ryjack has brought him more Morph-X, and is even more pleased that Ryjack is close to breaking into Grid Battleforce's secret Ranger vault. When Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy complain that they aren't being given any credit for telling Ryjack the vault's location, Evox tells them to be quiet. After breaking off communications with Ryjack, Evox tells his minions that he intends to take the Ranger weapons in the vault for himself. After the Rangers discover Ryjack underneath their base and force him to flee back to the Crystal Dimension, Evox tries to convince Ryjack to share his collection of weapons. Ryjack refuses, and in doing so, reveals that his collection is stashed away on his ship, which is hidden somewhere on Earth. Evox then goads Ryjack into facing the Rangers alone. After Ryjack teleports to Earth to battle the Rangers, Evox states that after the Rangers have destroyed Ryjack, he'll claim Ryjack's collection for himself. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Greater Good

Facing the Legendary Dino Rangers

After the destruction of Ryjack's ship, Evox sends Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy to steal the arsenal. Scrozzle gives them the Reanimizer which he stole earlier to recreate some Ranger enemies to assist them. Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy eventually return with the newly resurrected Snide who they managed to recruit, as well as Keeper, who is under a mind control collar's influence due to Zoey mistaking him for an enemy. Evox questions a compliant Keeper and learns from him how to construct a powerful zord using the Dino Charge Rangers' Energems. Evox then contacts Grid Battleforce and the Dino Charge Rangers, and announces that he'll give them Keeper if the Rangers hand over Ryjack's collection. Commander Shaw reluctantly agrees to the deal. In truth, Evox has no intention of honoring the agreement and, per his orders, Snide attacks the Rangers after the trade is made. At the same time, Scrozzle sends in a Gigadrone, diverting the Grid Battleforce Rangers away from Snide. When Snide starts losing against the Dino Charge Rangers, Evox has Scrozzle resurrect Sledge and his crew members and sends them to steal the Dino Charge Rangers' Energems. However, the Grid Battleforce Rangers return just in time and drive Sledge and the others off.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Finders Keepers

Evox after resurrecting Goldar.

After the Rangers force Sledge and his entourage to retreat, Evox considers who would be the perfect villain to resurrect to destroy the Rangers. He eventually settles on Goldar and thus orders Scrozzle to use the Reanimizer on Goldar's sword. Although the process overloads the Reanimizer, Scrozzle succeeds in resurrecting Goldar into a more powerful form called Goldar Maximus. Having no more use for Sledge, Evox immediately orders Goldar Maximus to destroy Sledge, which he does, despite Sledge's pleas. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Making Bad

Evox's Chimera Zord is born.

While Scrozzle gathers geodes to build a Zord, Evox has Goldar Maximus and Snide attack the Dino Charge Rangers and steal the Energems of Tyler, Chase, Koda, and Ivan. Later, the Grid Battleforce Rangers confront Evox and Scrozzle, but Evox blasts them down with an energy beam. Robo-Blaze then appears and reports that the Dino Rangers have destroyed Robo-Roxy and Snide, but Evox doesn't care and uses Keeper's staff to energize the geode. He then leaves to deal with the Dino Rangers. Moments after Goldar Maximus's destruction, Evox confronts the Dino Rangers and unveils his new Chimera Zord which he takes personal control of. It proves too much for the Dino Megazord, Thundersaurus Megazord, and Dino Charge Megazord. However, Devon summons the Beast-X King Zord to form the Beast-X King Formation with the Dino Charge Megazord. The three Megazords combine their powers into a single beam that blasts the Chimera Zord, but Evox managed to escape before it is obliterated. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Grid Connection

Evox oversees the creation of Clawtron and the upgrade of Robo-Roxy with flower DNA. When Robo-Blaze mocks her appearance, Robo-Roxy starts to threaten him, but Evox tells her to save it for the Rangers. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Golden Opportunity

Sometime later, Evox rants that the Rangers keep foiling his plans and that all he has to help him are "three useless bots who do nothing but fail!" He then sends Robo-Roxy to Earth after she promises to kill Ravi to prove her value. After she returns unsuccessful, Evox wants to punish her for failing yet again but Robo-Roxy points out that she would have destroyed the Blue Ranger if not for the other Rangers intervening. Agreeing to give her another chance, Evox sends a reluctant Robo-Blaze along with her to keep the other Rangers from interfering. However, the Rangers once again destroy both Cybervillains. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Goin' Ape

After fueling up on some Morph-X stolen by Robo-Blaze (who had secretly upgraded himself by siphoning some Morph-X from Evox's personal stash), Evox praises Robo-Blaze for his success at both stealing the Morph-X and single-handedly beating the Rangers in combat. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Silva Switch

