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Venjix Palace

This Palace is the lair of the Venjix Computer Network. This is where Venjix himself usually resides and makes plans to exterminate what's left of the human race. The palace in itself takes the appearance of a mass of moving machinery and smokestacks spewing dark air pollution into the skies, similar to the Machine Moon Base in Zeo. The palace is also home to Tenaya 7, Kilobyte, General Shifter, and General Crunch. New Attack Bots are built here. The palace is heavily guarded by Venjix's Grinders.

It is unknown what happens to the palace after Venjix's defeat at the end of RPM making one of the few Villain’s Lairs to survive the villains. However, it was equally likely dismantled to either build something new in its place or because of its horrible history.

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