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The Vader Demon Castle (ベーダー魔城 Bēdā Majō) is the base of the Vader Clan from Denshi Sentai Denziman. The flying fortress was used to house all members as well as incubate monster eggs that would hatch into Vader Monsters. It possessed a hanger with Vader Fighter, a dungeon, and a throne room. For weaponry it was armed with lasers shot from the eyes of the face on its base.

During the entire fight between the Vader Clan and Denziman, Vader Castle remained within the Vader Dimension, never venturing outside with the forces appearing and disappearing through dimensional cracks they can control.Ep. 2: The Man-Eating Soap Bubbles During Demon King Banriki's final assault on Denziman and Earth, he pilots the castle out of Vader Dimension to personally control the actions of his Banriki Monster as it controls every attack with its psychic powers. This leads him to blindly leave the castle after his eyes are blinded by Mirror and ultimately sealing his fate with the team attacking him with the Denzi Stick Boomerang. This likewise allows for Queen Hedrian to escape onto Earth while setting a bomb to blow her former headquarters up after giving a final farewell to her enemies, the Denziman.Final Ep.: Resound, Bells of Hope!

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