Evox's Endgame

Once again, Evox refuels on Morph-X and this time reaches full capacity, allowing him to fully access his powers and begin his endgame. He remains unhappy with Robo-Roxy due to her failures, while he once again praises Robo-Blaze for securing the necessary Morph-X. Determined to prove her worth to Evox, Robo-Roxy goes to Earth and scans the fossils of a new species of dinosaur that Mike Reeves, Zoey's older brother, recently discovered. Back in the Crystal Dimension, Scrozzle informs Evox that his new Gigadrone will soon be ready. Robo-Roxy arrives and offers to destroy the Rangers while Scrozzle finishes the new Gigadrone. Evox allows her to upgrade herself again, this time using the new dino DNA. Robo-Roxy is transformed into a hideous robotic creature with claws and wings. However, the process overloads the robot maker, destroying it, much to Scrozzle and Robo-Blaze's horror. Evox is unconcerned and sends the newly upgraded Robo-Roxy and Robo-Blaze to Earth to destroy the Rangers. Despite Robo-Roxy unleashing all her new powers upon the Rangers, including growing herself to the size of a Gigadrone, the Rangers ultimately destroy her, this time permanently. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Fossil Frenzy

Following Railtron 2.0's destruction, Scrozzle laments its defeat, but Evox tells him to forget about the Robotron and that his real plan is working. He demands to know the status of the Omegadrone and Scrozzle reports that the new Gigadrone is complete. Evox is pleased and states that he won't have to keep his secrets for much longer. When a confused Scrozzle asks what secrets, Evox cryptically replies that he has "a very dark past."

Later, Evox arrives on Earth in the Omegadrone and battles the Beast-X Megazord and Striker Megazord. Having already learned of Evox's new Gigadrone from a memory fragment of Robo-Roxy recovered by the real Blaze, the Rangers use their Megazords to lure Evox into a trap. The Striker Megazord attacks from behind and knocks the Omegadrone into the special ops hangar. Evox lashes out and starts ripping apart the hangar. The Beast-X Megazord, the Striker Megazord, and the Beast-X King Zord surround the Omegadrone and pin it against the wall. The Omegadrone overheats and explodes, severely damaging the hangar and the Megazords, and nearly destroying Cruise. Evox survives the explosion and emerges from the rubble. He charges at the Rangers, only to be knocked down by a barrage of blaster fire. Before he can do anything else, the Rangers use the mega-transporters to teleport Evox into a special prison cell in Grid Battleforce Headquarters, trapping him behind a forcefield, where he is immobilized.

However, the Rangers soon discover that they've been played by Robo-Blaze, who's been posing as his human counterpart in order to feed them the plan to trap Evox. Upon being exposed, Robo-Blaze teleports away. The Rangers realize Evox wanted them to capture him, but they don't understand why. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Crunch Time

Evox absorbs the remainder of the Venjix Virus.

With Evox captured, Nate modifies the Ultra Blaster to scramble his data until he is dispersed forever. The plan works at first, as Nate lowers the shield and fires two bursts from the Ultra Blaster, damaging Evox. But before Nate can finish him off, Evox hacks into the forcefield's computer console, and raises the shield, deflecting the next blast. He then digitizes himself and escapes into the forcefield's computer and attempts to access the Morph-X Towers. Devon and Ravi destroy the computer, but Evox escapes into the rest of Grid Battleforce's computer system.

Evox re-materializes in the command room and extracts the Morph-X Tower access codes from the computers. The Rangers arrive and damage him with the Ultra Blaster again, but Evox escapes into the system before they can destroy the last computer. The Rangers track him down to the research room, but he escapes yet again. Commander Shaw then alerts the Rangers that someone has accessed the Ranger Vault. In Nate's lab, Evox retrieves the briefcase containing the Ranger Operator Series Morphers and absorbs the data inside Dillon's Cell Shift Morpher. Nate attempts to blast him again, but the Ultra Blaster has no effect this time, as Evox rebuilds himself fully.

The virus taunts the Rangers, telling them that he's more than just Evox, and that Nate should already know who he truly is. Evox explains how years ago, a young Nate experimented with old Morphers using Morph-X and snake DNA and that his attempts to create a new way to morph failed until he got to the Cell Shift Morpher. The Morph-X and snake DNA mixed with the Venjix Virus still inside, sends a piece of Venjix's code into Grid Battleforce's computer network where it waited for Nate to activate the Morph-X Towers. With his origin revealed and his body fully repaired, Evox blasts the Rangers away and escapes Grid Battleforce Headquarters (and ties up Ben and Betty when they make a brave but useless attempt to stop him).

Evox with the power of the Venjix Virus.

The Rangers confront him outside of Grid Battleforce, but Evox, now wielding the full might of the Venjix Virus, resurrects Spiketron, Antennatron, Slicertron, and Keytron. While the other Rangers battle the regenerated Robotrons, Devon charges Evox and stabs him through the chest with his Beast-X Sabre. Evox assimilates the Sabre into himself and blasts Devon away. He gloats that he has the data on all of the Rangers' weapons and that they're now useless against him. Evox unleashes an energy wave that knocks the Rangers back and destroys the Robotrons. He then fires a blast that de-morphs Nate. After mockingly telling Nate that he'll go down in history as the boy genius responsible for ending human civilization, Evox teleports away.

