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The Vehicle Constellations (車型星座 Kuruma-gata Seiza) are five special constellations that are formed in the shape of five vehicles that are seen within the night sky. The vehicles are worshiped by the beings of planet Hazard as the source of the special Kurumagic Power that can be utilized by five heroic warriors to fight as the great heroes known as the Carrangers. The vehicles formations are made as followed:

  • Red Vehicle, a constellation based on a sports car and used by Red Racer
  • Blue Vehicle, a constellation based on a 4x4 and used by Blue Racer
  • Green Vehicle, a constellation based on a minivan and used by Green Racer
  • Yellow Vehicle, a constellation based on a sports utility vehicle and used by Yellow Racer
  • Pink Vehicle, a constellation based on a compact car and used by Pink Racer

When Hazardian Dapp comes to Earth to find heroes to fight against the Space Bosozoku Bowzock, he discovers the five who can utilize the power of the constellations and become the Carrangers as co-workers at the Pegasus Garage, which he works alongside and grants them assistance by way of the constellations, including physical forms of the Vehicle Constellations which ultimately form into their mecha, RV Robo.Ep. 1: Fighting Traffic SafetyEp. 4: A Red Light to EnlargingEp. 5: Up Ahead, Violent Dash Fusion

The Vehicle Constellations are protected by the constellations of warriors who are constantly on watch protecting them. The only time they are not on watch is one day every million years, where the Wine-Barrel Constellation pours its contents through the sky, turning it red and making the warriors drunk and briefly preventing them from protecting the constellation. When this day occurred on January 24th, 1997, Reckless Dash Emperor Exhaus used this opening to steal the constellations from the sky, cutting the Carrangers from their Kurumagic Power and preventing them from transforming. They aren't able to use their powers again until the Bowzock sacrifice their Baribarian to smash into Exhaus, freeing the constellation and allowing the team to fight against the giant space emperor.Ep. 46: Suddenly Ineffective!? Transformation Power-Final Ep.: Forever Traffic Safety!!


  • The Vehicle Constellations are the first power source in Super Sentai associated with constellations; followed by the Kyutama associated with the Kyurangers
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