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Absorption Psyma Beast Vacuuma is a cobra Psyma Beast under Dragon Dark King Salamandes

Character History

Vacuuma, stated as Salamandes' strongest Psyma Beast, was used to capture four of the five Tatsumi siblings in order to prove his strength and superiority to Grandiene and to silence the criticisms of his elder siblings Cobolda and Denus. When Matoi comes to rescue them, he becomes attacked by Salamandes and Vacuuma preventing him from saving his siblings from potentially freezing to death. Ultimately, he uses his V-Lancer to cut a hole into the freeze zone and to warm Nagare and the others, only for the Psyma Beast to use its frost breath to attempt to freeze him. But with the encouragement of the younger siblings, Matoi becomes warmed and the younger siblings escape to help defeat the monster, destroying Vacuuma with the combined Go-Blasters' Hyper Five.

When Pierre uses the Resurrection Card to revive Vacuuma, GoGoFive initially tries to use Max Victory Robo to fight it until Salamandes activates a Psyma Zone, cutting off its solar power and weakening it greatly. With no other options, the team sends out Victory Mars to fight in its place due to its lack of need for solar power to fight in the Psyma Zone; the two briefly fight in the water until the mech escapes from it before finally destroying Vacuuma with the Mars Flare.


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Its main ability is to use a beam to shrink down a victim, then vacuum them within its mouth into its body. Within its body is a "frozen zone" where those captured within will be able to freeze to death with ease with no heat coming through. It can also breathe out an icy breath to freeze those outside its body.

Behind the Scenes

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  • His name comes from "Vacuum"
  • His motif is the one of a cobra

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