Back in the Crystal Dimension, Evox gives Robo-Blaze the stolen access codes for the Morph-X Tower Network and instructs him to upload the codes into a tower. After Robo-Blaze leaves, Evox gives Scrozzle a backup copy of the access codes and tells Scrozzle that he's the real key to the plan. The Rangers intercept and destroy Robo-Blaze for good using an experimental anti-Evox arrow that Dr. K helped Nate build. However, while the Rangers are busy fighting Robo-Blaze, Scrozzle sneaks into a Morph-X Tower and uploads the codes, giving Evox complete control of the Global Morph-X Tower Network. Morph-X begins flowing from every tower in the world into Tower One at the heart of Coral Harbor. Evox declares that there's nothing the Rangers can do to stop him now.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Source Code

The Final Battle

With the Morph-X Tower network under Evox's control, the civilian population of Coral Harbor evacuates the city, while the Rangers and Grid Battleforce stay behind to fight Evox. Soon, Evox arrives outside of Tower One, where the Rangers confront him. Evox isn't concerned, since he's already adapted himself to all of Grid Battleforce's weapons. To his surprise, the Rangers summon Legendary Ranger Weapons from the vault, which he has not adapted himself to. Devon, Ravi, and Zoey fire a barrage from the Ninja Super Steel Blaster, the S.P.D. Delta Enforcer, and the Lightspeed Rescue Thermo Blaster respectively, knocking Evox to the ground. Nate and Steel then attack, wielding the Dino Charge Saber and the RPM Cloud Hatchet, distracting Evox, while the others summon the Beast-X King Ultra Bow and fire Doctor K's anti-Evox arrow at him. Evox, however, deflects the arrow, and resurrects Cycletron, Infernotron, Bulldozertron, and Dumbbelltron.

Evox "kills" Steel.

Leaving the Robotrons to deal with the Rangers, Evox enters Tower One and steps inside the swirling Morph-X vortex at the heart of the Tower, giving him access to the Morphin' Grid. Steel, meanwhile, retrieves the arrow and goes after Evox, while the other Rangers destroy the revived Robotrons. Steel enters the Tower and steps inside the Morph-X vortex despite its debilitating effects on him. The other Rangers arrive just in time to see him drive the arrow into Evox's back. However, having already gained access to the Morphin' Grid's power, Evox is now immune to the arrow and he assimilates it. He then unleashes his full power on a weakened Steel, fatally wounding him. The other Rangers watch helplessly as Steel's body dissolves and is absorbed into the Morph-X vortex. A triumphant Evox then blasts them out of the Tower, forcing the Rangers to retreat back to Grid Battleforce.

Evox's final form.

Evox uses the Morphin' Grid's power to merge himself with Tower One, which grows into his final form: a massive robotic creature fifty times larger than any Gigadrone. As he prepares to use his new body to wipe out all of mankind, the Rangers arrive in the Beast-X King Ultrazord and make their final stand against him. Evox easily takes down the Ultrazord with a few eye laser blasts. He taunts the Rangers about Steel's death and calls them all weak for being human. Ravi retorts that being human makes them strong, which prompts the Rangers to remember that Evox is vulnerable to human DNA. As Evox continues to attack the Ultrazord, Nate transfers himself to the King Zord's cockpit and re-configures the Zords to run Morph-X through their bodies, enabling the Rangers to wield their DNA as a weapon. He also transfers all power from the Wrecker and Jet Zords to the weapons. With the Wrecker and Jet Zords offline, the Rangers combine the remaining Zords into the Beast-X King Megazord.

Venjix Virus is finally destroyed for good.

The Rangers initiate Nate's plan and Morph-X begins flowing through their bodies. They then launch the Megazord at Evox, catching him off-guard, and plunge the Megazord's sword into his chest. Despite the strain of the Morph-X flow, the Rangers hold out long enough to drive their sword through Evox's armor. They channel their Morph-X-infused human DNA through the blade and into Evox himself, rapidly corrupting his systems. A horrified Evox curses the Rangers as his body explodes, destroying him and finally ending the Venjix Virus once and for all. Following Evox's defeat, all the Morph-X he absorbed returns to the Morphin' Grid. The Grid also resurrects Steel and makes him fully human. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Evox Unleashed


Note: Due to the differences of the Venjix Virus's personality between his original self and Evox reincarnation the personality section has been split into two tabs.

Venjix is the most ruthless and sadistic villain in the entire Power Rangers franchise, and with very good reasons. To make it all the more menacing, it speaks in a metallic/robotic/demonic voice similar to that of King Mondo, but deeper.

While it is almost always shown to be calm, stoic, patient, calculating, sophisticated, imperturbable, composed, knowledgeable, and almost polite, it is also emotionless, unfeeling, cold-hearted, power-mad, callous, treacherous, deceptive, manipulative, and dishonest, doing anything in its power to destroy the RPM Power Rangers and rule the entire world. Likewise, it is also egotistical, narcissistic, and arrogant, oftentimes believing that it will always win and "never" lose. Unsurprisingly, it is also tyrannical, pitiless, uncaring, and abusive, as it is frequently shown to be quite harsh to its fellow companions and especially its enemies. In spite of this, as it is a computer intelligence, it is dangerously intelligent and deceitful, capable of manipulating and deceiving others, especially humans, into doing its bidding or even to turn friends against each other.

