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Sojiki Jigen (ソウジキジゲン, Sōjikijigen, 20): Originally a vacuum infused with Tran's Dimensional Bug on the right side of his head, Sojiki Jigen can use his vacuum hose to suck or blow or as a whip. He is sent to suck the love out of brides order to keep humans from repopulating. One such victim was Sakiko, the older sister of Michiru who pursue the monster to get to the bottom of it and meets Gai, who eventually believes her. Though he overpowered the Jetmen, they trap him with a fake wedding between Gai and Ako. But Michiru blows the deception with Sojiki Jigen stealing her love while running off. This in turn infuriates Gai, finding Sojiki Jigen as Black Condor kills him with extreme prejudice. Though revived by his Dimensional Bug, Sojiki Jigen is destroyed by Jet Icarus with the Icarus Crusher, restoring his victims to normal.

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