This article is about a/an Venjix Attack Bot in Power Rangers RPM.

The Vacuum Bot is one of Venjix's Attack Bots. He appears in the episode In or Out.


A vacuum-themed Attack Bot. He was sent by Venjix to remove all of the oxygen inside the domed city. To do this, the bot would suck the air out via a pre-historic river bed that ran under the city & out into one the Venjix Outpost in the Wastelands.

Luckily Scott, Gem & Gemma were able to catch on to the plan and ready to stop him. With the Gold Ranger took on the Generals, Red & Silver took out the Vacuum Bot, stopping him from sucking the air out of Corinth.

Once the bot was out in the open, the Red & Silver Rangers battled him with their weapons. The Gold Ranger soon joined them and they blasted the bot together to take him down.

But Venjix soon revived the bot and made him big. The other Rangers showed up and it was Megazord time. The Vacuum Bot quickly used his powers to take away the Super Saber, and absorb the blasts from the ValveMax Megazord. The Gold & Silver Rangers joined in the fight and combined their Zords with the High Octane Megazord. With the Megazord's new Bow & Arrow Powers, the Rangers were successful in destroying the Vacuum Bot.

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