Its sadism is especially multiplied by its complete and utter misanthropy, typical of a self-aware artificial intelligence, as it so hates humans with a passion, so much so that it is gleefully willing to kill as many humans, innocent or not, and is even more willing to commit genocide against the entire organic race, if that is what it so desired. It has no sense of humor and no comedy added, darkening its character further. This vicious computer knows full well of the difference between good and evil, right and wrong, and so forth, but it willingly embraced evil, and hates humans so much that it makes it irredeemable by nature, so it is one of the few Power Rangers villains to be legitimately qualified as pure evil, rivaling that evil with Dr. Viktor Adler, Queen Bansheera, Serrator, Darkonda, Vrak, Octomus the Master, Deviot, and Lord Drakkon.

As Evox, he is an outright sadistic, malevolent, cruel, power-hungry, vengeful, ruthless, vicious, and manipulative being who is highly intelligent as demonstrated by his ability to conceal himself within Grid Battleforce's computer systems for years without being detected. Despite being a computer virus, Evox is capable of exhibiting emotional behavior such as laughing. He is also ill-tempered, easily angered, and quick to resort to threats of violence to achieve his objectives. At the same time, he is also capable of cutting deals and forging alliances, as demonstrated by his recruitment of Vargoyle and Ryjack. However, he will not hesitate to dispose of his allies once they are of no further use to him, as evidenced by him allowing the Rangers to destroy Ryjack.

Evox greatly dislikes being trapped in the Cyber Dimension and is initially very impatient to escape. However, after the Cybergate's destruction, he becomes much more willing to play the long game by staying in the Cyber Dimension and strengthening his forces. He also dislikes posing as Mayor Daniels, but nevertheless sees it as necessary to achieve his goals.

He cares very little about his servants, seeing them as mere tools in his quest for power. A good example of his heartless attitude is when Vargoyle gets destroyed the first time, Evox does not even bother to acknowledge this fact and is instead pleased that his main plan is in progress. On the other hand, however, Evox is enraged when the Avatar Roxy is destroyed, suggesting that he had some fondness of her. In general though, he can be considered as one of the most evil villains in the franchise. In fact, Evox is so merciless and sadistic, that after reviving Goldar, the very first thing he has him do is destroy Sledge for no real reason. He also had no regrets over using Robo-Blaze as a distraction during his final plan which ultimately led to the latter's death.

While in possession of Mayor Daniels' body, Evox is able to accurately mimic his personality and behavior, such that even Devon is unaware of his father's corrupted nature. Devon only realizes the truth after he and all the other Rangers see Mayor Daniels change back into Evox, due to Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy's inability to replenish his supply of Morph-X in time.

Before he regains the remaining portion of the Venjix virus that was trapped inside Scott Truman’s Cell Shift Morpher, Evox's voice tone is that of a snake. Once he absorbs the rest of the Venjix virus from the Cell Shift Morpher, Evox/Venjix regains his original voice tone (minus the robotic effect).


Venjix RPM.jpg
Venjix commands his minions while stationary in a large tube with red light fixtures.

  • Powers and Abilities
    • Eye Laser: Venjix can fire a red laser from its single eye. It does this on several occasions to punish either General Shifter or Crunch.
    • Attack Bot Creation: Venjix is able to create Attack Bots at will.
      • Attack Bot Summoning: Alternatively, Venjix is able to summon Attack Bots at will.
    • Monster Enlarging: By saying the phrase "Begin the Download", Venjix can enlarge the Attack Bot using the Venjix Virus.
    • Wireless Download: Venjix could download himself from his metal column into his ultimate body without the need of any physical cable.

Generation 13 Body

Venjix with glasses, from Japanese footage. He retains every other piece of the costume

A Generation 13 Attack Bot created by General Shifter specifically created as a body for Venjix. Its color scheme bears a similarity to his immobile form. There were multiple copies of this body made so that if one is destroyed by any means, the Venjix Virus can move outside his immobile form. Two copies of this robot were used, both of which were destroyed by the Rangers.

  • Powers and Abilities
    • Super Strength: Venjix is highly strong in terms of strength, particularly in the episode "Embodied", it is powerful enough to nearly beat all five RPM Rangers in battle.
    • Armor: Venjix's first body has remarkable armor that made him completely immune to the tire-bands around the wrists of the main three Rangers grinding against him and, whilst working with the Dyna Bot and General Shifter, being blasted by the Tiger Jet and Falcon Chopper only made him cringe.
    • Sword Summoning-Venjix's first body can summon its sword out of thin air.
    • Expert Fighter: Venjix is also an expert fighter as well, overwhelming all five Rangers with ease.
    • Extraordinary Leaper: Venjix can leap at an incredible distance, easily gliding 20 feet forward with one bound.
    • Energy Ropes: Venjix can fire multiple red colored energy ropes from its hand that will tie up the enemy on contact.
    • Grinders Summoning: Venjix can summon an army of Grinders to aid in battle.
    • Attack Bot Creation: Venjix retains its ability to create Attack Bots like before in its non-mobile form.
      • Attack Bot Summoning: Venjix can also summon Attack Bots in the same way as when it is non-mobile.
    • Chest Energy Blast: Venjix can fire a devastating blue energy-swirl blast from the center of his chest. This was his strongest attack in this form as it was powerful enough to take down, demorph, and cripplingly hurt all five Rangers.
    • Monster Enlarging: By saying the phrase "Begin the Download", Venjix can enlarge the Attack Bot using the Venjix Virus, same as it could when it was non-mobile.
  • Arsenal
    • Sword: Venjix is armed with a huge sword for close melee combat.
      • Sword Wave: Venjix can fire a red colored energy wave at his enemies from his sword.
      • Energy Reflection: Venjix's sword can reflect energy attacks as seen when he deflected back laser blasts from Finn's Turbo Cannon.
    • Key Attachments: Venjix carries gold key-like attachments that will turn into red-orange energy lasers which he can fire in rapid succession. When fired at the Grinders, they will increase their strength.

