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Vella is a character from Power Rangers Operation Overdrive and is Tyzonn's fiancée, she first appered in many of Tyzonn's flash backs, before making her first physical appearance in the first part of the two-part episode "Home and Away".

Character History

She worked alongside Tyzonn as a rescuer on Mercuria. She was believed to have been killed in the cave-in caused by the Fearcats, but that was later proven to bzone untrue. Crazar mimicked her appearance in order to trick Tyzonn into thinking his adventures with the Rangers were merely a dream in order to distract Tyzonn from helping his friends from fighting Benglo, Mig and the giant mechanicle monster created ny them, Agrios. Tyzonn was able to come to his senses when he found his morpher and also realized Vella was alive because, in order for Crazar to mimic a person's appearance, the person has to be alive. When Moltor was revealed to be her captor and turned her over to Flurious, Norg protected Vella and took her to safety to the Hartford's mansion where she was reunited with Tyzonn after the Rangers destroyed Flurious once and for all.


Personality-wise, Vella acts very much like girl friend seen in preveious shows, films and games. She is very kind, warm hearted and generous, she loves Tyzonn and will do anything to be reunited with him and is incredible wise.

Behind the Scences


  • Vella is portrayed by Beth Allen.


  • As of today, it remains unknown how the Fearcats were able to capture Vella, as she was first seen in Tyzonn's flashback when it's revealed that she got crushed by the rubble. It is possible that after everyone left, the Fearcats were able to snatch her as she is still knocked out cold from the cave in.

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