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Vela (惑星ベラ Wakusei Bera, Planet Vela) is a planet in the Ho System which housed its Kyutama, the Ho Kyutama which had laid as a precious relic passed down the generations of a village. It was known for its great beaches.

As one of three Kyutama needed to complete the Argo, a team of five Kyurangers were sent to retrieve it. There they found Vela's renowned seas in disrepair. Through a young girl named Martha, the Kyurangers discovered that Jark Matter had sent a Moraimarz deep down into the planet's ocean floor, polluting the sea as the world's Planetium was drained; the Daikaan Goneshi, posing as a great "savior", enticed a nearby village into giving him offerings by promising to restore their seas while safeguarding them from invaders. Seeing her younger self in Martha, Hammy inspired her to speak up about what she had seen and helped expose the true nature of the "savior". After ridding the planet of Jark Matter and their Moraimarz, the Kyurangers were granted the Ho Kyutama by the grateful villagers. Space.15: Savior of the Water Planet Vela



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