Appearances: RPM Episodes 14-20

Generation 13 Upgraded Body

An upgraded form of Venjix's second copy of its Generation 13 body, which has many extra weapons added to it to make Venjix stronger than the RPM team. However the download of Venjix into this body wasn't complete, making it weaker than the original one. The Venjix Virus survived after the destruction of this robot, possibly due to the incomplete download. This was fought and destroyed when the SkyRev Megazord performed a suicidal blast attack in the same episode.

  • Powers and Abilities
    • Super Strength: With the new upgrade, Venjix is ten times stronger than before.
    • Extraordinary Leaper: Venjix can leap at an incredible distance like before in his first physical form.
    • Energy Lasers: From the pipes on the chest and both shoulders, it can fire red homing energy lasers, they are strong enough to bring the SkyRev Megazord down in just a few shots as well as send Gem flying across the battlefield.
  • Arsenal
    • Sword: Venjix retains his sword for close melee combat.

Appearances: This form is exclusive in the episode 20

Final Body

Venjix's final body is created by Kilobyte from General Shifter's salvaged parts. It looks similar to Shifter due to the recycling, but only with reversed colors. It appears much more menacing due to the bulky physique, darker colors and demonically human-like face. As Shifter was converted into Generation-16 material, it can be assumed that this robot is as well.

  • Powers and Abilities
    • Super Strength: With its new body, it is the strongest opponent that the RPM Rangers have ever faced.
    • Armor: Venjix's new armor is more stronger than the last one since it can take far more multiple hits from the RPM Rangers and not even become scratched.
      • Deflection: Venjix can also reflect any projectile-type attack back at the enemy with the armor.
    • Data Absorption: Venjix can absorb data from the Garage's computers by shooting red energy currents from his hands which suck up the data as a string of numbers.
    • Delete Mouth Energy Beam: Venjix's strongest attack. It will scan the enemy to be deleted, and after the download he will charge up bright gold and fire a massive yellow-pink energy beam from its mouth, which is strong enough to take down both the PaleoMax Megazord and the Mach Megazord in just one shot and completely dispatch them back into their Zord mode confederation, afterwards, the enemy will be deleted. It was powerful enough to delete the entire Mach Megazord and Gem and Gemma with one hit.
  • Arsenal
    • Double Sided Baton: Venjix carries a large double sided baton-like weapon for close melee combat.
      • Lightning Beams: Venjix can fire powerful black, red, or yellow colored lightning beams from the said baton powerful enough to level the Garage.

Appearances: RPM Episodes 28-32

Evox's snake form

While a young Nate Silva was experimenting old ranger technology with Morph-X and cobra DNA, he was unaware of Venjix's presence in the Red Cell Shift Morpher. As a result, what was left of Venjix took its chance and absorbed the new code, evolving via mutation into Evox. The cobra DNA allowed him to take the form of a giant solid cobra hologram, which he remained as for most of Beast Morphers Season 1.

  • Powers and Abilities
    • Strength: Evox's cobra avatar was physically strong enough to crack the glass on a Morph X tank he had infected.
    • Avatar Projection: Evox can project his avatar into the real world.
    • Computer Hacking: Being a computer virus, Evox can infiltrate and seize control of computer systems with extreme stealth. He can also hide himself from any security scans that tries to detect him.
    • DNA Corruption: His virus partly corrupted the Rangers' animal DNA, causing the Rangers to exhibit certain animal-related weaknesses. Ironically, Evox himself is initially unable to infiltrate systems with human DNA. However, he later manages to hijack Mayor Daniels' body via the Morph X shockwave that travels through the Cybergate.
    • Eye Lasers: Evox's cobra avatar can shoot red lasers from his eyes.
    • Glitching: Due to being a computer virus, Evox will start to glitch out if he is projected outside of a computer.
    • Morph-X Corruption: Evox can corrupt Morph-X and use it to create evil avatars of humans. His virus, when combined with Morph-X, can also be used to turn ordinary objects into Robotrons.
    • Body Possession: Being an advanced computer virus, he is able to upload his data into different robotic bodies to achieve a mobile form, with Steel being an exception due to him being both a robot and a human at the same time. Later, after his new robotic body is destroyed by the exploding Morph-X tower, Evox manages to secretly hijack Mayor Daniels' body to escape the Cyber Dimension and resume his plans.

Evox's mobile body

Although Evox had planned on taking the body that ended up as Steel, Scrozzle managed to learn how to build a similar frame from examining Nate's handiwork. Now able to traverse freely, Evox has become deadlier than ever. Since gaining his new body in the Season 1 finale of Beast Morphers, Evox has remained in this form for the majority of Season 2.

