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"Vaulting Box Monger!"
―Vaulting Box Monger's first words[src]
"Giant Monger!"
―Vaulting Box Monger's first words being enlarged[src]

Vaulting Box Monger (トビバコモンガー Tobibako Mongā, 16) is a vaulting-box themed Monger of Machine Empire Black Magma

Character History

Vaulting Box Monger is created to support a scheme to replace the teachers of a school with Dark Q to misinform children in Sun Vulcan being "evil" and to turn against the heroes. It traps one of the teachers in the gym with a ping-pong table as a Dark Q takes her place while hanging around the school to make sure it goes well. As Misa and Asao reveal the occurences at the school, the Monger attacks, with Sun Vulcan putting a stop to it, defeating it with Vulcan Ball, then destroying it after it grows with its Expansion Program with Sun Vulcan Robo.


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His main ability is his skills in flipping while attacking, primarily using a vaulting box he flips from while jumping high and kicking the team. He can also spawn vault boxes, teleportation, and creating psychic explosions.

Behind the Scenes


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