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":Morphing Gamma Model into Vacuudrone!""
―Scrozzle's computer creating Vacuudrone.[src]

Vacuudrone is a Gamma Model Gigadrone created from the data of Vacuutron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

Character History

Vacuudrone was deployed to Earth after Nate and the newly created Steel revealed themselves to Vacuutron as the new Gold and Silver Rangers. It was sent to steal Morph X from a Morph X Tower. Nate and Steel fought Vacuutron whilst the other Rangers deployed against the Gigadrone. The Racer Zord was the first to arrive and attacked it but had Morph-X sucked out of it in spite of that. However, the Chopper Zord arrived and shot it away with it's Rapid Blast, allowing the Racer Zord to break free at which point Ravi turned his Wheeler Zord into its Goriilla Mode. He then fired forth his Rocket Storm, firing forth banana peels which Vacuudrone sucked up but the peels blocked his vacuum arm. The Rangers then formed the Beast-X Megazord at which point they trapped Vacuumdrone in an energy cage. Devon summoned his Cheetah Beast Blaster and destroyed Vacuudrone with thier Beast-X Hyper Strike.


  • Vacuum Arm: Like Vacuutron, he has a vacuum arm to suck up Morph X, but can suck up anything in its path including "banana peels" (the spent casings from the Wheeler Zord's missiles) which proved to be its undoing. 

Behind the Scenes


  • Like his Robotron counterpart, his voice is provided by Cosme Flores, although he only speaks in grunts and roars.


  • Vacuudrone is the first Gigadrone to be destroyed before his Robotron counterpart. 
  • Vacuudrone is the last Gigadrone to have a voice actor since the following Gigadrones were silent.
    • It is however not the last one to make any sound whatsoever since the two Tubadrones made tuba sounds.

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