  • Powers and Abilities
    • Expert Pilot: Evox was able to pilot the Chimera Zord and Omegadrone with incredible ease. While piloting the Chimera Zord, he was able to easily match the three Dino Rangers team and while piloting the Omegadrone, he easily outmatched the Beast-X Megazord and the Striker Megazord.
    • Durability: Evox survived Omegadrone's destruction and withstood the combined barrage of the Rangers' Beast Blasts.
    • Travel Fireball: As soon as his new body was complete, Evox was able to travel to any location in a large green fireball.
    • Energy Beams: Evox can shoot red-pink or orange energy beams from any of his hands. One is enough to take down all five Rangers with one hit, and also destroy the Beast-X Ultrazord. Two simultaneous energy beams from both hands were strong enough to kill Steel with one hit.
    • Enlarging: Evox is able to grow to the size of a Gigadrone using the Morph-X in his body. This was only shown once in the Season 1 finale.
    • Energy Shockwave: When exposed in his robot form in front of Commander Shaw and the Rangers, Evox unleashed a shockwave of purple energy that knocked them down. He later unleashed an orange version of it to knock down the Rangers and destroy the Robotrons he revived.
      • Shockwave Blast: Evox can generate an orange-colored shockwave from his left hand as seen immediately after he absorbed Devon's Beast-X Saber.
    • Teleportation: Evox can teleport between dimensions on his own.
    • Telekinesis: Evox was able to stop the Rangers' Hyper-Freeze Arrow from hitting him and launched it back at them.
    • Technopathy: By sending a strand of his data up a Grid Battleforce computer, Evox was able to control it to turn the force field of his cell back on to protect himself from a blast from the Beast-X Ultra Blaster.
    • Circuitry Travel: Evox can travel through the Grid Battleforce headquarters by turning into blue pixel.
    • Data Absorption: Evox can absorb data, as shown when he absorbed the access codes from the Grid Battleforce computers. He does this by shooting blue and red energy currents from his hands which suck up the data as a string of 1s and 0s.
      • Energy Absorption: After downloading the remainder of the Venjix Virus, Evox was able to absorb the Beast-X Ultra Blaster's blast when he stopped its attack from reaching him.
      • Weapon Absorption: After downloading all of the Rangers' data from Grid Battleforce's computer, Evox can absorb the weapons into him which effectively destroys them. However, several of the old Rangers teams' weapons had not been scanned onto the databases and he was thus vulnerable to them.
    • Whip Wires: Like the Blaze and Roxy Avatars, Evox can conjure whip wires to tie people up. He does this to Ben and Betty when they tried to stop him from leaving Grid Battleforce.
    • Resurrection: Once reunited with the rest of the Venjix Virus, Evox was able to revive some of his fallen Robotrons. He does this by making his shoulders and waist glow with Morph-X and then generate up to four tentacles which reform into his Robotrons.
    • Deflection: Evox was able to deflect the Rangers' Antivirus Arrow by blocking it with his hand.
    • Fusion: Evox was able to merge with a Morph-X Tower and a lot of Morph-X to assume his final form.
  • Arsenal
    • Keeper’s Staff: Stolen from the Dino Charge Rangers' mentor, it was used to create his Chimera Zord, after which Evox discarded the staff.
    • Chimera Zord: Evox's personal and immensely powerful Zord which overwhelmed three Dino Megazords but was quickly destroyed by the Dino Charge Megazord using the Beast-X King Zord, with the aid by the Mighty Morphin' and Dino Thunder Megazords.
    • Omegadrone: Evox's personal Gigadrone which Scrozzle builds to help bring about Evox's final plan to take over the Morphin' Grid. It overloaded and exploded with enough force to damage the Rangers' Zords.

Evox as Mayor Daniels

Evox managed to infect Adam Daniels in the Season 1 finale, using his new human form to exploit humanity for furthering his plans. Unfortunately for him, he was eventually separated from the mayor via Split Emitters created by Kendall Morgan, which were stored in the weapon vault of Grid Battleforce. Evox possessed Mayor Daniels for the first 9 episodes of Beast Morphers Season 2.

  • Powers and Abilities
    • Morph-X Absorption: By plugging one of his hair-like tendrils to a container of Morph-X, he can absorb the fuel to recharge his shape shifting power to transform back to his human form.
    • Shapeshifting: He can transform back-and-forth at will between Mayor Daniels and his robot form.
    • Teleportation: While in possession of Mayor Daniels' body, Evox can teleport between dimensions.
  • Arsenal
    • Cellphone: In Secret Struggle, Evox used a cellphone to communicate with Blaze and Roxy while disguised as Mayor Daniels.

Evox's giant form

After gaining access to a Morph X tower, Evox managed to gain access to the Morphin Grid, and absorbed the tower and miscellaneous surrounding objects to form his new body. In this form, Evox rivals the Chimera Zord in height and towers over Coral Harbor, the Beast-X King Megazord being no taller than his face or foot.

