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"Vampyra! I'll drain the power from every last thing on the surface!"
―Vampaira's first words [src]

Power Absortion Psyma Beast Vampaira is a Psyma Beast summoned by Evil Spirit Princess Denus

Character History

Vampaira was summoned by Denus for a scheme to destroy the city using its "ability absorption" power to create crystals for its power source. During an attack, it ends up attacking Matsuri Tatsumi while she is GoPink; she is changed back but her crystal is rescued by Mizuki Kido, a fellow paramedic friend of Matsuri's, and the crystal is absorbed within her giving her the ability to walk even when she had mentally figured she no longer could. Even without the crystal, Vampaira ultimately absorbs all the crystals to destroy the city, only for Mizuki to finally regain her confidence and assist GoGoFive in fighting against it. When the Psyma Beast uses its power again, she becomes hit and Matsuri takes her crystal back, allowing her to become GoPink again and to destroy Vampaira with the Life Bird; it then is destroyed fully by Victory Robo after being resurrected.


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Vampaira's main ability is to use its power to steal "abilities" from people and objects, whether it be a person's ability to walk or the ability of a stop light to work, and transforms them into crystals that it wears on a necklace around its neck. When the crystals are absorbed by Vampaira, it uses them to create a destructive beam to attack and destroy.

Behind the Scenes

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  • His name is based on the word vampire.

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