This article is about a/an monster in Choujin Sentai Jetman.

Jihanki Jigen (ジハンキジゲン, Jihankijigen, 11): Originally a Gym vending machine infused with Grey's Dimensional Bug on his right breast armor, this monster can execute his Coin Bomb and Can Bomb attacks. Using his basis as a guise, he gets the Jetman into drinking his juice that influences a flawed part of the drinker's subconscious to cause a personality reversal whenever they hiccup. He later attacks Raita, with the others arriving to his aid. Confident that the Jetmen have become useless in battle, Jihanki Jigen goes on the attack with only Gai able to fight him as his personality flaw is being a good guy. With Ryuu lazily supporting him, Gai managed to restore the others to normal as they all kill Jihanki Jigen with the Bird Bomber. Though revived by the Dimensional Bug, Jihanki Jigen is easily destroyed by Jet Icarus.

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