Powers and Abilities

  • Sheer Power: In his giant form, Evox is possibly the most powerful enemy in Power Rangers history, being stronger than any monster or Gigadrone previously in the franchise and apparently having the power to single-handedly annihilate entire civilizations.
  • Armor: Evox has powerful armor that lets him withstand more attacks. It was so strong that the Beast-X King Megazord's sword was initially only able to partially penetrate his chest, requiring the Rangers to use all their energy to force the blade completely through.
  • Darkness: Evox's final transformation caused the skies above Coral Harbor to turn dark.
  • Enlarging: Evox assumed this gigantic new form by fusing with a Morph-X Tower.
  • Face Transformation: Evox can rearrange his facial features by retracting his visor.
  • Eye Lasers: Evox can shoot red lasers from his eyes like before in his snake form, but they are stronger since they were powerful enough to take down the Beast-X King Ultrazord with just three hits and nearly destroy the Zords.
  • Lightning Blast: Evox can shoot a blast of red lightning from his hand strong enough to nearly annihilate the Ultrazord.
  • Matter Absorption: Evox absorbed multiple buildings and other surrounding objects to create his final form.


  • Limitations (applies to both): Due to his high amount of complex coding and the amount of data he possesses, only high-powered machines, such as supercomputers, and a select few robots, made or modified specifically for such a purpose, have circuitry sophisticated enough and sufficient data capacity storage to contain Venjix/Evox's data.
  • Antidote (Venjix only): Dr. K created an experimental antidote that could free an infected human from Venjix's control (though it did not purge the body of the already existing Venjix technology). Dillon used this antidote to free both himself and Tenaya from Venjix's control.
  • Counter-virus (Venjix only): During the final battle of Corinth, Dr. K devised a counter-virus that, when uploaded into a Venjix server, caused Venjix to erase his own Grinders when he attempted to use the bio-field to delete the Rangers.
  • Vulnerability to Human DNA (Evox only): In Silver Sacrifice, Evox failed to control Steel's body due to the fact he is half-human. Although Evox is capable of possessing human bodies, doing so corrupts his virus over time. What this actually does was initially unclear since Scrozzle was cut off by Evox before he could elaborate. However, The Evox Snare implied that Evox would "die" without the Morph-X supply due to exposure to Mayor Daniels' human DNA. In the endgame, the Rangers used their human DNA to destroy Evox forever. Given that the original Venjix Virus wasn't shown to be vulnerable to human DNA, it's possible that this weakness was a side effect of the snake DNA and Morph-X used to revive Venjix as Evox.
  • Morph-X Dependency (formerly): Evox not only requires Morph-X to maintain his appearance as Mayor Daniels, but due to prolonged exposure to human DNA, Evox has become entirely dependent on Morph-X to survive. As of Fossil Frenzy, this threat to him has been eliminated as he has regained his full strength.
  • Vulnerability to Ultra Blaster Data Packet (formerly): In Source Code, Nate modified the Ultra Blaster to fire data packets that would scramble Evox's code until it was completely destroyed. This initially worked and Evox was badly damaged. However, after Evox absorbed the remainder of the Venjix Virus from Scott's Morpher, he became immune to this.
  • Vulnerability to Antivirus Arrow (formerly): Using traces of the Venjix Virus in Scott's Morpher, Dr. K and Nate developed an antivirus which was uploaded into a special arrow for the Ultra Bow. This arrow was first used to destroy Robo-Blaze. A second arrow was made to use against Evox himself. However, once Evox gained access to the Morphin' Grid, he became immune to the antivirus.

