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"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Mmm. Morph X. Like taking candy from a baby! Ha, ha. Tronics! My canister is full. Get me another. Careful with that. Every drop counts. We've got a big order to fill. Huh?"
―Vacuutron’s first words when draining a car of the chemical, then telling the Tronic the plan before being encountered by the Rangers.[src]

"Evox is returning to this world to rule it! You Rangers can't stop him!"
― Vacuutron after blasting the Rangers with his lasers.[src]

"You’ll pay for this! Argh! Ugh..."
―Vacuutron’s final words before his destruction.[src]

Vacuutron as he appears in Beast Morphers with red eyes.

Vacuutron is a vacuum cleaner-themed Robotron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers and the primary antagonist of the episode "The Cybergate Opens".


Vacuutron was first seen stealing Morph-X from cars. His main task was to steal the Morph-X to power up Scrozzle's Cybergate in order to free Evox from the Cyber Dimension. While the Rangers were battling the Tronics, Vacuutron got away, However, thanks to Betty and Ben's tracking device accidentally landing on the truck, the Rangers were not only able to track down Vacuutron, but also find Nate, who'd been kidnapped by Blaze and Roxy.

Before the Rangers could get inside the Cybergate warehouse, Vacuutron ambushed them. Despite the Rangers' best efforts, Vacuutron defeated all three of them. But before he could finish them off, he was stopped by Nate and his newly-created Beast Bot Steel, both of whom had become Rangers. After the Cybergate failed to set Evox free, Scrozzle sent Vacuudrone to suck up the Morph-X from the Morph-X Tower, so Devon, Ravi, and Zoey left to destroy it with the Beast-X Megazord. Meanwhile, Vaccutron fought desperately against the Gold and Silver Rangers, but was helpless and had to summon Tronics for help although they were quickly and easily dispatched. Finally, Vacuutron was destroyed by a double blast from the Striker Morphers by the Gold and Silver Rangers. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Cybergate Opens


Vacuutron is overconfident to the point of arrogance, announcing that it was time for the Rangers to say goodbye right before Nate and Steel showed up.

Powers and Abilities

Despite being overconfident, Vacuutron is shown to be one of the more powerful monsters the Rangers have face so far, being able to overpower all three Beast Morpher Rangers not once, but twice in the same episode. It took the power of the new Silver and Gold Rangers to finally defeat him.


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  • Strength: Vacuutron was easily one of the stronger Robotrons, as he was able to overwhelm the three main Rangers but was outmatched by the Gold and Silver Rangers. Even then, he was able to throw them off when they jumped on top of him.
  • Armor: Vacuutron has thick armor that protects him from attacks, such as when he took a massive energized slash from Devon's Beast X Saber during the fight outside of the warehouse but was unfazed. When fighting the Gold and Silver Rangers, a single punch to the belly did nothing and multiple hits from the Striker Sabers did nothing although a cross slash knocked him down.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Vacuutron was an absurdly skilled hand to hand combatant as well as with a weapon, being able to overpower and nearly destroy the three main Rangers. The only ones that were more capable fighters than them were the Gold and Silver Rangers.
  • Tronics Summoning: Vacuutron summoned some Tronics to assist him after being knocked down for the count by Nate.


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  • Vacuum Arm: Vacuutron has a vacuum arm to suck up Morph X which can even extend to cars as he was first seen doing.
  • Iron Barrels: While on the truck, Vacuutron can throw out barrels at his enemies should they chase him there.
  • Bladed Staff: Vacuutron wields a staff for battle that has a blade on the end to utilize in combat.
    • Energy Empowerment: Vaccutron is able to charge up his staff with light blue energy to slash at full force.
    • Energy Laser: Vacuutron's staff can fire light blue colored energy lasers. He can fire either single lasers, or three lasers at once.
      • Laser Charge: Vacuutron can also charge up his laser to fire a stronger blast. This was presumably his strongest attack as one blast took down three Rangers and a single blast was going to be used to kill them had Nate and Steel not intervened.

Behind the Scenes



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  • Vacuutron is the first Robotron to defeat the three core Beast Morpher Rangers in battle.
  • Vacuutron is the first Robotron to be fought and destroyed by the Gold and Silver Beast Morpher Rangers.
  • Vacuutron is one of a number of Robotrons who are not destroyed before their Gigadrone counterparts appear.
    • Vacuutron is the first Robotron to be destroyed after his Gigadrone counterpart's destruction.
  • Vacuutron is the second Robotron to be created off-screen.
    • Vacuutron is also the first Robotron created from an object that does not appear on-screen. The others are Turbotron and Shockatron.
  • Vacuutron is the third vacuum-themed villain to appear in the Power Rangers series. The first is Vacuum Cleaner Org (Wild Force) and the second is Vacuum Bot from RPM.
    • Additionally, Vacuutron is very similar to these monsters as they can both suck up anything and everything.
  • Vacuutron's eyes are red in US footage and orange in Japanese footage.
  • Also in Beast Morphers, Vacuutron's weapon had a simple barrel while in Go-Busters, he had the vacuum tip for combat. The tip only appeared in Beast Morphers when he drains Morph-X from cars.
  • It is currently unknown who created him.


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