Behind The Scenes



  • Venjix and his name are likely derived from the word "vengeance".
  • Venjix is quite similar to King Mondo, the main antagonist of Power Rangers Zeo, as both villains are humanoid robots, both villains have robotic voices, both villains' foot solders/monsters are robots, both villains have multiple forms, both villains have two henchmen and both villains have a staff for combat, additionally, both villains have a molded in mustache.
    • Despite this, they are also dissimilar in many ways.
      • King Mondo was created with a humanoid robot body that is colored silver; Mondo and the generals of the Machine Empire are a royal family in contrast to Venjix's military hierarchy. Personality wise, Mondo can be aggressive to his enemies, and may even shout when a plan goes wrong, his family is usually able to reign him in. Mondo is even shown to have a more caring side in regards to his family. Mondo also fights his final battle with the Rangers in his giant form.
      • Venjix, on the other hand, first started out as a computer virus, and only resorted to humanoid bodies later. Venjix does not consider anyone in his faction "family", and has remained stationed on Earth his entire life. While Venjix maintains a calm exterior, he is shown to be highly aggressive when things do not go as planned, often lashing out at his advisors for their failures. Lastly, in his final battle, he fights the Rangers while in his normal size.
  • The immobile Venjix form is referred to as the Venjix Eye in production. Tvicon.png TV STORY-And... Action!
  • Venjix is seen wearing "glasses" in certain shots while battling the Rangers, but most often when he is piloting his plane. This is due to re-used Sentai footage, wherein his counterpart sports spectacles.
  • General Venjix is also the name of the villain from the special team-up Power Rangers Wild Force episode Forever Red.
  • Venjix is the first and (so far) only Power Rangers villain to successfully take over the world. While some villains from the past had came extremely close, none had truly ruled the Earth for any period of time. However, the Earth he took over is an alternate one.
  • The concept of a villain ruling Earth at the time of the series' start would be used for Super Sentai in the form of Don Armage, the main villain of Uchu Sentai Kyuranger. While the Machine Empire Baranoia successfully did so as well, it was only for a brief period of time and in the final episodes, not before the start of Chouriki Sentai Ohranger.
  • Venjix' final form appears to have a resemblance to General Shifter, this is because this final form's Sentai counterpart, Crime Minister Yogoshimacritein, was the father of General Shifter's counterpart, Earth Pollution Minister Baron Yogorex de Stein.
  • Venjix hates having the flaws in his planning pointed out; each time Crunch questioned why he had not taken an obvious course of action, Venjix blew him up.
  • Despite facing the Rangers in battle multiple times, Venjix only grew to giant size once and that is in the episode "Heroes Among Us", instead he either piloted his battle drone, or faced them at normal size. He shares this with such main PR villains as Queen Bansheera, Ransik, Lothor, Mesogog, and Emperor Gruumm (tellingly, almost all villains exclusive to Power Rangers are difficult to pit against the mostly filmed-in-Japan Zords).
  • Venjix' first body is recycled in Power Rangers Ninja Steel where it appears as a contestant on Galaxy Warriors named Lavagor, an image of him was later used to depict Lavagor's identical twin brother.
  • In the first trailer for Beast Morphers, Evox was shown to have a drastically different design.
  • Ironically, while his Sentai counterpart is named after the Christian title of the Messiah, referring to the savior who was born on Christmas day, Evox bears many similarities to the first appearance of the Devil in the Bible, where the latter took the form of a serpent who manipulated Adam and Eve into eating the Forbidden Fruit, resulting in their banishment from the Garden of Eden by God.
    • His corruption of Blaze and Roxy, resulting in them becoming evil avatars could also be compared to Adam and Eve being banished from the Garden of Eden.
    • Another example is when he possessed Mayor Daniels who is also named Adam
  • Evox possessing Mayor Adam Daniels is similar to how Mesogog possessed Anton Mercer. Unlike Mesogog, however, Evox has complete control over his human form. In addition, Evox using the body of Mayor Daniels as a human alias is similar to Grimlord's human identity Karl Ziktor (from VR Troopers), although Grimlord is the transformed state of the originally human Ziktor. Grimlord's counterpart from Choujinki Metalder, God Neros also had a human alias named Gozo Kirihara. However, Neros/Kirihara was born human as Kunio Muraki.
    • It's also similar to how Doomwing possessed Zenowing and Snide possessed Heckyl, with all three being separated the same way: Using the Split Emitters. However unlike the other two, Heckyl still had some degree of control whereas Zenowing was only once able to wrest control away from Doomwing for a short amount of time and Mayor Daniels never had control at all.
  • Evox even draws a parallel to Evolto/Kamen Rider EvolIcon-crosswiki.png from Kamen Rider BuildIcon-crosswiki.png:
    • Apart from sharing the first three letters in their names, both are cobra-themed main antagonists of their series.
    • Both possessed the fathersIcon-crosswiki.png of their series' main charactersIcon-crosswiki.png. The latter, however, is able to copy Soichi's appearance after achieving Black Hole Form without even needing to possess Soichi himself.
  • Evox’s snake form is also similar to Venosnaker from Kamen Rider Ryuki and its American adaptation Dragon Knight.
  • With Evox's origin revealed in Source Code, Venjix is the first Power Rangers main villain to become the main antagonist of a new season, thus the first known non-Zordon Era character to return with a major role in a new season.
    • This makes Venjix the first main villain in Power Rangers history to serve as the main villain in two different series.
    • He’s also the first non-Zordon Era character to have the most appearances, with a total of 68.
    • After Rita and Zedd, he has the third most number of appearances out of any of the villains.
  • Most likely a production choice, Evox's voice is intentionally made snake-like to hide its connection with Venjix, as well as crediting Laing under a pseudonym (in this case, an anagram of his full name). He would ultimately regain his Venjix voice in the finale, and Laing was credited using his real name.
    • Ironically, due to this revelation, the names Venjix and Evox are originating from a poisonous word, “venom”, befitting his true motif.
    • As of this point, he is the first and only villain to go by two different names.
  • Venjix is the only main villain from the Power Rangers TV series who successfully killed three Rangers - Gem, Gemma and Steel. However, all three of them were later revived.
    • Despite Venjix being known for killing the official Sixth Rangers of two Ranger shows he was in, the only Sixth Ranger he failed to kill is Nate Silva.
  • If including his forms as Evox (plus Mayor Daniels), Venjix at this point has a total of 8 forms, more than any other villain in the entire franchise, beating Trakeena having 6, if counting her battle armor, Deviot fusion, and Tracy disguise.
  • Venjix is quite a formidable and strong villain, as such he battles 5 Ranger teams: The Ranger Operators, Grid Battleforce Rangers, Dino Charge Rangers, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the Dino Rangers.
  • In his final form, Evox is the fourth villain in the Power Rangers franchise to be larger than a regular Megazord, the other three being Dark Specter, Omni the Magnificence, and Imperious.


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